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Amazing Success Stories

Nutrimost is proving to be one of the top weight loss programs in this day and age. There have been amazing success stories from many who lose weight quickly with this program that works. This is a program like no other. This is not an ordinary fad for quick weight loss. This is a weight loss program that includes technology and it will customized a program that will fit each persons individual health needs. This is an amazing weight loss program that is spreading success stories like wild fire. NutriMost is gaining in popularity because it works. Many have been losing five pounds a week with this program. Success is the outcome with NutriMost.

Keeping Weight Off
The NutriMost program does offer a rapid weight loss and people are keeping the weight off. One of the reasons that this program is providing long term weight loss and good health is because the professionals address all factors and needs. This may be viewed as a holistic approach. This approach leads to weight loss and better health. The cause of the weight gain is taken into consideration and the ideal weight goal is set for each person. When a person enrolls in this program, technology is used in order to determine the best methods that will help them to lose weight. Each person is treated like an individual with unique needs. The same methods will not work on two different individuals. It is a customized plan that is leading to exceptional results for many.
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Nutrition Labels get an Upgrade

Starting in 2018, all food labels must disclose how much-added sugar food contains. Most Americans do not realize how much sugar they are consuming in their diets. Too much sugar can cause medical and obesity problems. The FDA is hopeful that Americans will consider changing their dietary needs when they can see the amount of sugar they are consuming in a product. Besides seeing the amount of sugar on the new label, the FDA also hopes this new product label will encourage manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar in their product or find another way to make the product more nutritious.
In addition to the amount of sugar being disclosed on the food label, a few other changes to food labels are also being made at this time. For instance, a single bag of chips will contain one serving only. A standard serving of ice cream is two-thirds of a cup instead of a one-half cup. The calories of a product will be in a larger font size than the rest other information that’s list on the nutrition label.
Lastly, changing the information on the food label may cost the manufacturer an additional $2 million dollars. With the change and cost expense involved with the new food labels, the FDA hopes that consumers and manufacturers will realize that foods need to contain less sugar to help the consumer avoid medical problems and obesity.

Risky Tenderized Steak Now Marked by the FDA

Did you know that mechanically tenderized steak could be dangerous? The FDA is betting that you didn’t. As a result, the FDA now requires companies that mechanically tenderize their steak to include special labels that communicate mechanically tenderized steak might come with increased contamination risk.

Mechanically tenderizing steak involves sticking needles or small blades into the steak to break down protein fibers and make the meat easier to chew. While the process softens the meat, these small punctures also provide an opportunity for pathogens such as E. Coli or Salmonella to enter the center of the steak. At the center of the steak these bacteria can be harder to kill.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has linked six outbreaks of food-borne illness to mechanically tenderized steak in the past. For this reason, the new labels include instructions for safe cooking, which involve heating the meat to 145 degrees and then letting the meat rest for at least three minutes.

Although contamination is a low risk, this move by the FDA is a significant step towards making beef processing and its dangers more transparent to the consumer.

Today’s Most Popular Food Trends

As everyone knows, food trends come and go. However, there are some food and cooking trends that quickly catch on and become part of our eating lifestyle. Sometimes the popular food item is a remake of old fashioned stand-by recipes. While at other times a food trend can be something completely different and sometimes even outrageous.

Grilled is Back

One of the hottest food and cooking trends is old fashioned grilled foods with an upbeat twist. For instance, according to Huffpost Taste, the rainbow grilled cheese is finally making a debut in the US. This delightful and colorful grilled sandwich is filled with gooey multi colored cheeses of varying flavors like basil (green), lavender (blue), tomato (red) and the yellow for a combo of cheeses such as cheddar, mozzarella, and gruyere.

In addition, all grilled foods and grill cooking appliances are the rise for this summer’s festivities.

On the Healthier Side

According to Eating Well, some of the most popular and healthiest food trends include Greek yogurt, the ever popular kale and quinoa. Other super healthy food trends are high omega-3 chia, coconut flour for baking, vegetable smoothies, seaweed for salads and snacks, Skyr (traditional Iceland yogurt), kefir, hemp, almond milk, Rooibos Tea and Amaranth.

Authenticity and Simple

One of the biggest trends in the food industry is anything that is authentic says Food Network. Out goes the strange foods of 2015 and in comes food that caters to your lifestyle and schedule. One popular trend is to have healthy food delivered right to your doorstep. From groceries to full course meals, home delivery is at its finest. Plant based foods are also on the rise such as nuts and legumes instead of cheese or chicken strips. Carbs are also making a comeback. No longer is gluten-free a number one seller. Instead, whole grain and rustic breads are selling off the shelves.

“The Kitchen Sink” Airing Now On The Food Network

The first season of The Kitchen Sink is airing this May on the Food Network. Katie Lee, Geoffrey Zakarian, Sunny Anderson, Jeff Mauro and Marcela Valladolid co-host this brand new informative cooking show. Behind the scenes shots of the co-hosts on the set of The Kitchen Sink can be found at:

The Kitchen Sink includes food topics for everyone and puts a fun spin on the latest kitchen trends. Episode topics include building better cupcakes, favorite snack foods, grilling the perfect hamburger, and how to serve a rainbow of foods. The next episode of The Kitchen Sink will feature the heated debate of “Cake vs Pie” on May 22nd. “11 Ways to Win at Summer” will air on May 29th, breaking down how to up the ante of your cookout, just in time for Memorial Day.

If you like food, The Kitchen Sink will have something for you! Check it out on The Food Network on Sundays at 12 PM eastern time.

