Investors Are Using NYC Properties As A Safe-Haven For The Uncertainty In The Global Market

About a year ago, the president of sales for Town Residential, Wendy Maitland, said that there were more than 2,000 NYC properties on the market for less than $2 million, including NYC luxury real estate. Town Residential is one of the largest real estate firms in New York. Maitland also said there were more than 400 NYC properties on the market for more than $10 million. The average price for a co-op in 2015 was $1.2 million, and condos were averaging $1.7 million. Those prices represent a 13 percent increase over 2014, and according to Maitland, 2016 will be another banner year for real estate agents in New York City.

The main reason agents from Town Residential are having such a good year is the firm has connections all over the world. Foreign buyers are flocking to NYC Properties like they were free. But nothing is free in New York City, and as it turns out there isn’t anything cheap when it comes to real estate. Town Residential Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Heiberger, told an interviewer recently that Manhattan is experiencing a real estate market that is changing the dynamics of the city. Manhattan prices are still increasing because foreign buyers want to put their money in the United States. And there is no better city in the United States to own real estate than New York City.

The Brexit vote has generated a great deal of uncertainty in financial markets around the world. Investors are nervous about the UK’s ability to keep their economy strong after the deal to leave the European Union is finalized. But European investors aren’t the only nervous investors that are pouring money into NYC properties daily. Asian investors are pulling out of Asian markets, and buying property in New York City.

No one is sure when the bubble will burst in New York City, but according to Town Residential agents’ developers can’t build new buildings fast enough to satisfy the amount of foreign as well as domestic investors that are shopping for real estate in New York. They all want a deal, but deals come with high price ticket in NYC.

Children with Heart Risk

Though it is common information that a poor diet that is high in calories and low in nutrition is something that will lead to health conditions, it is not common knowledge that a poor diet and a high calorie meal will lead to many heart risks for children who lack any type of nutrition in their diet. For children, scientists have created seven factors that determine whether or not the cardiovascular system in a child is ideal. These factors include that presence of tobacco products, getting 60 minutes of exercise each day, maintaining a healthy weight, as well as eating a healthy and balanced diet. If one of these factors is not true for a child, they may be at risk of heart health.

It has been scientifically proven through many tests that children who are exposed to an active lifestyle in addition to a healthy lifestyle have more benefits for the future of their body as well as their brain. For those that get poor nutrition between the ages of 2 and 19, the bulk of the diet comes from sugar and carbohydrates. This combined with the lack of physical activity is enough to put children in the dangerous position of becoming obese as they get older.

A proactive lifestyle for children is the only way to improve the body and the mind and to prevent any associated health risks that coincide with high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol. For children that remain active for at least 60 minutes in the day and for children that eat a balanced diet that consists of vegetables and natural sugars, there are many more health benefits that are experienced in the future. Obesity is not only avoided, but also heart issues are also avoided for individuals that make a point to be and remain active throughout their life.

Strategies for promoting a healthy lifestyle for the child should start at birth rather than paying for it later through long hours in the hospital that is followed by medical bills that consume the annual income of the individual. Processed sugars and carbohydrates, though necessary for anyone should be limited in any diet for only once a day rather than making up a bulk of the overall diet.

The Wonders Of Shea Butter

Shea butter is one of nature’s most potent natural moisturizers. You will find it used in a wide array of products. Lotions, lip balms, soaps, shampoos, skin creams and medicines can contain shea butter. The butter is added as an ingredient to moisturize the skin. The composition of Shea butter is highly similar to the human body’s natural skin oils. This is why it is such a popular and effective skin moisturizer.

Did you know that 100% shea butter is even applied to the skin? On its own shea butter is believed to have strong medicinal effects, especially for skin problems. It can be used to offer relief from insect bites. Skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne can benefit from shea butter. Rashes, wounds and scars can heal faster with the application of shea butter.

