OneLogin- Keeping Companies Safe from Data Breach

Most of businesses and organizations globally work hard to grow and succeed. They are committed to recruiting the best workforce, keeping their business accounts orderly and ensure their staffs are using the latest technology to maximize their output. However, most of the companies lurk behind when it comes to employee’s performance guideline, practice, and policies. It always leaves a loophole when an employee leaves the company. Of course, every business once an employee resigns; it employs a replacement, finishes the projects and even gives a farewell party to end the working relationship in peace. But sometimes things turn against them, and an employee departure leaves the company in numerous issues, and some might affect the reputation of the company. Most of the organization ensures an employee leaving the company does not carry any sensitive information.

It is advisable for the companies to know that former employees are not friends. They can use the information they have to cause huge damaging actions that cause employers sleepless nights and inflicts on their businesses. One company that was negatively affected was OFCOM, they experienced a massive breach of data, and they confirmed one of their former employees was the culprit. The former worker downloaded data information for the last six years that shared it with their new employer, a major broadcaster. Luckily the broadcaster alerted OFCOM on the stolen information instead of exploiting the data.

OneLogin formed a research that showed shocking information and trend where almost 58 percent of the former employees have access to various corporate networks, and information.

The company also added that more than 24 percent of the company’s ex-staff expose their information causing data breaches. OneLogin is a company dedicated to bringing security and speed as a single sigh-one vendor and leading identity management to the modern organizations. Businesses globally use OneLogin to increase their IT administration and secure company data. They implement their identity management solutions within the shortest time possible giving the company self-service and fully featured administrative portal preventing a future data breach. OneLogin offers their services to company’s located in the United States of Americana and European Union.

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Bob Reina: He’s Always On Time

There are many things that Bob Reina prides himself on as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion since 2007, but one of the biggest ones is his ability to be able to connect with other people and be on time. It is a source of pride for him, as it should be, because it is something that comes very naturally to him. He does not have to work at it because it is the kind of human being and individual he is. As soon as someone meets him, they know they are getting the real deal from him. There is nothing about this man that is phony or fake. He comes at it from a point of view of putting himself in someone else’s shoes.


He listens to the people he encounters in his day-to-day life and by listening to them, he knows what they worry about and what is on their mind. One of the biggest things they worry about is money and their job. They want to be able to live comfortably and they want to be able to do it on their own terms. There is truly something to be said about that. It matters a lot in the grand scheme of life. However, one thing is for certain: the bills do not stop coming in and there are still responsibilities.


It is why people can’t just get up and leave their job. They have to stick with it and they have to tough it out, even as it feels like they are losing part of their soul in the process. It makes Bob Reina very sad to hear things like this. He wants to hear that people are happy and they are getting the most out of their lives. There should be no such thing as a wasted day or a wasted moment.


With Talk Fusion, they can use all of their video services to finally start living the life they have wanted for a very long time. Dreams do come true, and Bob Reina is there with Talk Fusion to make them happen.

Geaorge Soros Gives Back Through Open Society

The back story of George Soros reflects his persistence and dedication to make it in life. For those who have heard of this name, it has been a long journey for him. Wading through the murky regime of Nazi as a child, he overcame what an ordinary human would not. George Soros hails from Hungary. He suffered intolerance as a child. During the attack, his father did a great job by falsifying their identity. Soros and the father also saved neighbors from being assassinated.


After the regime, Soros flee to London in search of better pastures. He joined the London School of Economics. He loved philosophy and the contributions of Karl Popper. Popper was a major contributor to this discipline. He proposed the theory of humanity and the input of Open Societies. As a role model and humanist, he inspired many with Soros being one of them. Soros worked as a part time waiter. He also worked for the railway as an attendant. That is how he financed his education. Being a hard working student, he passed exams and focused on career seeking in the job industry. Well, he faced more challenges as a new job seeker.


There was hardly an employment opportunity for Soros. It took him some significant time to land a job opportunity. Being visionary, he invested in business. That marked the onset of his career in finance. Soros is now a billionaire and he has a hedge fund worth millions. His skills in business cannot be matched with the skills of an ordinary entrepreneur or investor. He has developed a platform for business through the hedge fund. Soros is also into political reforms. He has been mentioned in several political platforms including endorsing Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general elections. He was the major donor for Hillary.

Open Society Foundations

In a different scenario, Soros has been helpful to most people in the society. He is an admired contributor of Open Society Foundations, a network of over 100 organizations that capitalize on charity. The Open Society Foundations does not discriminate. From migrants to LGBT, proper governance and education reforms, Open Society is here to assist the suffering. Soros has majorly contributed to the growth of this organization. He has also fought for the rights of children who cannot access education. His works extend to South Africa as he has been instrumental in offering finances to educate the less fortunate.


