Paul Mampilly Says Apple Is Likely To Start Fading In 2018

Apple has been one of America’s most innovative companies in IT products who released game-changing Apple and Macintosh computers, and has been the company behind iPhone, iPad and its latest Apple TV platform. It also has done a fantastic job of protecting users’ privacy over the years, but Paul Mampilly says it has likely reached its peak and will probably be on its way down soon. Mampilly is an independent author who writes about stock trends for Banyan Hill, and he’s paid close attention to tech companies over the years. He lists several reasons why he believes Apple will start to fade beginning in 2018. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

Paul Mampilly said one reason Apple is likely to go steadily down is its founder and forward thinker Steve Jobs was behind most of its groundbreaking products including iPhone and Apple TV, but with his passing away the current company leaders have not demonstrated Jobs’s capability. He also said that they’ve merely done touch-ups to their current products and have really not strove to get ahead of their competitors, and in school classrooms where they used to be the primary brand used, Google has passed them with Chromebook tablets. And finally, Apple’s stock has done well, but mostly because big name investors like Warren Buffet have put a lot of money in them, and even the company has done stock buybacks. But it can only last for so long if they do not get back ahead of competitors. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.

Paul Mampilly does not manage any investments for anyone; he simply tells his readers at Banyan Hill what they should look out for. He used to manage millions of dollars in commercial accounts and those of high networth institutional investors at banks like ING, Sears and Banker’s Trust. He then moved into an even higher investment advisory job as managing director at Kinetics International Fund where he was famous for putting client funds in vehicles that gained over 26% in annual returns. Paul Mampilly would often appear on TV programs on the Fox Business Channel and CNBC, and in 2008 he took part in an major corporation’s investment competition that started him out with $50 million and wanted to see how much he could make with that in a year. Even though the recession of 2008 was panicking much of the stock market, Mampilly bought stocks without shorting them and by the end of the competition had gained 76%.


Paul Mampilly decided later on that he didn’t want to share his investment methods with merely the ultra-wealthy but instead wanted regular people who didn’t know about them to be able to build their own wealth. So he started sharing them in the newsletters he wrote for Banyan Hill, and though many thought they were wild speculations at first, Mampilly soon gained the trust of his subscribers and they reported thousands of dollars in gains. You can read more of Paul Mampilly’s articles or subscribe to his newsletters at

GoBuyside: Taking the Dynamics of Recruitment in NYC to the Next Level

Back in time, when a firm was looking to fill up certain positions, they would contact their local recruiting agency for a fill-up. With the evolving technology, gone are those days! The change is not only being experienced in the methods of recruitment but also in the job tasks as well. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

GoBuyside is a renowned firm that is located out of NYC and strives to keep track of the development of jobs in the finance market industry. The company is a tech-savvy when it comes to recruiting talent in the market. According to a research conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistics in the year 2015, about 24 percent of individuals that were employed completed either part or their entire work from home. This proved that the location of a job applicant does not have much impact on landing a job. However, if there are many applicants viable for a certain job position, the hiring process is bound to be more competitive. As a result of this, GoBuyside is taking advantage and embracing this tactic to lure the most suitable job applicants to their company. The firm is embracing flexibility options to get job applicants whose qualifications are beyond the employer’s expectations. The company is using aggregating software’s and programs to capture all the information they require regarding a candidate. The information is gathered from various informational sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn which does not give an applicant the chance to filter any information they wish to hide from an employer. Visit to know more.

GoBuyside is embracing platforms such as online job boards, artificial intelligence, and applicant tracking systems to find liable and professional candidates for any financial roles in the industry. With various project-oriented roles in place, it becomes vital for an employer to find a candidate that is well versed in the project at hand. This is where GoBuyside come in handy as they ensure that they get the best candidate that is encompassed with ample talent. GoBuyside strives to ensure that their modern form of hiring promotes a win-win situation for all parties involved. This includes the job candidates, investment managers, Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, and advisory platforms among others. One of the associates at a private equity company reveals that GoBuyside enabled him to land his current job. He says that all he did was create his GoBuyside personal profile and the firm worked its magic in connecting him with the successful equity firm. This shows that the firm is geared to ensuring that they meet their clients’ needs beyond their expectations.