If you are thinking of applying 100% shea butter to the skin, it is comforting to know that it is generally free of any smells. The consistency of shea butter is almost identical to the butter you buy at the supermarket. Shea butter is not real butter. It is a vegetable oil made by pressing shea nuts. It is high in saturated fat so it hardens at room temperature. It also looks like butter.

If you are looking for a high quality and all natural shea butter that you can apply to your skin you should be on the lookout for a high grade shea butter cream. Many firms offer a cheap and low grade shea butter that is meant to be an additive for creams of lotions. The low grade and highly refined shea butter will moisturize but lack medicinal properties. is an example of a firm that only uses high grade shea butter oil in its products. The company works directly with its suppliers in Ghana and makes sure that farmers get a fair wage for their work. The oil that Eugenia Shea uses is considered to be of the highest quality available.

You will find Eugenia Shea has a few different shea butter creams for sale. While they don’t have raw shea butter for sale, they have very high concentration shea butter creams available. You will find weak, moderate and high concentration of shea butter creams for sale at Eugenia Shea. You can buy a sample pack and see which cream works best for you.

Michael Zomber Is An Amazing Historical Author

Michael Zomber is an interesting and prominent historical author who has a nice collection of weapons that cover all the time periods he has researched. He has made some documentary films about history, and he has written books about very interesting parts of history. He looks into the deeper and more different parts of history, and he tries to find a new angle that is interesting to people. That is why he wants to be sure that he is writing and collecting weapons. He knows how war has shaped history, and he is not afraid to talk about it.

There are many books that people can find by Michael Zomber online, and they will see that he has written about the Kentucky homestead or the samurai and their relationship to Jesus. He seeks out things that look completely different, and he wants to have the visual aids that explain how he finds what he finds. He can use the weapons as visual aids, and he teaches people how each weapon is both terrifying and fascinating.

The eras of history that are interesting to Michael Zomber are the ones that people usually missed in school. They never got a full look at what it was like to live in that period of history, and that is why Michael Zomber covers these time periods. He wants to teach people that people have always been the same, and he wants to teach them that things are not actually changing that much.

The books and films of Michael Zomber shed light on history that people have never seen. He talks about things that are completely different from what they are used to, and he can change minds in the process. He and his collection of artifacts are a good educational tool for anyone who loves history.  Check out more information about him on his IMDb page.

Livio Bisterzo and Green Park launch Hippeas

Seeking innovation in healthy snack category, entrepreneur Livio Bisterzo has created brand Hippeas, a snack that is not only a healthier choice but also delivers big on taste. It’s just delicious! Made mainly with chickpea flour, Hippeas introduce a new format and a new exciting product to the snack aisle. Many consumers have taken notice, and the brand is becoming fast accepted in the USA and on a global scale.


Bisterzo decided to partner with a food innovation corporation to develop a better for you product that people would like enjoy as much as conventional snacks. After many attempts with development variations of the product, Hippeas was born. The delicious snack is not only a much healthier choice , but a great healthier alternative to want to snack and binge on.


At the time of this writing Hippeas come in six different flavors.


Still even more amazing, is the ability to find a snack food that is both popular and socially responsible. Hippeas manages to deliver all three, and prides itself on being a healthy alternative to the fat-filled, salt ridden snack foods.

Livio Bisterzo and his company, Green Park are on a mission: to bring healthier, more nutritious, and more delicious snacks to the category. Hippeas could very well be the beginning of one of the most exciting and fun brands that has hit the market in the last decade.


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White Shark Media Handles Complaints Right

White Shark Media is a company always on the go. The firm continually seeks to attract new clients and customers. One way the company seeks to do this is by offering a no-risk, totally free evaluation of the company’s AdWords management services. A lot of people have taken advantage of the offer.

Many turned out to be thrilled with the results of their affiliation with White Shark Media. Not everyone, however, speaks in a purely positive tone. Complaints have been logged and registered towards White Shark Media.

The company has not chosen to ignore any of the complaints customers have made. Just as the firm publicly acknowledges good things on its testimonials page, the White Shark Media blog has expertly detailed common complaints and the way the company has chosen to address said complaints.