To some, Soros is always caught up in conspiracies. Most of his works highlight the plea of humanity. He funds masses that have committed to riot against police brutality too. Soros continues to establish large platforms through charity and entrepreneurial networks.For a billionaire, he is too friendly for humanity, a good gesture that most can emulate.

The Many Facets of Securus CEO Rick Smith

As the president and CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith heads a corporation whose number one priority is public safety and protection. Securus Technologies oversees the development and application of programs and technology that are designed and set into place to serve civil and criminal justice needs. These services are implemented to serve society in general, and by prison systems, where safety and security within the institutions are a constant concern. This is particularly true in today’s hi-tech age, when even prison inmates are able to find ways to commit further crimes against the “free” world from behind bars. This up-to-the-minute, cutting-edge technology is all handled under the watchful eye of Rick Smith.

For nearly a decade, Rick Smith has been an integral part of Securus Technologies, serving in a number of different capacities. He got his start in 2008, when he was appointed to the Board at Securus. The following year saw him take on the role of Securus Chairman. During this time he also served on the Board of Eschelon Telecom Inc, where he worked prior to his employment with Securus.

While working at Eschelon Telecom Inc, Smith also held several different positions. From 1998-2000 he acted as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. In 1999, during his tenure as CFO, he also served as Chief Operating Officer. He filled this position until 2003. In 2000, Smith received a significant promotion when he was elevated to the position of President of Eschelon Telecom Inc. He remained in this position until he became the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to his employment with Eschelon Telecom Inc, Smith was Vice President of Financial Management at Frontier Corporation (now Global Crossing), where he worked for two decades and gained a great deal of experience for his future endeavors by holding several different positions at nearly every level within the company.In addition to his extensive business experience, Rick Smith boasts quite an impressive educational background. He obtained a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the New York State University at Brockport. He earned an MBA from the University of Rochester and an Associate’s degree in Applied Science in Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Further, he holds a professional degree from the New York State University at Buffalo. He also obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering here.

Rick Smith has often spoken of his desire to serve his companies’ clients to the utmost of his abilities, drawing on his extensive education and hands-on experience to ensure that any and all decisions made with regard to the safety and security of the institutions and members of the public are fully effective and in the best interests of all parties involved.

Waiakea Makes Yet another Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Move by Introducing Degradable Bottles

Waiakea is a water company that sells high-quality volcanic water. An outstanding quality that Waiakea portrays is its constant efforts to practice a sustainable and environmentally friendly business model. Its latest move has been to develop a 100 percent recyclable bottle. The move is expected to see Waiakea reduce its carbon blueprint significantly.

The process of producing the eco-friendly bottle has not been straightforward, especially considering that no past research had been done in that line. While previous researchers concentrated on creating better and stronger plastic, Waiakea focused on fabricating weaker plastic. However, having a degradable container that matched the integrity of a regular plastic bottle had been a significant challenge.

Waiakea finally experienced a breakthrough after five years and 1,200 experiments. The bottles are manufactured using high-quality RPET, which is twice as expensive as the standard RPET. However, the cost of the additive that enables the container to be degradable is negligible, thus lowering the cost implications. The new bottle can be recycled alongside other regular PET bottles.

How Waiakea ensures sustainability

The company has boasted about being highly sustainable. It is not only a concept that is stamped on its advertisements but rather an idea that is included in each of Waiakea’s operations. To start with, production of volcanic water takes up only a fraction of the naturally produced water at Mauna Loa aquifers.

The site that the company uses has a potential of producing 740 million gallons of water daily. Ideally, the United States consumes two million gallons of bottled water in a day. That means that the water Waiakea extracts to sell daily is less than 1% of the available water.

Pure volcanic water

Waiakea sells volcanic water from Mauna Loa, which is the world’s most active volcano. The water undergoes a natural filtration process as it goes down the mountain. It can be sourced by snow, rainwater or moisture from the arctic winds. The source is in a remote location, away from the nearest possible source of pollution. Therefore, nothing in the ground or air can contaminate it. Thus, Waiakea’s bottled water can be termed as nearly 100 percent pure.

Nathaniel Ru’s Path to Success With Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is a high-end salad chain that was launched throughout the Northeast in the United States almost a decade ago. The company was founded by a trio of Georgetown University graduates who all had studied together.

The three students, Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru had all met when they were taking an entrepreneurship class together. Ru and his fellow students would start to form the idea that would become the Sweetgreen we see today.

Let’s take a closer look at the company, what they do differently, and what Nathaniel Ru aspires to be throughout his career.

In order to fully appreciate the change that Sweetgreen has rendered upon the fast food market, we must first recognize the fact that it almost never happened.

