Learning from Susan McGalla’s Progress

Susan McGalla is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs at her age. Why? Here is her story.

Susan McGalla is the founder of American Eagle Outfitters Inc, and was previously the CEO of Wet Seal Inc., another influential company.

Her career began at Joseph Horne Company, where she learned a lot about marketing, propaganda, advertisement strategies, and lots of tips and tricks that made her an excellent business administrator.

Her role in the American Eagle Outfitters came along right after that position, and she began as a divisional merchandise buyer, specifically for female clothing. Susan McGalla started using her previous knowledge of administration and marketing to climb from one position to another, until she finally reached the role of the chief merchandising officer of the enterprise. It was then, that Susan McGalla was also rewarded with the position of President of the corporation.

McGalla would still lead the company to great circumstances under the new leadership, and McGalla even participated on the release of the 77kids brand. She would, however, leave her Presidential position, later on, to pursue another career path that would give her more experience and teach her more about different industries.

In January of 2009, she left the company to become a private financial consultant, but she would later, at the end of 2009, enter the Board of Directors of HFF Inc., a position that she still holds today.

Her career started skyrocketing when she acquired her position as the Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal Inc. At that time, Susan McGalla discovered her pregnancy, and that would mean that she wouldn’t be able to remain in both jobs at the same time, but she was still learning from both positions until she eventually left the role of CEO of Wet Seal Inc.

Nowadays, Susan McGalla still holds two administration jobs: She remains on the Board of Directors of HFF Inc., and is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for another enterprise, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla is an inspiration to many women in the world, as she has jumped from one high position to the next, acquiring precious knowledge and improving the business model of each company that she’s been to.

She is currently the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, and she has useful capabilities both in the financial market, as an administrator and in the marketing industry. All of these assets made Susan McGalla a unique addition to the companies she’s been to.


Market America Shop

Market America Shop is what they call an unfranchise business. It is a site you can go to, to start a at home business, with perks of not being a franchise. For instance, unlike a franchise there are no monthly fees, no monthly royalties, and their start fee is pretty affordable.

When you start out, you pay 129.00 for basically a business plan and a web page for your business. Either you or your customers purchase all product through them. In order to stay active, there is a minimum purchase for every 3 month period. They claim that there plan is all but guaranteed success.

I have read over quite a few articles claiming they were a scam. Others claim the exact opposite, and claim it is all about the effort you are willing to put toward your business.

For details: blog.unfranchise.com/

The Work of Equities First Holdings in Australia

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002 and continues to be based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm provides financial solutions for both businesses and individuals. They help enable the liquidity of assets via a secure and transparent process. EFH is respected worldwide as one of the most efficient financial solutions groups that you will find anywhere. Although based in the U.S., EFH has offices all over the world, in London, Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. Its Australian subsidiary, Equities First Holding Australia, is doing incredibly well. Last year it announced that it was about to partner with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited for a particularly ambitious series of projects in India. EFH Australia’s part in the partnership is primarily financial. The firm will be funding the construction of a $30 million research and development center.


Supporting the course of human rights


Several organizations have come out openly to support the cause of human rights. These organizations have safely used their resources to champion for the courses in which they believe. In the fight, some of the organizations have been compromised, but others have stood true to their course.

The dedication to serving the common people motivates their courses. Several of these organizations have made positive steps towards making the world a better place. Some of the best organizations in the fight for human rights are discussed below.

The Human Rights Watch

The human rights watch is one of the unique organizations on the planet. The organization takes up a case and does its investigations. When going to the courts or reporting the matter to the authorities, the organization carries all the evidence of the case. Learn more about Michael Lacey and James Larkin: https://michael-lacey.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/jimlarkin53

The operation principles of the human rights watch are equally unique. Before taking a matter the authorities, the organization first exposes the acts of human rights violations to the public. The group the challenges the government to take action against the people who have been found guilty of such violations

Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is a rarely known prestigious human rights organization that is dedicated to changing the state of the world, one step at a time. The organization does not depend on the worldwide acceptance. Its methods of fighting for human rights are unique and stable. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The Simon Wiesenthal Center does not expose any selfish acts; it relies on the intellect of the people to help in restoring the dignity of the society. The human rights group is also dedicated to the helping the Jews worldwide and protecting their rights internationally.

The Human Rights without Frontiers

The Human Rights without Frontiers has a particular role in researching, understanding and analyzing different cases presented in the human rights acts. Principles of the human rights are the same worldwide. When presenting the cases, the organization takes into consideration the beauty of the rule of law and the need to uphold democracy in a system.