The latter point is critically important. White Shark Media has not gone the route of brushing aside or making excuses for complaints. Instead, deliberative and productive steps have been taken to fix what has gone wrong. For this, White Shark Media deserves kudos.

So, what are some of those customer complaints and how has the company chosen to address them?

According to and Glassdoor, effective communications and clear details about how a campaign was to be managed were missing from the way White Shark Media initially operated. The company used to employ a weak general phone line number and did not provide direct extension access to search engine marketing specialists or sales representatives.

All of that has changed now. Additionally, a better supervisory system has been put in place. Doing so ensures company employees remain in touch with clients and respond to all inquiries.

Clear goals and steps regarding the campaign are now explained in critical detail to clients. A monthly streaming service delivers an effective means in which SEM specialists and clients can discuss progress. An additional tracking service is being used to log details about leads that “leave” the internet and end up becoming phone inquiries.

Changes to pre-existing AdWords campaigns – campaigns created before the client signed up with White Shark Media – are tempered. In other words, White Shark Media will not totally dissolve the previous endeavor in order to continue to maintain successful sales figures.

White Shark has made a lot of money for scores of its clients. The ability to make changes when necessary is among the reasons for this desirable effect.

Pizza Hack–With Only Two Ingredients!

If you’ve ever tried a recipe on Pinterest only to have it fail miserably, chances are you’re in search of some food hacks that actually work. Reddit recently posted a recipe for two-ingredient pizza crust that almost seems too good to actually be true. For the crust, all you need is 1 1/2 cups of self-rising flour and a cup of Greek yogurt!

Self-rising flour is best for this recipe because it already has baking powder. Yogurt acts like yeast when mixed with the flour and has fermentation ingredients that will produce a tasty, chewy dough. The final result is fluffy and thick, so if you prefer Chicago-style pizza, have made pizza at home before, or tend to go to places like Papa John’s or Pizza Hut for delivery, you’ll probably enjoy this recipe.

After combining the flour and yogurt you can add an extra half cup of flour if it seems that the dough mixture is too soft. Stir the ingredients with a spoon then knead the dough into a ball. You may feel like the dough isn’t sticky enough, but that will change once you bake it.

Top the dough with sauce, cheese an your favorite toppings, and put it in a preheated oven at 450 degrees for 12-13 minutes.

This is the perfect pizza trick if you’re in a hurry, and you can’t tell that the crust was made with yogurt. Most of the people who tried the pizza say the end product is delicious. A few people even said the pizza reminded them of their childhoods, which is usually one of the highest compliments when it comes to food.

The only drawback to this recipe is that the dough tends to be very soft in the middle, which makes it a little difficult to hold.

Businessman Extraordinaire Brian Bonar Recieves High Honor

Brian Bonar is an extraordinary businessman. For over 45 years he has been helping to grow businesses and connecting to businesspeople all over the world. A Scotsman, Bonar studied mechanical engineering at James Watt Technical College, earned an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Strathclyde and an MBA and a PhD from Staffordshire University.

He began his business career as a procurement manager for IBM in Europe in 1969. Since that time he has gone on to hold leadership positions in and found many successful companies. Recently he was named Executive of the Year for finance by Cambridge Publishing. It’s an award he earned because of his impressive body of work. Read more: Brian Bonar – Executive Bio, Compensation History, and Contacts

There have been numerous industries in which Bonar has found success. The first of those was printing. He was director of engineering for printing hardware and software development company QMS, printer maker Rastek Corporation’s vice president of international sales and marketing and coordinated sales activity with printer manufacturers in Japan and Korea for Adaptec.

Brian Bonar was also had a leadership position with itec imaging technologies. Then he designed the first SCSI printer and founded the company Bezier Systems to produce and market it.

