How Anyone Can Have Healthy Eating Habits

When most people hear about healthy eating, they tend to think that it means changing to being a vegetarian and eating organic foods. There are a few food hacks that can help an individual to have a healthy lifestyle and avoid adding unnecessary weight.


  1. Never miss Breakfast

The first meal of the day should never be skipped since it prevents and individual from eating foods that have too many calories for lunch. Eating fewer calories enables one to avoid lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.


  1. Adding a little Fat in a Meal

According to most people, fats make an individual add weight. However, consuming a certain quantity of healthy fats enables people to consume fewer calories since they are not likely to experience hunger. Foods that can offer these fats include tuna, avocado, eggs, salmon, sardines, mackerel, and almonds.


  1. Eating a lot of Fruits before a Going to Shop.

According to research people who visit shopping stores while feeling hungry are likely to eat junk food. Eating fruits influences an individual’s thinking and he or she has high chances of buying more fruits and vegetables at the shopping store.


  1. Purchasing Smaller Dishes.

Most people grew up in homes where their parents who used to insist that they should not leave any food on their plates. The habit never seems to end, and therefore the amount of food that most people eat is influenced by the sizes of their plates. Buying smaller dishes can greatly assist people in reducing calories that they consume in a meal.


  1. Always use the 15 minutes Rule.

Everyone loves adding the second share to their plates after finishing their food. According to research, most people are never as hungry as they may think. It is necessary to wait for about 15 minutes to determine if you need some more food or not. This is a wise move that enables one to avoid overfeeding and unnecessary weight gains.


Renown Health Adds Location in South Reno

This spring, a new family practice clinic will be available at The Summit Mall in South Reno. Renown Health is opening a laboratory at another location and offering primary care services, with a chance of additional services being added in the future.Currently, the South Reno clinic will host a staff of 11, but Renown could add one or more primary care physicians and one more nurse practitioner in the future. The clinic, at 10,000 square feet, covers three vacant storefronts in The Summit Mall. Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC served as the general contractor while Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design orchestrated the architecture and design. Forbes Engineering handled the structural engineering and all plumbing, mechanical, and electrical engineering was completed by MSA Engineering Consultants. All contractors who completed the project are based in Reno.

The bulk of the demolition, construction, and interior work took place between November and February. According to the medical director of Renown Medical Group, Dr. McCormack, the Truckee Meadows’ population growth, increased financial stability, and better access to health insurance contributed to the decision to build a new facility. Renown now maintains 12 primary care clinics across Fallon, Fernley, Reno-Sparks, and Carson City. In addition, a primary care clinic recently opened near Caughlin Ranch.

Renown Health is the primary healthcare choice in northern Nevada and is Reno’s only locally owned, not-for-profit system. Across the organization, more than 6,000 doctors, nurses, and care providers work daily to serve the region. From hospitals and urgent care centers to lab services and x-ray and imaging services, Renown continues to lead the local industry in keeping the community healthy and safe.In 2016, Renown Regional Medical Center served 93,383 patients in its emergency care and performed 8,825 patient surgeries, with an additional 12,003 patients receiving outpatient operations. During the year, the center admitted a total of 27,003 patients.

For more information about Renown Health facilities, services, and care providers, go to:


Cowboy Butter is a Healthy and Delicious Food Hack!

Are you interested in using a food hack to take your butter to the next level? You can easily do this without adding a ton of extra calories. Do you know how you can do it? It’s through whipping up a delicious batch of cowboy butter. Cowboy butter is great on dinner rolls, vegetables, and meats. Also, cowboy butter doesn’t add many calories at all to your traditional butter. You just need to add some shallots, garlic, parsley, and red pepper flakes. You can even use a little bit of hot sauce.


To make the cowboy butter, melt down your favorite brand of butter. You can then whisk the above ingredients into the butter. Use as much or as little of each ingredient as you like. The final taste of the cowboy butter is up to you! Once you are finished, you can pour the melted cowboy butter over steaks, chicken, and other meats cooked during a summertime barbecue. If you aren’t into eating meat, you can also pour the melted cowboy butter over a steaming plate of corn or a freshly baked potato. The combinations are endless.