The contribution of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey contributed $3.75 million to the course of fighting for human rights. The donation was out of the experience as they felt the pain of undergoing human rights violation.

Because of this motivation, Lacey and Larkin created a way in which the oppressed can find freedom. Their contributions opened a channel to other influential people with honest intentions in fighting for the human rights.

Is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Trying To Achieve Monopoly Status With Bradesco?

Throughout the course of its tumultuous history, Latin America has had a love-hate relationship with a large number of corporate monopolies. In a region that has long suffered from unstable governments and widespread poverty, a number of companies, which anyone would have to admit are textbook, hard monopolies, have brought both stability and modernity to locales that had neither. At the same time, corporate interests have been fingered in coups and society-wide oppression from the Noriega regime to that of Anastasio Somoza and Augusto Pinochet.

No matter what one thinks of the Latin American monopoly, there is not doubt that it has played a central role in the development and industrialization of the region. Names such as International Telephone and Telegraph, The United Fruit Company and Telmex evoke strong emotions, both positive and negative, to residents across much of Latin America. The truth is that, for a variety of historical and anthropological reasons, the monopoly has proven more relevant, beneficial and enduring in Latin America than it has in more developed countries. And the stakes for those who can play the game of Latin American Monopoly are astonishingly high.

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The Rise of Bradesco

Recent, widespread consolidation in the Brazilian banking industry has led many experts to warn that the sector is ripe for the appearance of a hard monopoly. The industry is dominated by two major banks – Itau Unibanco and Bradesco. The latter has been one of the most stunning examples of growth out of seemingly nothing that Brazil has ever seen. Amounting to little more than a small local bank, as late as 1970, today, Bradesco is one of the largest financial companies in Latin America.

Its inveterate CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, is largely responsible for the bank’s tremendous growth. Since joining the firm in 1969, Trabuco Cappi has done more than, perhaps, any employee in the firm’s history to transform it into a global powerhouse.

The company’s most spectacular growth came throughout the decade of the 2000s, when the stock price increased by more than 100-fold and the firm rapidly expanded its assets and its client base. This eventually resulted in Bradesco briefly snatching the number-one spot in the Brazilian banking industry. But its time as king of the hill was short lived. In 2009, shortly after Trabuco Cappi ascended to CEO, rival banks Itau and Unibanco merged, forming the largest banking conglomerate in the country and pushing Bradesco back to a distant second place.

By this point, so concentrated was the Brazilian banking industry that the third place bank was just a fraction of the size of either Bradesco or Itau Unibanco. This created an environment of intense competition, with both firms vying for the potential prize of holding a virtual banking monopoly over the country.

For the next six years, Itau Unibanco strengthened its position as Bradesco fell into decline. By 2014, Bradesco’s stock price had plummeted to less than 50 percent of its 2009 highs, marking a low point in the career of CEO Trabuco Cappi.

But then an opportunity knocked on Trabuco Cappi’s door. HSBC Brazil had long been losing money. It’s parent company was looking to offload all of its Brazilian assets. It figured that it could no longer profitably compete in such as cutthroat industry as Brazilian banking.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was able to put together a deal, whereby Bradesco would acquire all of HSBC Brazil’s assets for $5.2 billion in cash. The deal marked the largest transaction in Brazilian business history and instantly rocketed Bradesco back to the number-one spot across many important measures. The firm was now back in the running to crush all of its opposition.

Today, Bradesco’s stock has recovered to all-time highs. Although Trabuco Cappi is coy about his intentions to continue growing the firm into an unchallengeable foe, observers say that his actions speak louder than any lack of words. If he can pull it off, Bradesco may become one of the most profitable banks in the world.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, just click here.

An Astounding Overview of Talos Energy

For more than eighty years, the Mexican waters have not been explored by any foreign company with the intent of benefiting from the oil wells. Recently, a company has broken this long term history by sinking a new offshore well in this region. This is considered to be one of the recent strategies for allowing foreign investors to explore the oil wells in Mexico. Furthermore, this is expected to allow the foreign competitors to run the oil wells which will have an overall benefit to the residents and Mexico government at large and learn more about Talos Energy.

The newly established foreign company is stated to be a joint venture. The joint venture is between some reputable businesses that include Premier Oil which is based in London, Talos Energy headquartered in Houston and Sierra Oil and Gas which is Mexican owned. This exploration of the oil wells in Mexican water is stated to be outstanding because it is solely run by different bodies rather than the monopoly company of Mexico named Petroleos Mexicanos. Mexico nationalized its oil enterprise in the year 1938. Ever after, Petroleos Mexicanos dominated the industry and turned to be a monopoly company until the recent establishment of the joint venture and more information click here.

