The Company and Continued Growth of Goettl Air Conditioning

At the company of Goettl Air Conditioning, they take pride in their ability of staff and technicians who help to exceed clients expectations in everything that they do. They offer the full coverage of services from commercial to home services in comfort within the Phoenix area. The services that are provided by Goettl Air Conditioning includes the installation of heat pumps, central air units, air cleaners, ductless mini splits, UV germicidal lights, humidifiers, radiant heating systems, furnaces, along with many other services. It doesn’t matter weather the client may be in the market because their current air quality is not very pleasant or if they want a new AC unit, Goettl is ready to take on the job. Goettl also has an excellent customer, including a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 response.

Air Conditioning and Heating are two of the services that are provided by Goettl. Whatever it is that may be going on with the client’s air conditioning, whether it be that the ac unit is just not up to the Phoenix summer, or if they wish that an existing unit would work better. Goettl can help with all of these issues, keeping their local community cool is just part of what they do, and they strive to do it exceedingly well. They do this in several ways, this includes installations, air conditioning repair, maintenance for the central air units and replacements. And the same passion that they have for Air Conditioning, they put this same passion into Heating. So if a client finds that their heating unit is not living up to their expectations, they can’t expect for it to fix itself. In this case a professional needs to be hired for heating services, this could include anything from annual tune-ups to minor repairs and major system installations. No matter how big or small the job may be, Goettl is ready to take on the job in order to provide families with sufficient heat throughout the winter. This includes anything from heat pumps, furnaces, and in-floor radiant heating systems. Other services that are provided include Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, and Commercial HVAC.

UK Vintners Make It Easy To Become a Vintner

Wine might well be the world’s most popular beverage. People around the world have been consuming wine since the dawn of civilization. Those who love wine know they can always learn something new about the subject. This is why they turn to experts for help in discovering the kinds of wine available on the market for purchase. One way to learn about wine is with the help of specialists, such as vintners from the UK. Vintners are experts who can offer specific advice about, and online sale of, various kinds of wine such as which wine might pair well with a given protein. In an effort to help people even more, especially those who wish to enter this profession, a new program has been developed in recent years.

True Experts

Vintners in the United Kingdom are required to demonstrate their knowledge of this field. They must show that they know about all areas of wine. In doing so, they provide a service that people can rely on when selecting types of wine. A new program is now in effect that offers exciting opportunities for people who wish to make this field their own. Hattingley Valley Wines, one of the leading vintner companies in the United Kingdom, has teamed up for a new venture. They are working The Worshipful Company of Vintners ( to help create a thoughtful program that will allow students to explore new areas of wine making and become experts in this growing field. Together, the companies work hard to make sure that all of their students can have a winemaking apprenticeship that will truly prepare them for this complicated yet delightful field.

A Serious Commitment To Wine Education

Those who choose to participate in this opportunity will find that it helps them prepare for a career. They are required to spend two years in close study of all aspects of wine making. This allows any student to get a look at all areas of wine production from the growing of grapes in the field to the creation of various vintages of wine. They also get the chance to study the history of wine growing in various regions around the world, allowing them to see how wine cultivation may vary depending on the region. Students can complete the program in two years and then move on to a job here, confident they have the skills to do well and join the many UK vintners here.

Understanding PPC Campaign Management

Are you in search of a reputable and reliable PPC management firm? Do you want to advertise to a worldwide audience while driving targeted traffic to your website? Perhaps you are already familiar with PPC advertising and want to hire the services of a trusted advertising agency. That’s where White Shark Media comes in.


PPC advertising gives businesses the opportunity to bid for top positions on search engines and have their ads appear on relevant partner sites. Pay per click marketing or pay per click advertising delivers instant traffic and provides many ways to compliment existing search engine optimization strategies by business models, testing keywords, and marketplace verticals, and it enables businesses to develop their overall Internet marketing strategy, and any search engine optimization plans armed with facts, not assumptions.


White Shark Media comes highly recommended and has high quality resources and industry connections that businesses need to reach their advertising goals and increase revenue.


Pay Per Click campaigns enhance Search Engine Optimization projects, by ensuring useful keyword data, grasping the efficiency of various calls to action and promotional offers, and recognizing the popularity of various client products and services. SEO and PPC are great Internet marketing and advertising tools on their own, but when combined, yields results more powerful than the sum of their parts.


White Shark Media always urge their clients to keep their sales management teams wired into their Pay Per Click projects. The same pay per click generated data that helps Search Engine Optimization ad campaign experts gives client sales departments helpful insight about which services and products are attracting attention, and which offers generate interest.


