Osasco and Teresina Municipalities Adopt E-governe System to Provide Better, Effective, and Economical Healthcare Services

E-governe is a service provided by Brazil’s Instituto Curitiba de Informática – ICI, to municipalities and states to facilitate the provision of excellent services such as education and health to the public. E-Governe Health has simplified and enabled efficient management of the state and municipal secretariats. E-governe has also made the health services to be […]


Orthopedic surgery refers to a type of surgery that deals with disorders that affect the muscles and the skeletons of the human body. There are different types of orthopedic surgeries. Discussed here are examples of common orthopedic surgeries.   ACL reconstruction.   ACL is an acronym for a medical term anterior cruciate ligament. This ligament […]

Felipe Montoro Jens on New Infrastructure Partnership

As Brazil slowly climbs out of a severe economic recession, government and business leaders seek out new solutions to improve the country’s infrastructure in order to provide the stability necessary for sustainable economic growth. One ambitious undertaking, which has been endorsed by Brazilian businessman and financial expert Felipe Montoro Jens, will be overseen by the […]

Dr. Shiva Gopal Offers Neurological Treatment to Brain Disorders

According to emerging trial results, there is evidence that a high dose of immunosuppressive therapy may induce sustained diminution of relapsing, hence, the remittance of multiple strains of sclerosis. This is an autoimmune disease caused when the immune system releases an attack against a human’s central nervous system. The long term effect is brain disorientation. […]

Spring Party Dishes

You can offer healthy dishes at your spring dinner parties without sacrificing the fresh taste and brilliant colors of the ingredients that you want to use. A nice pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, peas and copped asparagus is a good way to kick off any spring party. Top the salad with a bit of honey […]