Talos Energy is a gas and oil firm that operates independently. Its operations include a focus on production and offshore exploration of oil and gas. The expertise of Talos Energy is built upon the assets acquired by the company in different locales including the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast regions. These assets are built upon a high emphasis on exploration, exploitation and asset optimization. The company aims at thriving in the oil and gas industry through venture partnership as earlier discussed and even through the acquisition of subsidiaries.

In February, Talos Energy is reported to have acquired a gas and oil subsidiary from Helix Energy Solutions. This cost the company about $620 million. Although this seems to have been a big progress, the company aims at achieving more through purchases projected to earn it over $500 million and $475 million revenue increase. Talos Energy is expected to continuously increase its profits and dominate the oil and gas industry if it creates more partnerships and acquires more subsidiaries and Talos on Facebook.

More Visit: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/talos-energy

OneLogin Teams up with Envoy

The San Francisco based company, OneLogin, has revolutionized I.T usage in offices for close to a decade. Focusing on the Identity and Access Management (IAM) approach, the firm has helped many organizations increase productivity. Envoy customers can now have an integrated software solution that runs smoothly on multiple applications making the I.T staff’s job easier. This result was accomplished after Envoy teamed up with OneLogin to implement the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM). Such progress will ensure better user provision and efficient flow of data.

With SCIM, Envoy customers will now have an accelerated application rollout and thereby maximizing productivity. Employee records like names, office location, and email will be synchronized from their OneLogin directory making application usage more efficient. With up to date employee records, it will be easier to manage visitor arrivals and reduce visitor headache of browsing through lots of data looking for their host, as was the case in the past. Employees expect all data to be updated as they work across various departments in the organization and a well-organized and manageable system will ensure teamwork is as productive as it ought to be.

Security is a key factor in any system today. OneLogin provides that user onboarding and offboarding is as efficient as it is secure. SCIM synchronizes all employee data to the Envoy directory, all changes made to any data will be sent immediately to Envoy ensuring that only Envoy employees can register outsiders as a visitor. Such tremendous progress in technology is what sets OneLogin apart in the industry.

OneLogin aims to give its customers the best one user sign in application experience that is both secure and productive. End user efficiency can prove to be hectic for I.T departments with large companies. The IAM system provides a manageable, secure and efficient solution to its clients. Only signing in with an iPad makes host notification easier and efficient. Many tech-forward companies across the United States are adopting OneLogin’s software to ensure smooth and secure office management. Use of cloud technology, the hectic log books are now outdated. All visitor info including name, badge and photo are automated and well-organized making administration and security easier.


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Aloha Construction Among Construction Companies Adversely Affected by The Presidential Poll

With over 78 million millennials in America, the number of people looking to secure employment is increasing each day. The construction industry promised to provide job opportunities to thousands of millennials each month before last year’s presidential poll. The construction sector employed over 18,000 people in July last year. However, immediately Trump assumed office, the number of employment opportunities generated by all sectors of the economy especially the construction industry is at a record low of fewer than 6000 jobs each month. The construction industry is deemed to be doing well among its peers. Other sectors of the economy such as the manufacturing and the financial industry are worst hit by the downturn in the construction industry.

The employment opportunities generated by the construction sector are as a result of the residential division of the sector. Many companies in the residential division such as Aloha Construction, a Lake Zurich based company, have been instrumental in employing millennials. The company provides many services such as roofing, guttering, and siding among other professional services. With all the services, it means that Aloha Construction employs both skilled and unskilled labor to facilitate service delivery. Aloha Construction is respected in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin for its roof installation and roof repair techniques. The company has some of the most experienced workers in its roofing department including engineers.

Right before and after the presidential poll, many companies reported slow business. Therefore Aloha construction and other companies in the construction sector were unable to provide new employment opportunities to job seekers. Some of the sectors that depend on the construction industry such as the financial industry that provides loans to contractors and the manufacturing industry that supplies building materials failed to create jobs because of the weak business. As the construction industry slowly begins to boom, many players such as Aloha Construction are pleased to get an increased number of jobs.

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Omar Yunes is Proof That the Franchise Business Model Can In Deed be Successful

Being the best in the world at anything requires one to be an exemplary hard workers. Olympians typically give their blood, sweat, and tears to win the gold medal for their country. The same can be said of Mexican businessman Omar Yunes, the current winner of the best franchisee in the world competition. Mr. Yunes made considerable sacrifices to win the award for both his franchiser, Sushi Itto, and himself. To win the prestigious competition, Mr. Yunes had to beat out competition from 34 other nations and more information click here.

