Lime Crime and Crazy Hair Colors

It is known that a majority of cosmetics brands tend to do unique things that would make them stand above the others. However, none of these brands are as unique and controversial as Lime Crime. Besides its collection of lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes, this brand also includes a new section called Hairspiration, which helps girls find makeup that would match their hair color.
Over the past few months, a new hair color trend has become so popular that girls are now dying their hair in a variety of unusual and bright colors that are not normally associated with their natural hair color. Furthermore, there are more and more celebrities who have also indulged in this trend. But, these crazy colors are about to get even better with the newest Lime Crime’s blog.
For instance, the ‘Unicorn Hair Gallery’ includes different photos of different hair colors – purple, pink, blue, green, lavender, orange and many others. Girls also post their photos on this blog, showing their new hair color. There are many different hair colors, and with just a click on them, girls will find the makeup that best goes with a certain hair color. So, each color page also contains an Instagram section showing Lime Crime’s fans photos with their hair color, along with eye and lip colors they are wearing.
The company is constantly looking for new ways to improve its fans’ experience, and the new blog represents an opportunity to show its fans creativity and originality over and over again.
In addition to this, gray color has also gone through a revolution. This color is not just for older ladies anymore. Now, many sophisticated and young ladies are using this color, and they are even trying different and unusual shades of gray. Girls and boys like this color since it is at the same time mature and young, classic and modern. Furthermore, girls who wear this color can be easily mistaken for any model since we can now see many models with this hair color. Those girls who now consider trying it can now find many shades on new Lime Crime blog: Silver Gray, Silver Fairy, Polar Fox, Granite Gray and Agouti Gray.
When it comes to rainbow and neon hair, girls often find it hard to match these colors with their makeup. So, this can be quite a challenge, but Lime Crime’s website will help them match their hair and makeup, no matter how crazy and wild their hue is.
It is known that Lime Crime is called the ‘makeup for unicorns’ since it specializes in non-traditional and crazy colors that cannot be possibly found at local stores. Its hues even include a dark black color, which is incredible. Lime Crime’s blog Hairspiration will pick a certain hair color, for instance, purple, gray, blue, and then a special program will show a specific lipsticks and eye shadows that will pair perfectly with the chosen hair color.
So, those girls who have enough courage to try these wild colors can enter Hairspiration, the newest Lime Crime’s feature that will show them what makeup is perfect for their hair color.

Tips for Crafting a Successful Public Relation Pitch

The status labs is an online reputation management company that allows customers to engage the audience with convincing content to drive involvement and sales. From maximizing a digital footprint of the brand to image administration, status labs provide creative solutions customized to the unique requirements of a customer. The headquarters of Status Labs is in Austin with offices in New York, Sao Paulo and San Francisco, image management of the company works with customers and media globally to accomplish global marketing and public relation objectives. The company has shared their top 5 tips for crafting a successful public relation pitch.

Stay on the subject

Systematically research and explore the subject matter of each and every article you want to pitch. Calling a journalist that does not cover the subject that you are supposed to pitch is not only a wastage of time but also it can result to you being blocked which is a serious threat to any publicist.
Keep your pitch brief

The media people have inadequate time and are at all times inundated with emails. Maintain your email pitching as concise as you can, and they must not be more than six lines. If you must include a journalist’s release, place it at the base of the email after your autograph offering the journalist an alternative to learning more. Incorporate a call to action by doing a summary of the pitching with a question.

Know your contact

It is important to recognize the individual you are about to pitch. Maybe the person you are about to pitch can be a managing editor or assignment editor. Create a connection that goes beyond the realm of the emails by sharing them with your social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter. Connect with these individuals on social sites as well as sharing their piece of writing.
Offer the world

Sometimes journalists anticipate the world from you, and you should have the ability to give it to them. Go far and beyond for the journalist. Put up their demands in an opportune manner. Offer them with precise details and high photography work. If you make it simpler for the media people, you have the assurance that you will work with them for a future customer.

Be a story teller

Remember it is not an advert you are needed to pitch, but it is a story you are pitching. Reflect on the five features that formulate a narrative to be interesting: Proximity, human interest, significance, prominence, and timing. Use these factors in your pitching to form an angle to the writer.