You can even use hardened cowboy butter. Let your melted cowboy butter solidify to use it as a substitute for traditional butter. For example, you can spread some hardened cowboy butter on a warm dinner roll. You can also use hardened cowboy butter in a favorite macaroni and cheese recipe. Cowboy butter will tastes great when it is mixed with all of that cheddar cheese, milk, and macaroni. You can also spread hardened cowboy butter onto pieces of bread to make some grilled cheese sandwiches. The cowboy butter will melt into the toast of the grilled cheese and taste fantastic.


Try this food hack the next time you want something easy and delicious. Remember, cowboy butter is a healthy way to take butter to another level without adding a whole bunch of calories. Whip up a batch today!


Greg Secker’s personal life and charitable endeavors

Born in Norfolk, England in the year 1975, Greg Secker commenced his studies in Agriculture combined with Food Sciences from the University of Nottingham in 1997. He is a renowned author and has written books that include “Trading Your Way to Success, The Book of Success and Financial Freedom.”

Greg Secker is a guy who believes in saying yes and then goes ahead to figure out details. He says giving something go ahead is the first step towards an ambitious venture and he provides an example of his Flying Trade initiative. People questioned why Greg wanted to make trades while flying over Canary Wharf, and the response Greg gave that it was a way of creating awareness for the charity and indeed giving money to those who needed it. In return, he would show people that it is possible to make money anywhere and anytime as long as one is ready to say yes and place one foot in front of the other.

In spite of the fact that Greg studied agriculture and food sciences, he was able to turn around his career path to building and selling computers. He was able to find sufficient time to learn how to code popular programs which made him develop a gig to the point of building a three-dimensional model of fluid dynamics of a follicle. Besides, he ended up in a job fair and got conversing to the individual at Thomas Cook Financial Services; the guy was also much interested in computers.

Besides, Greg Secker is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and has been in several marketing streams like the Bloomberg and CNBC delivering motivational talks. His work has enabled him to acquire much reputation and working with iconic personalities such as Robert Kiyosaki who is famous for his “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” the author of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” Anthony Robbins who authored “Unlimited Power,” and many others.

Greg founded the Greg Secker foundation in 2010. The non-profitable organization focused on improving the quality of life for people living around the world. The group’s primary goal was to equip communities with decent skills that would promote success.

Is a Food Truck a Great Investment?

According to statistics published in the Huffington Post, food trucks have become a one billion dollar industry with that figure continuing to grow every year. Since 2007, the industry has grown by approximately 18 percent leaving many people wondering if a food truck is the right investment for them.

The short answer is that it may be a great investment for those who know how to control expenses and who have experience running a business. Of course, the most successful owners are those who already have a love of great food and know how to serve it in an attractive manner.

The risk of opening a food truck is much less than opening a traditional restaurant. Over 85 percent of all new restaurants fail within the first three years of operation making opening one an extremely risky venture. One of the biggest problems when opening a traditional restaurant is that expenses can soar quickly to almost $500,000. Alternatively, the cost of opening a food truck is usually a much more manageable $125,000 with many people managing on less than $25,000.

Before opening a food truck consider where the truck will be based and the number of people that might be willing to buy food from a truck. Also, consider the menu trying to keep the delicious food priced between $8 and $10. Some gourmet items may be priced slightly higher but there must be a market for them.

Those who are passionate about food often buy food trucks as a first commercial investment and many are highly successful. Experts suggest that it takes more than a love of food for a person to be successful. In addition to studying the available number of customers, consider what foods they might want that are not currently being offered by the competition. Also, consider how easy those foods will be to carry away from the truck. Finally, consider where you will get your ingredients making sure that great quality ingredients are available in your local market at a reasonable cost.



The Best Street Food in the World

Almost 2.6 billion people eat some form of street food each day. If you are a world traveler, then you know that the quality of this food varies widely. Television star Anthony Bourdain has made his living for more than a decade introducing people to some of the most unusual and best tasting food served by these vendors. Before you pack your bags for your next vacation or business trip, consider these vendors that he says are his all time favorites.

