Growth Expected To Slow For New York Real Estate Markets In 2016

The New York real estate markets have largely remained immune to problems affecting sales across the U.S. and the rest of the world, but the New York Daily News believes 2016 could be the year problems are encountered for the first time. 2016 could be the first year when long threatened interest rate rises finally arrive and make real estate deals much harder for professionals to close.


One company positioned in the perfect location to limit the effects of any slowdown is Town Residential, which has developed one of the top teams of professionals for both selling and renting properties across the different boroughs of New York. Town has not only looked to bring in established real estate professionals, but is also well known for bringing new real estate talent to the fast paced markets of New York.


One of the key parts of the business in the leadership of Town is the leadership of founder and CEO Andrew Heiberger, who has a long history of providing some of the highest quality real estate services in the city. Heiberger has led Town to become one of the most successful brokerages in New York in just a few short years.


Town should be able to avoid many of the issues facing the New York markets, including the longer period of time it will take for a buyer and seller to come to an agreement as buyers look for the best possible deal. Location will become more of an issue in the New York markets than ever before as the gentrification of certain neighborhoods will slow.


Despite the many issues problems the real estate professionals of New York will face the growing number of new rental buildings in Brooklyn will see the borough continue to see a sharp rise in interest. Finally, companies like Town with a long list of buyers interested in luxury properties priced at $10 million or more will see sales continue as more of these luxurious properties come onto the markets.


Todd Lubar- successful and devoted mortgage expert : UPDATED!

Updated February 24, 2017

Todd Luabr breaks into Angel Investing:

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, a business that deals in real estate. He is also the current Senior Vice President of Legendary Investment. Todd Lubar’s main goal in life is to become a better person every day. He believes that this enables him to add value to anyone he comes across. Mr. Lubar lives with his wife and two children in his home in Bethesda Maryland.

Todd Lubar has worked with various mortgage industries before moving to the demolition industry. He built a stable business relationship with people in the mortgage and real estate sector. Todd has a vast network base with people in various fields. Such connections enabled him grow and expand his business efficiently. Mr. Lubar has gained a broad knowledge in his field. Having been in the market for more than ten years, he decided to undertake on a niche that wasn’t fully explored. He formed a new company known as Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of the Legendary Properties. The financial group company functions as a lending destination for individuals and businesses.

To date, Lubar has made full use of the liquidity of properties to fund the large market of borrowers. Todd has been involved in more than 7,000 transactions since his company was first established. These huge numbers have enabled him take almost every type of loan. He has made several critical decisions based on the current market conditions.

While Todd Lubar first got into the business world as a loan originator, he established various business networks that made the leader he is. He worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he quickly learned the representation of mortgage banking. He developed his skills in the mortgage industry and developed a valuable relationship with different financial planners and real estate agents. In 1999, Todd Lubar acquired a position at the Legacy Financial Group. The position enabled him to expand his competence to broker loans.

Lubar’s contribution to the Mortgage industry has been significant. He held the title as the top 25 loan originators for many years. Apart from his interest in the real estate industry, he has invested in various industries such as recycling, night clubs, and commercial demolition industries.

Beneful Dog Food Keeps Your Dog Satisfied

Creating dog food has changed in the past years. It was once a matter of grinding up particles of leftover meat, bones, by-products and corn meal. The dog food was full of things you really would not want to feed your dog. Lately dog food companies are working hard to make dog food healthy. They are removing the fillers and unhealthy particles and replacing with healthy things such as blueberries, and other fruits. The dog food companies are creating dog foods that include healthy meats like salmon and wild game. No matter the type of dog food company, they area all trying to reproduce foods that will make your dog healthy and strong enough to live a long life.

According to a recent article,, dog food companies are creating foods that your dog will crave. These foods are weight loss formulas, healthy life formulas, and puppy formulas. They are being made to taste like human food. This may decrease the amount of table feeding that people may do with their dogs. Quality dog foods are going to be hitting the shelves in the future. We are going back to the days when dogs ate fresh things they killed. The only difference is, they are not killing what they are eating. Things like sweet potatoes and avocados are being mixed in with the meat to create foods they dog will love.

Beneful dog food is one of the companies by Purinastore. They are creative and delicious. They come in different types of dog foods such as dry and crunchy, moist and ground up, and soft. One tastes like Turkey, one taste like Beef, and another tastes like Salmon. All of these include the ingredients that will make your pet stay healthy and live a long life.

Beneful has a wonderful green dog denture chew bone that your dog will love. It cleanses his teeth as he chews on it. It also gives your dog a better smell to his breath. Beneful works really hard to provide foods and treats you dogs will love. Check out some on the website. Keep Your Dog Satisfied!



Dick DeVos is Involved with the Liquor Business

One of the most self-less and prominent families in the United States is the DeVos family that is both wealth as well as charitable. The family is the proud son of the co-owner of Amway Corporation which has expanded from residing in a basement to now being a international corporation. The DeVos family are proud of the this accomplishment and have given back to their community in Michigan so that there community can also see the benefits of wealth. Read more about the Amway Corporation here:

One of the leaders of this endeavor is Dick DeVos who is an advocate for donating funds towards education for all. Mr. DeVos is a firm believer that higher education leads to over all success. In addition to founding an aviation school due to his passion for both education and flight, Dick has also expressed interest in sailing and is a champion sailor.

Congratulations to the recent Melges 32 Gold Cup participants and winners—what a thrilling race against incredibly talented sailors!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, February 15, 2016

Dick has an interesting resume that is marked by one success after the other. He acted as the CEO of the Orlando Magic while his family owned the team before he began his own business, the Windquest Group which oversees many business endeavors. He and Betsy have also expressed great interest in politics, specifically the Republican party and have even been referenced in the popular series House of Cards, which he weighs in on in an MLive exclusive interview.