Next Bonar became involved in business services. He became president of Allegiant Proffesional Business Services and founded AMS Outsourcing, Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept. These companies all did well and even though Brian Bonar continues to own and manage many of them, he is finding success in several other fields. Currently he is in the middle of building a restaurant mini-empire in California.

There he owns Bellamy’s in Escondido and is in the process of completing The Ranch at Bandy Canyon, a restaurant and event space set on a grassy 144-acre property. He has partnered with award-winning Master Chef Patrick Ponsaty whose flair for French cuisine combined with Bonar’s financial acumen guarantees success.

Bonar’s passion lies in creating, developing and delivering collaborative solutions to problems consumers face. His meticulous attention to detail is what sets him apart.

According to Spokeo, Brian Bonar has a reputation as an inspiring leader with a diverse blend of skills, experience and the ability to develop great relationships with clients. Many describe Brian Bonar as empathetic, effective and bold. He is able to quickly address the needs of his target markets and help his clients meet their goals.

His academic achievements, professional accomplishments and leadership abilities are what led to his selection as Executive of the Year. Bonar’s 30 years of experience in the financial services sector also played a role in him being given the award. But it isn’t the only recognition Bonar has received. His work in the United Kingdom earned him the honorary title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick.

I Am A Day Trader Who Uses Laidlaw & Company

I know that a lot of people who are day traders think that they have to do everything on their own, but that is usually when people start losing money. They need to have someone who is helping them every day with their trading. There are some days when I do not make any trades or make any money, but there are other days when I make a lot of trades and make a lot of money.

I choose to use a broker when I wanted to be a day trader, and I came to Laidlaw & Company for help because I knew that I needed someone who was an expert. I got to speak to someone at Laidlaw & Company who knows what they are doing, and we actually started wit a big meeting with Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. They talked to me about day trading, and they sent me to a broker who does this every day. This was important to me, and it made me a more profitable day trader because I had a chance to work with these wonderful people.

Laidlaw & Company has been a great company to work with because they have made sure that they have given me all the assistance that I need to make money as a trader. I am trading for a lot more money, and I am trading in a way that gives me a monthly income. We are all working together to make sure I can pull out the right amount of money every month, and I still have a lot of money left over to invest with. We keep breaking new records for my trading, and I can call my broker any time that I need help. That is why I chose Laidlaw as my personal day trading partner.

Making Great Diet Choices

We all know we should eat healthy, but what actually is healthy eating? Many people are divided on what food is healthy and even experts cannot determine what food is the best. Experts are even divided on what is and what isn’t healthy food. There are a few foods that people can agree on, such as:

• Healthy foods. Generally, leafy green vegetables like kale are fantastic. The idea is to eat food as nature intended us to eat it; without overdoing it.

• Limited sugar and trans fat. Having too much of these food in your diet can have negative consequences.

• Potatoes are generally a good food, depending on how you eat them. Eating them with limited amounts of butter, fried oil and sour cream, is a great way to go. Baked potatoes are healthy if you avoid large amounts of these toppings.

• Substitute shakes are usually good, in moderation. If you use them as a beneficial side and not an entire meal you’ll find that it’s much more beneficial to you.

The key isn’t really to change your entire diet; that is not what experts and scientist suggest. The key is to make small changes, healthy changes over time, and try and live a healthy lifestyle that way.

While many focus on dropping down pounds, it’s very important to focus also on your overall life. While weight loss is great and important, it’s not what will determine your success long term.

Here are a few hacks for healthy eating:

• Start small. Don’t try and change your entire diet overnight; you’ll regret it in the morning. Change one or two foods out at a time.

• Never go on a starvation diet. Be leery of fasts and things that promise to drop weight quickly. The body actually doesn’t want to drop weight when you’re not eating as it’s afraid of not having storage.

• Don’t assume fad diets will always equal major changes.

• Never shell out huge amounts of money on drinks and protein shakes until you’re sure they work for you.

• If you have current health conditions check with your doctor before beginning any diet and exercise program.

Ready for some healthy diet changes? Read more here.