Dr. JeanMarie Guenot Lends Her Experience to Amphivena Therapeutics

  Amphivena Therapeutics, a developer of immunotherapeutics, is on a mission to eradicate blood cancers. Their goal is to restore the flow of life by reestablishing cellular balance. Amphivena Therapeutics believes that if blood is forming, functioning, and circulating properly then the body’s immune system will destroy tumors along with their precursors. The San Francisco-based […]

Fraudulent Sale of the Atlanta Hawks

Goldman Sachs and the Inner Circle, a group of peers who collaborate on business decisions, expected the Atlanta Hawks combined with the use of Philip’s Arena to sell for $1 billion. CNBC predicted the Hawks would sell for $900 million to $1 billion. The highest bid at auction and the final sale price for the […]

Maggie Gill Demonstrates MUMC’s Commitment to Excellence with Introduction of New No-Premium Medicare Advantage Plan

The industry of healthcare is unique in that it provides its professionals with many ongoing challenges. The challenges are associated with the legal infrastructure of the healthcare organization and the continual change, which occurs with regard to new technologies—constantly emerging. Memorial Health’s CEO and President Maggie Gil has devoted her career in addressing the challenges, […]

How Class Dojo plans to Make Money

Dianne Rhodes, a veteran third grade teachers, has learned the value of Class Dojo for changing the classroom culture. Student story and class story has revolutionized the way classrooms and teachers do business. Class Dojo allows teachers and students to share precious moments within the classroom and communicate about the positive moments. Teachers rarely get […]

An Overview of White Shark Media Reviews and Handling Complaints

White Shark Media is a company focused on helping the small and medium-sized businesses achieve success through inventive strategies in search engine marketing. The marketing solutions come at a cost-effective and flat fee. This is accompanied with full transparency, administrative access to customer’s Google AdWords account and no contracts. White Shark Media’s key clients include […]