Ru and his co-founders were looking for a location to open up their first restaurant when they found a small, former bar in a downtown spot on M Street. Ru couldn’t get the landlord to give him a face to face meeting to discuss his potential with Sweetgreen.

Ru and his team wouldn’t give up, however, as they repeatedly called the landlord once a day until she agreed to sit down and hear their pitch. RU admits that he would never get another meeting like that again and that it really was just a one time opportunity.

Once Sweetgreen was established the next task was in making sure that it survived. Sweetgreen’s biggest test was in surviving the off-season when students left campus for the year. Considering that their first location was intended to give students a healthy option, this was a reasonable task.

Sweetgreen not only survived but they flourished as well and now, a decade later, there are more than 40 locations sprinkled throughout the region with plans to expand out west soon.

Nathaniel Ru never wanted Sweetgreen to become the next McDonalds. Instead, he wanted to create something that would stick to its original purpose: healthy, locally sourced salads, that filled people up and left them satisfied.

So far, that is exactly what Ru has been capable of doing. Not only has the restaurant accomplished those tasks, it has also changed the industry along the way.

Now, Sweetgreen has become an icon for technology in the fast food industry. Nearly a third of all Sweetgreen orders are generated through their website or a mobile application. In this way, Sweetgreen is completely changing the way the industry functions.

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A Look At The Career Of Dr. Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna, MD, is a doctor who can perform surgery and medical services. He is licensed in two states, Florida and Georgia. He earned his medical degree from Tulane University Medical School in 2000. In 2007 he established the Shape Medical Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The focus of this company was on helping people achieve healthy weight loss through eating a proper diet plus exercise. Each person was treated by Dr. Mark McKenna as an individual who had their own needs to account for when deciding upon a weight loss plan for them.

Earlier in his professional career, McKenna also had a real estate development company in New Orleans. He had established this company, McKenna Venture Investments, with his father. The company was quite successful and even acquired two other companies in the industry, Uptown Title, Inc., and Universal Mortgage Lending. When Hurrican Katrina hit on August 29, 2005, their business and livelihoods were dramatically affected like many other people were. They ended up losing most of their business interests. However, they recovered and participated in the rebuilding effort by focusing on building low and moderate income housing projects.

In November 2014, Dr. McKenna sold his ShapeMed business to another company, Life Time Fitness, Inc. He joined this other company as their National Medical Director and worked for them for two years. Feeling the need to once again run his own company, he launched OVME in July of 2017. His new company offers medical aesthetic services that uses the latest technology in the industry.

Dr. McKenna says that most days he works from 8 am to 6 pm. Later in the night he says he does Jiu-Jitsu training after which he’ll do more work than go to bed. Like many business owners his company takes up a lot of his time in order to be successful. He says that the book that has most helped him in business is “Think and Grow Rich” which was written by Napoleon Hill. He says that it helped him recognize the power of visualization and how that would help in his business pursuits.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Personality Making Him the Right Bradesco President

 Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the current nominated leader of Bradesco. The bank is among the leading players in financial institutions in Brazil. The headquarters are in Cidade de Deus. Trabuco was the chair of the group insurer since 2013. His name was among the most quoted in conversations with Bradesco and financial market executives.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has worked at Bradesco for forty years. He joined the firm as a clerk, and over the years, he has served in various positions. Trabuco had worked under the leadership of different presidents in the Bank before he was nominated for privacy.

The board of directors chose Trabuco, but he has to be approved during the first council meeting that is taking place after the general meeting. Márcio Cypriano is the outgoing president and has led the Institute for ten years. The talented leader left a remarkable history by acquiring ten banks. After turning 65 years, Cypriano could no longer exercise his executive duties at Bradesco.

Trabuco took over Bradesco after it lost its market leadership in the financial sector. He will assume the presidency in a hostile economic environment. In Brazil, the activity level is decelerating causing a negative effect on the balance sheets hence affecting the profitability of the bank. Credit Suisse estimated that the Bradesco returns to equity in 2009 will be 21.3% compared to 23.4% in 2008. Plans to open new outlets network will slow down.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an old student at the University of São Paulo where he completed his undergraduate studies in philosophy. He later joined School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo for his postgraduate studies in socio-psychology. The future CEO started practicing at Bradesco in 1969. His first post was a clerk in Marília agency. In 1971, the gifted leader moved to São Paulo, headquarters where he became the marketing director in 1984. Between 1992 and 1998, Trabuco worked in Bradesco private pension company as an executive director and president. He was selecting the executive vice president in 1999 before becoming the insurance unit president in 2003.

In the 1980s, Trabuco and his marketing team took part in modernizing the publicity of the bank and its openness to the press since the firm was averse to media. He joined group insurer in 2003, and this could be his final stamp for his journey to become the president. Under his tenure, the insurance entity doubled in size, merged its leadership across the country, and obtained a 25% market share making it the largest in the field in Latin America. He led the firm in increasing its net income to 35% more than the previous years. Trabuco advocated for segmentation where Bradesco has differentiated agencies and special check services to serve the high-income customers.