White Shark Media has been providing PPC ad campaigns management for clients for many years. This renowned company has been catering to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and is well known for delivering outstanding advertising solutions.


The team at White Shark Media is well trained and certified. They are well qualified to render proper advertising management services to businesses. They offer free Adwords evaluation to help clients set up a profitable campaign, and generate sales and revenue.


If you sign up for their tutorials on how to set up a highly profitable PPC campaign, you will definitely learn a lot about running profitable advertising campaigns and driving targeted traffic to your products and services. Have a look at their website and contact them for further details or for a consultation.

Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope Turns Eye Toward Future

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope is a well-known American entrepreneur, technology CEO and philanthropist. With a wide focus on technologies that enhance the quality of human life and the sustainable future of Arizona communities. His advanced thinking on, dedication to and vision of the future have earned him the distinction of being one of the most famed American futurists.

Jason Hope’s career has been focused on the development and marketing of mobile application, software and gaming technologies on the leading-edge of innovation. His work, since graduating with his M.B.A from the prestigious Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, has been largely led by Jason Hope’s philanthropic interest in connectivity between humans and technology.

Jason Hope speaks and writes extensively on futurist subjects. One specific area in which he has become a well-known voice is neutrality. Net neutrality is a guiding principle that, regardless of service provider or regulating government, the Internet should be an open and neutral platform that allows access to all data and content regardless of source or end-user. Hope has been outspoken that such advances as popular social media sites would not have been possible without net neutrality.

The Internet of Things is a passion of Hope’s. A futuristic conceptual development, the Internet of Things looks to connect everyday objects to the Internet’s connectivity, allowing them to transfer data. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will be a leading force in the future as more and more objects ranging from coffee makers to cars are interconnected, able to send and receive data, and accurately predict and serve human needs.

Hope continuously pushes into the forefront of future technologies, with his philanthropic interests founded on biotechnological advancement. He helped fund the AGE-Breaker research laboratory of the SENS Foundation, which is dedicated to researching and curing age-related illnesses. His futurist approach also has led Jason Hope to create a grant program aimed at providing start-up money to young innovators in high school and college, setting the path for the next generation of leading-edge science and technology professionals.


Todd Lubar’s climb to the top

There are certain qualities that are normally shared among people who are highly successful in business. To be a true entrepreneur, one has to have the ability to see gaps in the demand and supply dynamic. While seeing the gap is the first step towards great enterprise, finding ways to fill this gap innovatively is what sets apart those who make millions and even billions from the rest. Todd Lubar is one business leader that has beaten all the odds to become the iconic investor that he was when he got to retirement.
It is difficult to believe that only two decades ago, the only thing that Todd Lubar had was a degree in finance and huge dreams. When he started getting interest in the real estate business, he wanted to see whether he could make it there. He liked the field to the extent that he decided it was going to be his lifetime investment. But he had to figure out how to become an investor in the field.
He decided that creating a referral business was the easiest way in, especially because he had limited finances. He collected connections such as CPAs, real estate property valuers and developers and they really helped create a good business network. Then he started studying the traditional mortgage model. He realized that the model had flaws that locked out many people who might have deserved to be home owners. Todd Lubar decided to make an investment in the field. Through his mortgage model, more than 7,000 people became homeowners. He invested in a mixture of separate homes and shared accommodation. This venture was made possible all thanks to a partnership that he formed with the Legacy finance group.
As a mortgage lender, Todd Lubar got to understand the many different situations that shape the decisions that people make regarding their housing situations. The First Magnus Corporation really helped him as an investor. He made use of the information he was getting from the field to try and improve service delivery.
Other businesses Lubar tried his hand in include a demolition business and scrap metal recycling. Todd is now retired and he spends his time with his wife and kids in Florida.

IAP Worldwide: Providing Local and International Support

IAP Worldwide Services offers support to civilian and government organizations around the world. They are a top hiring company that contracts out to the government for numerous support jobs including emergency response, aviation support, communication support, and expeditionary services. This contracting company also supports the government by hiring veterans and other military personnel and supporting them through the transition to a civilian career. Their contracts have included operation support in Afghanistan on PRNewswire and here in the United States during Hurricane Matthew.