If you find yourself in Bilbao, Spain, then make sure to try the Basque funnel cake that is served with your choice of meat including unsmoked bacon, chorizo or pork loin. Unlike the funnel cakes found at many food trucks in the United States, this cake looks more like a tortilla. You can find creator Aitor Aurrekoetxea selling them at numerous fairs.

Come hungry for an omelet to the Nishiki Market in Kyoto, Japan. These perfectly rolled omelets contain your choice of fillings. It is recommended that you try the barbequed eel, green onions and Japanese leek topped with sweet dashi sauce.

If you are in Seoul, South Korea, then go to Tteokbokki Street for a rice cake topped with gochujang sauce made by Mabongnim. While you will find several people selling these, hers are the absolute best. Be prepared for the spice, however, as the sauce is very warm.

Alternatively, the bún bò Huê soup served by The Lunch Lady at 23 Hoang Sa Street in Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Thi Thanh, Vietnam, cannot be topped. This food cart is so famous that it even appears on Google maps. The soup which is served only on Fridays is a delicious mixture of stewed meat and lemongrass broth, according to an article originally published on Grubstreet.

If you really do not think that you can make it to all these wonderful places, then the television star hopes to have a solution for you. Starting in 2019, he hopes to gather them all in one location allowing visitors to wander from stall to stall sampling the best food trucks and stalls in the world. The announced location for this permanent gathering is Pier 57 in New York City. Some vendors, however, are resistant to moving so there is still a reason to travel the world.




The Best Way to Consume Vegetables

Roasting the vegetables in the oven has been considered a great way to offer vegetables during dinner while adding flavor in order to make the experience more enjoyable with a touch of olive oil, salt, as well as pepper. With caramelized root vegetables, roasted cauliflowers, as well as delicious roasted brussels sprouts, the opportunities are endless to making a vegetable taste delicious with the much needed nutritional value. Though the option for roasting the vegetables seems like the better alternative, research does show controversial studies that show that much of the nutritional value of the vegetables are often lost when the vegetable is roasted.


Despite the vegetables being roasted, the vegetables are not only bursting with flavor, but are also full of fiber and low in calories with countless minerals to also consume. Roasting is a great option to get individuals to truly eat their vegetables and to make it combine a delicious taste with nutrition. As the biggest battle among children is getting people to eat their fruits and vegetables, this has become the best option in allowing for children to get their daily dosage of important parts of the food groups. Roasting vegetables has even been proven to improve the way the body absorbs the nutrition.


Though the roasting of the vegetables does take away a lot of nutrition such as vitamin B and C, this option can also provide many cardiovascular benefits to the body. Vegetables that are roasted such as carrots have been scientifically proven to have much more antioxidants that improve the body. The best option to eating vegetables is to create various cooking methods. For vegetables that are less enjoyable, the roasting option may be the better option. However, if one prefers one vegetable, try eating that vegetable raw to absorb all of the nutrients.


For roasting vegetables and to have the most benefits for the body, a few recommendations include going easy on the olive oil which is high in calories and fat. In addition to this, keep the olive oil at a reasonable temperature and keep it well below the point that the olive oil burns. Olive oil that is burning breaks down the nutritional value of the olive oil and makes the overall dish less healthy.


Tips to Improve the Back

For individuals who live hectic and on the go lives that always put sleep on the back burner when it comes to other important matters to take into account such as the job or even a child, there are new ways to sleep that will improve the overall quality of the sleep cycle. As individuals spend one third of their lives sleeping, it is important to make sure that the one third of time that is spent doing this activity is done so with quality rather than with quantity. A good night of sleep is healthy for the mind as well as for the body.