Omar Yunes’s win was not just for himself but also for Sushi Itto. A great deal of the buzz around Mr. Yunes also rubbed off on the Japanese brand. Looking back, the management at Sushi Itto was a little reluctant when a 21-year-old un-proven businessman approached them to enter into a franchise agreement. The company took the unconventional risk partnering with that individual. Today, that partnership has led to the creation of 13 franchise units by Mr. Yunes in Mexico, representing about 10% of the Japanese company’s total units. The size of his franchise business combined with winning the award is proof that the risk they took on a young Mr. Yunes has more than paid off and learn more about Omar Yunes.

To get to his franchise business to where it is today, Omar Yunes has used a combination of simple but effective management strategies. With the success of every business in the food industry being highly reliant on its personnel, Mr. Yunes has made the point to ensure that they are highly motivated at all times. Unsurprisingly, when he won the award for best franchisee in the world, among the first people he thanked and dedicated the award to was his more than 400 employees. He also ensures that they are competitively remunerated and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

Further, Mr. Yunes has also been able to grow his business by developing flexible business networks. As such, whenever the business is faced with tumulus circumstances it is always able to wiggle its way out unscathed. In fact, one of the primary reasons he won the award was the ability to ensure better information management for Sushi Itto.

More Visit: http://www.elgraderio.com/2017/06/13/omar-yunes-por-el-amor-del-futbol/

A Helpful Guide To Healthy Fat Burning Strategies

Working out to lose excess weight is not an easy task more especially if you decide to do it without starving yourself. It is recommended that you choose a working plan that will work out for you and get to lose weight healthily. Usually, weight losing is a decision that needs to be reached at or should be achieved by following the right procedures and channels to get a long-term decision. When you get to meet your desired weight goal, you should find a favorable way to keep the weight on the check while still leading a very healthy life afterwards.

The strategies that one applies to lose weight will be the determining factor in the results. You may, however, require a plan that will work for you carefully. Various tips can help you to achieve your desired weight target. Here are tips that can help you keep your weight on the check.
Think long-term
When deciding on a program, always ensures that you are to the goals that you intend to achieve by choosing the one that will work for you. Choosing on changing your diet and tagging on fasting as well may offer faster weight loss result, but this may not be permanent if you get back to your normal eating ways and this can expose you to health complications. Rely on a plan that will ensure you take healthy diet, have enough exercise and a lifestyle that you can lead on comfortably. With such a plan you can have a long-term result and always think long-term when you need best results on losing weight.
Make regular checks on the scale.
One may be on the pressure to get to lose weight and therefore tend to check on the scale now and then to check on the weight they have loosed. However, you may need to keep off the scale to be able to work on well without stress. You should ensure that you check on your weight regularly to ensure that your weight is on the right weighing but do not do it every moment as this will tend to discourage you. You may work with weekly target and ensure that you work hard to achieve them. This will help you to get friendly with your scale, and you remain enjoying.
Get active
Burning calories is something that should be highly considered apart from having a choice in taking healthy foods. It is an easy task to start an easy lifestyle. With an active lifestyle, you will equally have an easy time keeping with one at the time you try to make sensible choices. Good results when losing weight will be yielded when you will consider moving and putting your body into a task. With taxing a body, you do not necessarily have to get a gym membership. You should always do the fun activities that you will be interested in all times.
Avoid eating some white culprits.
There are a lot of foods you should consider to avoid to increase your energy levels and weight loss results. Some of the foods to avoid are such as dairy products, foods rich in salts and sugar and white flour. There are a lot of alternatives you should consider to consume to avoid those foods. White flour can be replaced with coconut flour; sea salts can be replaced by the refined salts and eliminate white sugar entirely. Some individuals may be wondering why they should eliminate calcium-rich foods such as the dairy products from our diets, but then they are not the right in the event of losing weight. Individuals should consider replacing these dairy products with leafy greens as such and much other alternative food rich in calcium.
Eat more fiber
For any healthy diet, fiber is considered to be an essential part of it. This can be obtained by consuming vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grain. Every individual requires eating about twenty-five grams of dietary fiber each day. This should have both insoluble and soluble fiber. Fiber has very many benefits to our bodies. Fiber usually help the foods we eat to go through our system very fast so that it may not have time to rest to be stored as fats. You should consider eating more fiber to lose weight.  In fact, joining a system can help a lot, and they aren’t that much more expensive than normal diet budgets.  For example, Nutrisystem cost is about the same as you would be paying anyway.