Meal Kit Services

Instead of going out for a fast food meal or shopping at the supermarket for dinner, some Americans are beginning to rely on meal kits from companies such as Blue Apron, HelloFresh,Plated and Marley Spoon. These companies have created a variety of meal kits based upon dieting, health, vegetarian, and ethnic needs.All of the meal kits come with recipe cards, fresh ingredients, measured out portions, and the bill of sale. The consumer has a variety of meal kits to choose from to help them meet nutritional needs, or they can choose packaged combinations from a grocery store or grocery store delivery services.

The meal kit industry was started in 2012 and continues to grow. It has been predicted to reach 1.5 million in sales this next year. However, according to a recent study many meal kit companies are not making a profit yet. These companies are still having to establish new facilities, hire workers, and give new customers an incentive to try a meal kit. The meal kit industry may or may not be for all consumers due to the cost of the product. Only time will tell if the meal kit industry will replace the fast food restaurant or supermarket.

The $5 Meal Challenge

Finding time for a quick meal that cost five dollars or less is now possible according to Youth Radio and NPR. After they had received their information, they set up an interactive map that shows all the locations in the U.S. where these meals can be purchased.
For the most part, these meals were not for the health conscious eater. Some of the meal options included a cheap vegetarian option but also included the meaty submissions such as pizza, burritos, and burgers. These meals would not be an option for a gluten-free person.
Another cheap meal option is buying foods from other ethnic origins. These meals were usually heartier, and proportions were larger. Foods that were purchased in this option included the following: Bahn mi sandwiches, fried rice, sushi, tacos, and tikka masala.
Breakfast foods such as eggs, bacon, and toast are another 5 dollar option, and these restaurants were also posted on the interactive map. Many of these restaurants are open all day and will serve these food choices all throughout the day.
The only thing that was not included with these meals was the drink. However, most restaurants will offer free tap water with your purchase. Keeping a meal under the $5 is not such a challenge when an interactive map shows where your favorite meal can be purchased.

Is it time to say goodbye to the potato? Experts might surprise you with the answer!

Is it time to say goodbye to the potato? Whether it’s hashbrowns for breakfast, french fries with your burger for lunch or a baked potato with dinner; it goes without saying that potatoes are quite possibly an American dietary staple. In fact, potatoes might be the only thing more American than cherry pie. But could they be one of the leading causes of hypertension? A study put out by the British Medical Journal seems to believe this to be the case.

What began as a move by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010 and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) to institute healthier meals to children and low income populations quickly became a tit-for-tat refusal by state regulators, school lunch operators and special interest groups. Congress gave in to the clamoring potato junkies and lifted the ban on white potatoes in the WIC food program; their reasoning being the high potassium of the potatoes themselves and inconclusive evidence of detrimental health effects.

Well thanks to the hard work and dedication of Lea Borgi, associate physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, as well as her industrious team of renowned nutritional experts; a major step forward has been taken in the fight for healthier habits across the country. This is a study you’re not going to want to miss and will surely be the talk around dinner tables and break rooms. Read for yourself and determine if it’s time to say no to the potato.

The Zika Virus Creates a Health Crisis in Venezuela

The Zika virus continues to have an impact on Central America, including the country of Venezuela. During the last week 3 more fatalities were caused by the Zika virus. Currently as reported by El Venezolano, there are over 350 cases of the Zika virus in Venezuela. Recently the virus has hospitalized over 70 people; the complications placed them in intensive care for several weeks. From November till February there have been over 6000 Zika cases reported to the WHO, (World Health Organization).
Pregnant women face the most serious risks associated with the Zika virus. If a pregnant woman contracts the Zika virus, her baby could be born with microcephaly. Babies born with microcephaly have abnormally small beads. The babies born with microcephaly suffer serious developmental disabilities throughout their life. The rise in Zika related birth defects has prompted the World Health Organization to issue an international warning regarding the Zika virus. This virus is known for its devastating effect on pregnant women and their unborn children, (

However the virus can have a serious impact on the health of adults, says Dr. Osio. In adults this virus can cause a high fever and a severe headache. For adults with the most serious form of the Zika virus may experience paralysis, which can last for a few days or several weeks. Due to a lack of medicine to treat the virus many in Venezuela call this a humanitarian crisis, which needs immediate attention from the World Health Organization.



Madison Street Capital CEO Anthony Marsala Gets Awarded

Madison Street Capital in an international investment firm providing financial advisory services and opinions to public and private business in Africa, Asia, and North America. Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital is located in Chicago, Illinois. Madison analyses client’s needs between buyers and sellers and determines the equilibrium point in which to operate. During the M&A Advisors 7th Annual Emerging Leaders award in 2016, Madison Street Capital Chief Operating Officer Anthony Marsala was announced the winner much the delight of the whole company. This placed MSC in the entire world’s limelight and increased its standards of integrity and professionalism. Madison Street Capital is one of the world’s premier middle market investment firms due to its team of professionals who have exceptional knowledge and experience.


Marsala’s accomplishments and expertise in the industry made him a worthy winner among all the other nominees. This was the response given out by the independent judging panel who were appointed worldwide to determine the leader. Marsala thanked the entire group with whom he works with as the reason behind such a great achievement in such a competitive industry. In 2010, 40 under 40 awards in the United States got established. This was established to recognize, honor and celebrate M&A young professionals who contributed immensely to the community and industry. The establishment of the award also ensured that the sector raised its levels of professionalism.


  1. David Ferguson, the president and CEO of M&A Advisor, said that expanding the Emerging Award to the entire Europe exposed the emerging young leaders to the world. This would continue to affect the advancement of our industry significantly, said Mr. David. Mr. Anthony Marsala has been in the banking sector for more than 15 years. Due to this experience, he has propelled Madison to higher heights helping clients in a diverse range of industries.


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