IAP supports government and civilian services by providing services necessary for working in high risk locations. This organization has been instrumental in aviation support in war torn countries such as Afghanistan. They provide engineers, equipment, and quality control testing to aircraft programs. Additionally, they help manage supply chains in high risk or difficult locations. They provide secure transportation for materials and personnel. IAP is also a leader in networking and communication. They provide network and communication engineers to ensure that the team they are working for can stay connected.

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According to IAP, the company currently has over 2,000 employees in 25 countries. They meet the needs of civilian and government agencies by hiring experienced candidates. They hire to meet the needs of their contracts. Therefore, there are a wide variety of positions available in this company. Positions vary from Air Traffic Controllers in Kabul to mechanical technicians in Nebraska. They also provide excellent services for veterans and military personnel. IAP provide support for military members transitioning to the private sector and encourage military members and veterans to seek employment within their organization because of the unique skill set they bring to the company.

IAP is more than just a contracting company. There programs and efforts keep people safe. Their involvement in the relief efforts after Hurricane Matthew are a prime example of what the company of capable of. Their teams provided emergency power, communication, and evacuation support as people were relocated prior to the devastating storm. IAP Worldwide provided similar support during Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, and Katia. Their continued efforts are an integral part of emergency response provided by the United States Government.


The Continuing Exceptional Seven Decade-Long Services Provided By Goettl

Since the inception of Goettl, the company has earned recognition as a leading provider of heating and air conditioning services. Goettl began operating in 1939 after its launch by Gust and Adam Goettl. The seven-decade-long company has evolved by integrating smart business strategies and technology into its business model.

Today, Goettl Air Conditioning is headquartered in Phoenix and continues to provide excellent customer services, among some of its first services. The quality services of Goettl are a production of its well-trained commercial and residential technicians and experienced management staff.

Goettl offers its services to a larger part of Phoenix, Tucson, Chandler, Meas, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, Apache Junction, Goodyear, Tempe, among other locations. Its expansion has also increased its employee count to approximately 200.

Goettl offers a full range of heating services, air conditioning services and cooling services. Apart from installing the devices for these specific needs, they also provide maintenance and repair services upon requests.

Ken Goodrich heads Goettl and is a graduate of the University of Nevada with a degree in Business Administration. He began working as the CEO of Goettl in 2013 after leaving America Residential Services as the company’s President. Ken Goodrich was the former Vice President of the company and earned a promotion in 2010.

Before joining America Residential Services, Ken Goodrich was the CEO and president of 24/7 Service Corporation between 2000 and 2008.

In addition to leading Goettl, Ken is the President and CEO of Red Falcon Equity, a private investment company in the economic and residential sector.

In 2013, Ken Goodrich acquired Goettl. He then reopened the company’s offices in Las Vegas in April 2016.Goettl set its headquarters in Las Vegas in 1968 and relocated in 2007 due to the effects of the recession. Ken’s motive to reopen the Las Vegas’ offices is a nostalgic effect of the company’s early dealings in Southern Nevada.

Under the leadership of Ken Goodrich, Goettl has received increasing numbers of positive reviews of their products and installation services. Ray Lockhart, a Sun City Arizona resident, wrote his appreciation of the exceptional services he received for his AC/Heating plant. Ray went ahead to thank the company’s staff for explaining the benefits and disadvantages of each of the installations.
He also complimented the fast and efficient work that reduced the number of days he presumed the system would be down to only one day.

Goettl continues to serve more clients by showcasing their various products and services on social media. To date, the firm remains active on social media and earning consistent positive reviews.

Evolution Of Smooth Offers Some Of The Best Personal Care Products

The majority of people out there using lip balms are using them for the aesthetic appeal, by which they make the lips shine or appear fuller. What lip balms are truly meant for is making sure the lips stay healthy, and taking care of lip issues like chapped or peeling lips, which is quite painful. Evolution of Smooth is a business that puts out many personal care products, including some of the best lips balms available. Regular use of their lip balms will help them stay healthy and moisturized for protection against becoming chapped, especially coming into the winter months. The Vitamins and anti-aging properties contained within the lip balms help the lips stay soft and supple.

EOS lip balm has built up a variety of different balms to meet the many needs and tastes of their customers today. This is why they have a variety of different smooth spheres, including Organic, Active Protection, Shimmer, and Soft Smooth Spheres. All of them have their own unique twist which can probably be guessed by name. Their active protection smooth sphere contains SPF and ingredients to fight off the sun and more rigorous activity. EOS even offers the standard stick applicator lip balms in a variety for users who prefer them. At just a few dollars, all of their lip balms are affordable on any budget, and they can be found at major retailers around the world and online, such as Ulta or Amazon.