Doe Deere: A Makeup Pioneer

Make up revolutionaries have been responsible for numerous things. Doe Deere has been added to those revolutionaries when she created the one of a kind online make up line known as Lime Crime. It is not a make up line for the faint of heart or those that consider themselves wall flowers and don’t particularly like to stand out. There are subtle and “normal colors” available though for those types of people.

A main differing factor in Doe Deere’s road to fame is that she brought to the market what not many had thought of doing. She gave the world the much wanted vegan and cruelty free make up brand they wanted. She went above and beyond as well when she brought in colors like “Cement” and “Squash”.

Ms. Deere has always been a forerunner when it comes to business in the entrepreneurial field. Before she waved her magic wand over the make up industry she was involved in selling clothing. Those items were just as unique as her make up if not more so. Before her fashion business, she was apart of a band along with her husband.

She has not always been in it for the money. In fact, she has donated to numerous charities. One of these charities was an animal rescue shelter. This shows why she was so eager to give to the world a cruelty free make up. Many make up companies have tested on animals and some say they have ceased their heinous acts but Lime Crime has never even treaded down that path.

She has worked with many creative minds to be able to create the vision she has for Doe Deere’s make up line, Lime Crime, and with their help she has been able create some of the brightest lipsticks and eye shadows that the make up industry was not able to provide before now. Her make up has been known to rival big name brands. Brands that have been around since late 19th century. Similar online brands, Sugarpill, cannot compare to the wonderful customer service and quality of products that can be bought from Doe Deere’s make up line.

Doe Deere has her own blog website but now focuses on social media to speak with her fans and advertise new colors added to her make up collection. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A great thing about her advertising this way is it lets her show photos of the lipstick or eye shadow, whichever is the topic for promotion. The colors are true to form and applied on a human being so that loyal and potential customers can get a great idea of what to expect from their purchase.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Loves Her Children More Than Anything

Dr. Jennifer Walden has twin boys who she loves more than anything. She has long been passionate about her career, but when her kids came along she knew that she needed to put them before it. So, when she felt the need to move to Texas, so that her boys could grow up closer to family, she did that. She moved her practice to Austin and made a go of it there. And, despite the fact that she may have been concerned about how things would go there, she has been able to do quite well for herself in Austin. Her practice is the only one of its kind there, and she has been able to do a great service in the city. She can feel great about that, and she can feel great about herself as a mother and how she put her kids first.
Every parent who has a career should always remember that their children should come first. No matter how successful they are, or they are hoping to be, every parent should keep in mind the needs of their children. Dr. Jennifer Walden did that, and despite the move that she made with her practice she has still been able to see a ton of success in it. She does not have to regret the move that she made in any way, because not only was it good for her children, but it was also ended up being a good step for her to take in her career, as well.
Dr. Jennifer Walden loves her twins more than she loves her career, even though she has a great passion for being a cosmetic surgeon. And that is the way that it should be. It is apparent by her Twitter feed that she still has a passion for all that she is doing in her career, but she has chosen to always put her boys first.

James Dondero and His Visionary Role in the Growth of Highland Capital Management

Amidst the growth of a company known as Highland Capital Management, is a big investor’s mind, the James Dondero. Dondero heads the company Highland Capital, which mainly deals with credit management. Managing assets and hedge funds is something that requires expertise in financial markets and a great understanding of the spheres of financial markets.

It requires a visionary approach that is pegged on risk taking and risk management while maximizing on investment. A company should be able to identify opportunities for growth and investment where others cannot see. This is what has built the Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero on has been the big name that is behind this asset management company called Highland Capital. It is a company that focuses on long-only credit investment strategies. For example, it may invest in distressed companies or organizations that are experiencing financial problems and be able to turn around the companies to great profitability thereby benefiting the investors.

Highland Capital has been in the asset investment and management field for more than 20 years meaning that it is more than experienced in this field. It applies its credit strategies in diverse arrays of fields such as investing in distressed companies, high-yield investments like gas and oil, healthcare, and special situations loans.

It as well deals with structured products investments. The company operates in other areas like real estate and emerging markets. In 1993, the company was founded by James Dondero and his colleague Mark Okada. It has grown to be one of the respected global investment management companies in the world.