Proper sleep is important for those who wish to live a healthy and productive lifestyle with a good mood attracting friends and fellow friendly individuals. In recent news, new postures have been recommended more for sleeping without any of the normal back or neck pain that is associated with certain sleeping positions. With statistics that show that 80 percent of the population experiences back pain at some point, it has become the mission of scientists to prevent this unhealthy side effect. One example to improve the overall sleep cycle as well as the position of the body is to sleep on the back. This will prevent any unnatural positions from hurting the body while sleeping.


Though scientists have proven that those who sleep on their back also snore more while in this position. It can be seen as a give and take situation. On one hand, the body is in a better position while on the other hand, the body produces more noise while in the position. As the best position is to sleep on the back or on the side, scientists have also released a chart with the bad sleeping positions to be in.


Some of these sleeping positions have been stated to be unhealthy as many of the individuals that remain in this position have complained about a bad back. Some of these positions include sleeping in a fetal position due to the fact that the back curves too much and sleeping on the stomach. Sleeping on the stomach puts too much pressure on the joints and on the muscles and leads to the body aching in the morning.


Is Too Much Salt Bad?

One seasoning in particular can have a love and hate relationship with the body by not only providing nutrients that are necessary in the body, but also for creating several health issues within the body which can lead to pain as well as endless hospital bills. This seasons is salt, an necessary item to add flavor to a savory dish. Though salt is considered to be necessary within the body, too much of this season can have harmful side effects when consuming too much. These side effects can range from overall discomfort with extreme cramps to even severe dehydration in the body.


The intake of salt, though beneficial to the body, should be limited especially among young children. Though adding salt to a child’s diet is considered to be safe, it is only recommended to add the salt in small dosages to prevent severe health issues from occurring. Overall, children should intake salt on a daily basis, but should limit their salt intake between 1,500 milligrams to 2,300 milligrams. This means that while growing up, processed food and restaurant food should be limited as the food makes up for 77 percent of the sodium that is included within the diet of an American.


The amount of sodium that a child intakes can be easily regulated and limited by either limiting the amount of added salt with a home-cooked meal or reading the nutrition labels on any other bought item. As it is understood, salt makes a meal more palatable in many cuisine cultures over the world. Though this is true, it is also obvious that too much salt has already been proven to have unwanted side effects. If consuming too much salt, this should be balanced out with water intake as it can eliminate the side effects of too much sodium in the body.


Salt has always been delicious on some of the most delicious foods such as spaghetti, hamburgers, along with vegetables that need a little bit of flavor added to them. It is important to teach the child that an excess of anything leads to an unhealthy lifestyle which can easily be prevented at an early age. Though salt is delicious, too much of it can also be considered deadly to the body.


Children with Heart Risk

Though it is common information that a poor diet that is high in calories and low in nutrition is something that will lead to health conditions, it is not common knowledge that a poor diet and a high calorie meal will lead to many heart risks for children who lack any type of nutrition in their diet. For children, scientists have created seven factors that determine whether or not the cardiovascular system in a child is ideal. These factors include that presence of tobacco products, getting 60 minutes of exercise each day, maintaining a healthy weight, as well as eating a healthy and balanced diet. If one of these factors is not true for a child, they may be at risk of heart health.


It has been scientifically proven through many tests that children who are exposed to an active lifestyle in addition to a healthy lifestyle have more benefits for the future of their body as well as their brain. For those that get poor nutrition between the ages of 2 and 19, the bulk of the diet comes from sugar and carbohydrates. This combined with the lack of physical activity is enough to put children in the dangerous position of becoming obese as they get older.


A proactive lifestyle for children is the only way to improve the body and the mind and to prevent any associated health risks that coincide with high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol. For children that remain active for at least 60 minutes in the day and for children that eat a balanced diet that consists of vegetables and natural sugars, there are many more health benefits that are experienced in the future. Obesity is not only avoided, but also heart issues are also avoided for individuals that make a point to be and remain active throughout their life.


Strategies for promoting a healthy lifestyle for the child should start at birth rather than paying for it later through long hours in the hospital that is followed by medical bills that consume the annual income of the individual. Processed sugars and carbohydrates, though necessary for anyone should be limited in any diet for only once a day rather than making up a bulk of the overall diet.