Career Life

The head of the newly established Fenasaúde and Fenaseg Council member passed a message of hope to the community. At Institute for Supplementary Health Studies (IESS) Trabuco is the vice president. He has been the president of the National Financial Marketing Commission of Febraban (Brazilian Federation of Bank Associations), Bradesco Vida e Previdência SA, the International Association of Economic Studies of Insurance, Geneva, and National Association of Private Pensions (AnaPP).


Trabuco leads the party that provides almost 40% of the earnings made by Bradesco. Working in the insurer group has enabled him to build his name in the firm and position his name in the list of nominated presidents of the company. Bradesco had had only three presidents from when it was founded. They include Amador Aguiar, founder, Lázaro Brandão, the current chair of the board of directors, and Cypriano who will be living the organization in March 2009. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will take care of the large part of the growth of the insurance markets. Trabuco is the ideal leader of Bradesco as he was familiar with its culture. In the 40 years, he has served the bank. The charismatic manager has gone through numerous areas such as marketing and the private regions.


Talk Fusion Brings Diversity through Sweeping Information Regarding Current Societal Issues

The HOME Project is a global humanitarian organization that is a safe solace for refugees fleeing from war-torn areas. It ensures that refugees have a home away from home environment through the provision of basic amenities such as food, shelter, and clothing. In addition to these, the HOME Project provides security amidst the harsh camping conditions.


The HOME Project has had a major boost from the IKEA Foundation those gave1 million Euros. The fund would help build standard housing units and employ Greece refuges through private sector partnership. In a nutshell, five houses will be constructed to increase the capacity for 200 children seeking education, social orientation, support and protection from the displaced lot. About 8419 refugees are minor vulnerable to sexual abuse, exploitation, violence among other societal issues.


Per Heggenes, the IKEA Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer said that every child should be entitled to a safe home. Refugees who have not attained the age of the majority should be supported to recover from the ordeal and build their future all over again. Sofia Kouvelaki of HOME Project says this a dire situation since children are the subjects. Although IKEA Foundation donation will help in the provision of better refugee life, the fund is appreciated though not enough. Learn more:


HOME Project is lobbying for more financial and amenities support to help bring the humanitarian crisis to a standstill. Refugees need to be directly fed, clothed, sheltered and safeguarded against all harsh external factors. Any effort towards assuring normal or better still quality life will be appreciated.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion Company is a content posting platform of issues of public concern, science, technology, business, lifestyle, and people. Bob Reina founded the company in 2007, and he is the Chief Executive Officer. The company has become popular for embracing video technology trends, entrepreneurship insight and adequately addressing issues of lifestyle.


The company focuses on content development and message conveyance through live meetings, video chats, newsletters and email. Talk Fusion received the coveted award under the Communications Solutions Product of the Year. Its unique strategies have increased sales through video marketing.


Agora Financial Delivers for its Readers

Meet Bob. Bob is a dentist that is nearing retirement. He wants to make sure he manages his money smartly, but it is so overwhelming. He isn’t a financial expert, and keeping up with all the news and trends is too much to handle. On the other hand, if he hires a broker, he knows he’ll have to deal with that ego and pay him big sums for his commission. So what can Bob do? He can read Agora Financial.

Agora Financial is a publication company that serves its 1 million readers in over 20 different publications. From online newsletters to live seminars, they have you covered. And since they don’t accept bribes for coverage on individuals or companies, you know that they have unbiased information. It’s why for over ten years the company has seen unprecedented growth and learn more about Agora Financial.

Based out of Baltimore, this dynamic company only hires the best of the best. They have a NY Times best selling author, quality analysts, scientists trained at Harvard, experts on financial instruments, hedge fund bankers, and more. That way, you know the information you’re receiving is top notch. And furthermore, you’ll know about opportunities on the ground floor, before they blow up and resume their.

Instead of usual financial companies with traders and analysts sitting at desks all day, Agora spends $1 million per year in research by sending their staff around the world to uncover opportunities. They predicted trends before the mainstream media at every turn: the gold rush, the oil price spike, and even the 2008 crash (allowing their readers to avoid catastrophe). Their reputation is backed by other large reputations like The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, The Economist, LA Times, and more information click here.

When it comes to your finances, it can be overwhelming. But with the great resources that exist, it doesn’t need to be any more. You can avoid the mistakes that lead to financial ruin and invest early in opportunities to make your money go farther. That way, you can pay for retirement, vacation, your kids’ school, and all the other things that are important for you. Agora Financial makes your golden years truly golden and