The multi-million dollar asset management company has spread its wings to camp in other parts of the world. Although it has its headquarters in Dallas, it has been able to establish offices in other parts and serves the U.S. clients and international clients. It now has an asset base that clocks about $21 billion, which it manages for its clients. This is a pretty big success and shows the commitment the company has made in serving and investing on behalf of its clients.

In 1990, a joint venture was formed by both Dondero and Okada and this business focused mainly on fixed income markets. It would, for instance, deal with senior loans, which are mostly secured. The business grew and soon it signed an agreement with another company Protective Life Insurance Corporation.

A merger soon followed allowing a new company known as Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO) to be formed. When PAMCO was formed, it had 60 percent ownership going to Protective Life insurance while the remaining 40 percent went to the founding individuals Dondero and Okada. PAMCO had already shown signs of expanding and growing by 1997.

With such potential growth, the two partners thought of buying the ownership that was being held by Protective Life Insurance. And, in the following year after the acquisition of shares from Protective Life Insurance, PAMCO changed its name and was renamed Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital secured another agreement in 2004 with a company known as Columbia Asset Management, which helped it to buy two floating funds. It has offices globally including South Korea and Singapore.

Lime Crime: A Brief History of Cosmetics

Urbanoutfitters website made a study showed that our society has often been criticized for putting too much emphasis on appearances and looking younger. Even though some critics may point out that it is a conundrum of modern times, cosmetic improvements have actually been around since ancient times. Grand societies that existed millennia ago still put emphasis on their appearance and wanted to look their best.

Over ten thousand years ago, cosmetics were being developed and used by men and women in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians wanted to appear the best they could before the altars of their gods, so they sought out natural ingredients to give them the effects they desired. They used rich lotions of aloe and lanolin to moisturize sun-parched skin. Their apothecaries mixed up plant and animal-based creams for wrinkles and other facial imperfections.

Six thousand years later, the Egyptians began experimenting with colors obtained from plants, minerals, and metals. Since they reverenced the all-seeing eye of their god, Ra, special emphasis was put on the eyes. They developed some of the first eye shadows with a copper mixture, also known as mesdemet. Their famously-lined eyes were the result of sticks of charcoal. Many of their makeups were developed for pharmaceutical reasons as well.

After another thousand years, some other societies began developing cosmetics. Since white was considered a color of divinity, Greek women used lead and Chinese used rice powder to make whiten their faces. Some of them also used berries and other plant pigments to rouge their cheeks and lips. The Chinese used nail color to create a distinction in social classes.

The next millennium had the Romans experimenting with nail polishes and hair bleaches. They used a variety of natural pigments to make their cheeks blush, their eyes pop, and their nails glitter. People in India used Henna for sacred tattoos and for dying their hair. Indigenous American people also used powdered herbs and minerals for ceremonial makeup.

Into the modern era, the use of cosmetics became universal according to particular standards of beauty for the time. Often, dangerous chemicals such as arsenic and lead were used in their formulas. Today, women use formulas that are safe for their beauty regiments. One of the premier online beauty line that many are discovering is Doe Deere’s Lime Crime.

Four years ago, Deere started to formulate vibrant makeup colors to match her online fashion designs. Her customers rave about the opulent hues of eyeshadow, glitters, lipsticks, blushes, and nail shades. Customers from around the world order the colors they want and the products are delivered to their door. Lime Crime joins the ranks of the world’s great heritage of cosmetic development.

Anastasia Date Forms Long Lasting Connections

Technology has really come a long way since the early days. Once upon a time, phones were a luxury and they were only used to make calls to folks nearby. That’s no longer the case. Now, we rely on our phones for a multitude of purposes. We do still use them to talk with one another. It’s gone beyond that, however. We use our phones for almost every other aspect of our life. They have become such an integral part of our lives that we feel lost without them. One beautiful thing about our cell phones is that we now can use them to find love! This wasn’t always the case.

There was a time when people had to look for love with the people that were directly around them. There was no way to connect with users that lived in other places. There was no way for people to form relationships with others that live far away. Sometimes, it was pure luck that brought together people. It was a stressful time because there was such limited options but fortunately, online dating has changed all of that. Online dating brings together two people that would have never met otherwise! Anastasia Date actually takes that a step further.