Recently in news, Mr. DeVos, and his wife, Betsy, have pursued a new hobby which now involves the liquor business.

DeVos has recently announced his partnership as an investor with the Coppercraft Distillery. The current owner of the distillery is Walter Catton III who opened the distillery in 2013. Now, with the new investments from Dick and Betsy DeVos, Mr. Catton has been able to expand the business to a 9,000 sq-foot space. This space is complete with both a tasty room that can seat up to 50 people as well as a kitchen. the kitchen will serve appetizers that will pair well with the cocktails that are provided. 

The Coppercraft Distillery, in recent news, has been building its inventory in order to be prepared for the upcoming Tulip Time Festival. In addition to this festival, the distillery provides liquor to over 100 locations in states such as Michigan, Colorado, and Illinois. This distillery can cater to multiple different functions and locations whether it be for a restaurant or for a party. 

With the new expansion, Dick DeVos and Mr. Catton are excited to welcome new full-time and part-time employees. Each employee has knowledge in making vodka, rum, whiskey, as well as gin. In addition to this, the new employees have begun to make handcrafted beer and wine for the purpose of expanding the clientele. 

Mr. DeVos and Mr. Catton are both in agreement that this is an exciting time for the distillery and good things are sure to come in the future. To Mr. Catton one of his favorite projects is to spend time on creating the most delicious and well-aged spirits for the purpose of making him as well as the customer happy with the product.

Taking Full Advantage of Wikipedia

Wikipedia has become the most convenient and popular resource for retrieving information. Enter a subject into a search engine and one of the top results is likely to be a Wikipedia page. For good or bad, the platform has easily revolutionized research. 

Educators have argued that Wikipedia is a detriment to research. Many forbid its use in coursework. There are also debates about the accuracy of information as almost anyone can create or contribute to a subject. 

Still, there is no denying how a Wiki page has changed how we explore and discover. You cannot underestimate the great advantages to having a well-constructed and informative Wiki page. Wikipedia has millions of articles and is available in almost a dozen languages. Good, clear and comprehensive Wiki pages have the potential to inform visitors on almost any topic, as well as provide links to further explore.

Using Wikipedia effectively, the site is the most sufficient jumping point for learning quickly. A visitor can research a company before a job interview, or learn about a historical figure or the hard sciences. Wikipedia, while not a promotional tool, can promote a message. The biggest corporations in the world use Wiki pages to establish their standing in their respective industries. Entertainers create a Wiki page to highlight their careers and causes. The impact of Wikipedia can be demonstrated in the creation of independent platforms like WikiEducator, WikiSimpsons, Wiki Star Wars, WikiTravel, Moviestarplanet Wiki, Wiki Star Trek and many other knockoffs.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedic resource that contributes to broadening global knowledge. Using it to expand your reputation as an authority is going to provide an invaluable return. But that requires you make a Wikipedia page with informative content that is accurate, updated as needed and consistently follows the stringent guidelines Wiki has designed for contributors. 

A Wiki page has to be monitored closely as anyone can edit the page. This can mean inaccuracy, as well as malicious activity. Whether you’re a corporation, an individual or nonprofit, you want your Wiki page to inform and support your vision, not damage it. That includes reliable citations, proper formatting, regular monitoring and content that manages Wiki styling. At the end of the day, Wikipedia encapsulates everything that the Internet is supposed to be, a broad source for spreading and acquiring information. 

Get Your Wiki is a leading resource for creating, editing, updating and monitoring a Wikipedia page. They expert Wiki writers for hire at this Wikipedia writing service are experienced and guarantee your page will be posted to the site and remain there for the duration of your contract. If you want to maximize your Internet presence with a Wiki page, contact Get Your Wiki for a free quote here >>

The Great Table Scrap Debate

Every loving pet owner feels a tug of guilt at the end of a delicious restaurant meal. Why throw away these table scraps? Maybe you’ve gone out to an Asian restaurant, or even worst, you’ve gotten Italian or American food. In fact, the decision is agonizing for some. They know their dog at home would love even just a few bites of the butter-laden leftovers. However, most owners want to feed their pet with healthy food, and understand that most of the table scraps on their plates don’t contain the right nutrition for a dog. What do you do when you’ve eaten all the lean meat and most of the healthy grains and vegetables off the plate? All that’s left are noodles, white rice, fatty pieces of meat, grissel, bones etc., drenched in a salty, sweet, oily, or buttery sauce. In addition, the number of flavors you detect are far too many to list like garlic, onion, paprika, red pepper, sugar, and basil. You know many of them likely aren’t healthy for your dog. Yet, the guilt still creeps in. You’ve enjoyed something so delicious and you just want your dog to enjoy something special because you did. However, there’s no more need to feel guilty that you’re enjoying a gourmet meal anymore while your dog eats only gruel. Beneful offers healthy dog food recipe blends like Tuscan, Romana, Beef Stew and Mediterranean to name a few.

Every Beneful wet food meal, dry food serving and treat contains 100% of the nutrients your dog would need in proportion to its serving size. And Beneful there are no unhealthy fats or spices that could cause your dog to develop diseases or other serious medical conditions.

Table Scraps Can Be Very Unhealthy

If you want to give your dog table scraps, you’re not alone. Most pet owners want to feed their animals healthier, more human-like food; and have trouble resisting the urge to give their pet leftovers from restaurants, and table scraps after meals and snacks. However, many loving pet owners would think twice if they understood that when it comes to human food and dog food, the proportions are off. There’s too much fat and starch, and not enough nutrition per bite in table scraps; making them unhealthy for your pet.