With the large number of flavors and scents they are sporting, no customer will have trouble finding something that suits them. This includes a wide variety of fruity and minty flavors. Because the company is so intent on meeting the needs of the customers, and their products are of such good quality, EOS will have no troubles expanding in the future. Read the EOS story on

Visit the website:

OSI Group Discusses Importance of Sustainable Food Practices

The OSI Group, which is one of the leading food and beverage processors in the United States, has recently revealed important information with regards to the vital role of sustainable food processing methods. The company’s leaders released several informative documents describing the primary differences between the OSI Group’s food processing standards and traditional meat marketing processing standards.

The company revealed that many of the United States food is not being manufactured in a way that allows for optimal nutrition and safety-based measures to be implemented. The OSI Group stated that their company’s food processing measure’s were superior to methods often incorporated by traditional meat markets because OSI incorporates small-business practices, humane treatment of animals, and keen customer focus into its corporate sustainability policies.

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Use of Small-Business Practices

The executives of the OSI Group discussed the benefits of the company’s incorporation of small-business practices in an extremely large company. The CEO of the OSI Group revealed the the company was founded as a small, family-oriented business in 1909. The Chicago-based company was developed to serve Chicago families with farm raised food. As the company grew, the leaders decided that the small-business practices should continue because these practices were instrumental in the successful expansion of the OSI group.

Although the company currently has more than 60 facilities in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific region, OSI’s executives have maintained a commitment to small-business principals and ideals in the operation of day to day practices.

Use of Humane Treatment of Animals

The OSI group’s commitment to small business practices and ideals led the company to continue to implement the use of humane animal treatment during the food manufacturing process. OSI’s executives stated that the benefits of the humane treatment of animals help the company to ensure that quality food is being delivered to its customs. Global food researchers have found that inhumane animal treatment, including the use of harsh antibiotics and steroids and crowded animal storage sites, promote dangerous chemicals that are present in the consumption of animal products.

By consuming these dangerous chemicals, citizens of the world are often exposed to a growing amount of food-related illnesses. Diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease, and numerous other conditions have all been linked to the consumption of animals that were not properly grown and cared for. For this reason, the OSI group has maintained commitment to the humane and delicate treatment of animals. The food processing company uses the most strict food regulation standards in the Western hemisphere to produce fine meats.

Keen Customer Focus

The executives of the OSI Group also discussed the company’s commitment to excellent customer service. OSI has served customers faithfully since the early 1900s and executives from the company have expressed a sincere desire to find new and innovative ways to contribute to customer satisfaction. Representatives from the OSI Group have stated that the company is planning to release important information about the continuing expansion of the business into new global territories. The expansion is currently scheduled to begin in coming months.

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Equities First Holdings Offers Simple Non-purpose Capital And Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is a privately held company in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since inception in 2002, the Equities First Holdings has been a leading provider of security-based lending services to high-net-worth individuals and businesses. Equities First Holdings gives loans to people depending on their evaluation of the risk and future performances on the stocks, bonds, and treasuries used as collateral. The company’s safe and transparent process has contributed to over 650 transactions with a total revenue if $1.4 billion. Equities Holdings runs its operations in various offices in London, Sydney, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

Acquiring a loan from Equities First Holdings

An individual or business seeking non-purpose capital must follow a particular process to get a loan from Equities First Holdings. The client should contact the company on the amount of funding they require accompanied by a statement of their proposed collateral. The company then determines the loan-to-value ratio as well as a fixed interest rate depending on their terms and conditions.

Once the client qualifies for the Equities First loan, they are required to read all the terms and sign the Agreement. The loan recipients are required to transfer the item used as collateral to the company’s custodian account. What follows is the financing of the loan by Equities First Holdings through the delivery versus payment method. The method requires a simultaneous transfer of collateral and funding to the holding account. The company returns collateral after a client has repaid the entire loan.

Stock-based loans

Equities lending have gained popularity in the recent past due to their ability to raise capital quickly and their flexible lending criteria. Equities First Holdings stock-based loans have low interests and a high loan-to-value ratio ranging from 60% to 80%. The company assures clients of the downside protection against the changing stock markets.

Most stock-based loans given by Equities First Holdings have a non-recourse feature meaning that the borrower may walk away without any obligation to the lender. Equities First Holding attracts an interest rate of 3 to 5 percent in over three years for the loan limits between $100,000 and $8 million. Equities leading borrowers include the retail and institutional investors seeking working capital for their businesses.