Neurocore’s Alternative for Patients with ADHD and Depression

Neurocore Brain Performance is a series of centers that help people find underlying problems that are causing certain symptoms in them. The centers were established in 2004 by Dr. Tim Royer and are located throughout Michigan as well as Southern Florida. The headquarters, however, is in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The centers work with licensed specialists, client advocates, and brain coaches among over 250 employees with the aim of directing clients on a lane to better brain performance. Neurocore has developed tools for collecting data and evaluation like their brainwave mapping technology that aids them in understanding the underlying brain problems that threaten individuals’ well-being and health. It has also created an online site that clients can use to locate a center near them hence making themselves more efficient and available.

Neurocore Brain Performance provides treatment for responsiveness and single-mindedness concerns, stress, migraines, and absence of sleep. The health center applies a brain training suite with a blend of biofeedback that demonstrates to patients how to breathe profoundly and neurofeedback.

It is one of the more than a few establishments in West Michigan that delivers neurofeedback therapy. Neurofeedback therapy is a form of treatment created for people with ADHD, depression, and anxiety. The treatment helps these individuals to discontinue taking medication for their long-term conditions.


ADHD is a common disorder that is known to be profound in children. The rate of diagnosis of this disease has increased profusely over the years in children between the ages of 4 and 17. Children diagnosed with this disorder have had the options of using prescribed medication and undergoing behavioral therapy. In this therapy, the patient is put in a very silent room where he or she is hooked up to conductors on his or her ears and head to aid in charting their breathing, heart and brain waves while watching a movie. The purpose of the movie is to help in balancing and increasing brain activity. When it is running, there is a balance and when paused the brain activity becomes imbalanced. There have been many testaments from the patients and parents that the therapy does indeed work. Read more at about Neurocore.

Mighty Fortress Church Makes People Feel Welcome

When Bishop Thomas Williams started the Mighty Fortress Church, he wanted to make sure it was a church where people felt they could come if they didn’t belong anywhere else. He wanted them to see there was a place for them that was filled with God’s love and that’s how he was going to make sure people understood what they could do and understood how they could try different things in the Word and with God’s teaching. He also wanted people to realize there were other things they’d need to do if they were going to get more from the situations they were in outside of their faith. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

The Mighty Fortress Church is a place where everyone is welcome. There is no single denomination and there are no outdated rules people have to follow if they want to come to the church. The only thing Bishop Thomas Williams tries to push is God’s love and the things that will help them through the difficult times in their lives. Mighty Fortress Church accepts all people and Bishop Thomas Williams knows that is how he can make things better for all the people who do their best to live within the church.

Even though the church has grown a lot in the time since Bishop Thomas Williams first started it, he knew it was going to grow and people were going to enjoy the different things that were going on in the world around them. Mighty Fortress Church likes to help people connect with their faith and grow in God. The church does not believe in having customary rituals or stuffy rules people have to follow. They don’t want people to feel like they have to do something just because they are at church and just because they have decided to try and make things better.


All of the things that Mighty Fortress Church has done has allowed the people who go there to grow in love. They have to make sure they are doing things that are making the world around them better. The point of the church is to continue making sure people knew they were serving God and serving those who are doing their best. It also does things that will continue to help people with the way they study the Word. Mighty Fortress Church likes to continue helping people and has many different ministries to help them with different needs. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Barbara Stokes Life and Achievements

Barbara Stokes serves as the Chief Executive Officer at the Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC. Experienced in contracting in disaster relief construction, she has brought her expertise in the company making many contracts with the government for Green Structure Homes. The company specializes in building, designing, delivering and offering onsite construction of residential and commercial structures that are mobile and modular throughout North America.

Prior to joining Green Structure Housing, Barbara had served at Pisces Corporation and Boeing companies. She gained invaluable experience while working at the companies gaining experience in government contracting and exceptional leadership skills. Follow Barbara Stokes on

She currently leads Green House in supporting the US government and the FEMA mission by creating new jobs in the eight states that were affected by the Hurricane Harvey. These jobs are manufacturing in nature producing modular homes as a relief to families affected by the disaster.

Barbara took her Biomedical Engineering and Physics studies at Mercer University where she graduated in 2001. She was thirsty for knowledge and while still at Mercer, she studied Technical communication, Manufacturing and Management, Thermodynamics, structures and properties of materials. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara is a cofounder of Green Structure Homes which they founded in 2008. The company offers a variety range of solutions to both private and public sectors. The success of the company is based on the experience of its senior management led by its CEO. The techniques and designs that are used by the company in manufacturing also make the company to outstand in terms of performance.

Her knowledge in administrative logistics and how to manage acquisition of fleet management enables her to deal with issues that revolves around full facilities management, monthly fleet assessments, dispatch services and fleet record electronic upkeep.

Apart from being an active and influential leader, Barbara Stokes is also an active philanthropist. She is actively involved in the Huntsville community charitable work. This serves as her way of giving back to the community. She utilizes her skills in the community programs to make sure that the success of such programs is achieved.

She is a woman who knows how to manage her work-life balance. She has a beautiful family with three amazing children.