Learning from Susan McGalla’s Progress

Susan McGalla is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs at her age. Why? Here is her story. Susan McGalla is the founder of American Eagle Outfitters Inc, and was previously the CEO of Wet Seal Inc., another influential company. Her career began at Joseph Horne Company, where she learned a lot about marketing, propaganda, […]

Market America Shop

Market America Shop is what they call an unfranchise business. It is a site you can go to, to start a at home business, with perks of not being a franchise. For instance, unlike a franchise there are no monthly fees, no monthly royalties, and their start fee is pretty affordable. When you start out, […]

Supporting the course of human rights

Introduction Several organizations have come out openly to support the cause of human rights. These organizations have safely used their resources to champion for the courses in which they believe. In the fight, some of the organizations have been compromised, but others have stood true to their course. The dedication to serving the common people […]

Is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Trying To Achieve Monopoly Status With Bradesco?

Throughout the course of its tumultuous history, Latin America has had a love-hate relationship with a large number of corporate monopolies. In a region that has long suffered from unstable governments and widespread poverty, a number of companies, which anyone would have to admit are textbook, hard monopolies, have brought both stability and modernity to […]

OneLogin Teams up with Envoy

The San Francisco based company, OneLogin, has revolutionized I.T usage in offices for close to a decade. Focusing on the Identity and Access Management (IAM) approach, the firm has helped many organizations increase productivity. Envoy customers can now have an integrated software solution that runs smoothly on multiple applications making the I.T staff’s job easier. […]

Aloha Construction Among Construction Companies Adversely Affected by The Presidential Poll

With over 78 million millennials in America, the number of people looking to secure employment is increasing each day. The construction industry promised to provide job opportunities to thousands of millennials each month before last year’s presidential poll. The construction sector employed over 18,000 people in July last year. However, immediately Trump assumed office, the […]