Anastasia Date brings together two people who don’t live anywhere close to each other. It’s a large international online dating site. There is a market for this type of service. People can fall in love with almost anyone. One never knows where they will meet the love of their life. Sometimes the person who someone that lives in Europe is meant to fall in love with is in the United States. Back in the day, people would have laughed at this notion and said it was impossible to date internationally. It’s not however and Anastasia Date is proving that.

Long distance romance can actually be an amazing thing. That’s because two people really have to work at it and put their heart and soul into it. That means it’s more meaningful. Anastasia Date makes it easy for those who want to live this type of life. They connect users to one another and help them along their journey for love. They provide all the tools for two people to connect and begin to form a relationship. Anastasia Date is essentially a matchmaker. There is no reason that someone should ever feel alone. Anastasia Date allows users to connect with a multitude of other users! Overall, it’s truly a blessing that technology has come a long way. Everyone deserves to find love. More importantly, everyone deserves to find love with those types of people that they are attracted to. That’s the mission of Anastasia Date.

FreedomPop Emulate the Obamaphone, Almost…Not

Well it is almost a free Obamaphone. But FreedomPop will eventually cost money and it is not funded by the government. It is funded by venture capital! Yet, there is a free service offered here until it runs out. Once the free service minutes are used up, there will be other plans offered to compete with TalkTalk and Tescomobile.

A United States mobile company is going to offer a 4G phone in the United Kingdom to compete with the local mobile phone service providers. With funds from some big investors, it is an international venture for expansion to British consumers. There is a required 7 Pounds set up fee with basic free monthly service. This includes 200 call minutes, 200 texts and 200 MB of data. Once the freebie plan is exhausted, which is the hook for an influx of new consumers who might have been with TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile, FreedomPop on itunes will sell plans between 4.99 and 16.99 Pounds per month.

There are still opportunities to earn free mintues, texts and data by doing surveys from third parties. FreedomPop is a MVNO or a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. This is the same with TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile. FreedomPop will lease their access to mobile masts and equipment. They will aim for those users who fall into the low budget service market. The business model has give-aways and sales plans coming from a purchase of capacity from the Three Network.

The brain child of this idea is Stephen Stokols who saw an opportunity while working for BT in the United States. He noticed that United States mobile users only tended purchase half of the capacity available to them. He is invested in the notion that he will only have 50,000 subscribers to give the threshold of positive cash flow in the UK.

Other factors that influenced Stokol to found FreedomPop was a rejection by the BT board members in 2011 to invest in a UK launch for plans for users to compete as FreedomPop is poised to do. Gavin Patterson was the chief executive of the BT retail division and was behind the decision to veto the transaction. Despite this, Mr. Patterson acted as an adviser to Stokol’s new venture up until he voluntarily stepped down because of the conflict of interest as FreedomPop was set to compete with BT’s operations in the United Kingdom.

The Casey And Yeonmi Podcast Educates The West About North Korea

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector and political activist who has come to the west after escaping the powerful regime in North Korea. Yeonmi and her mother left North Korea by trekking across a nearly frozen desert, and Yeonmi works to educate the west about the horrors of North Korean society. The North Korean society that we understand in the west is tame when compared to what Yeonmi had to go through as a child. Her father died in North Korea, and Yeonmi spends her days trying to educate westerners on what North Korea does to its people.

#1: North Korea Today Featuring Casey and Yeonmi

Casey Lartigue joined forces with Yeonmi to create the North Korea Today podcast and video series. Casey interviews Yeonmi about North Korean society, and the podcast teaches people things they may not know about what goes on North Korea. North Korea is a scary place, but the country does more than simply oppress its people. Yeonmi has a chance to talk with Casey regularly about what it is like to be a target after leaving North Korea.

#2: Yeonmi Is Not Your Typical Refugee

Many people who escape North Korea live in China or Asia the rest of their lives, and very few become activists. Activists have been assassinated in the past by North Korean operatives, and Yeonmi is a target of scorn in North Korea. The leader of the country routinely speaks to the nation to refute what she says, and she has a security team that protects her from would-be assassins. Other dissidents have been killed, and Yeonmi cannot carry on her messageon unless she is very careful about how she lives her life.

#3: She Covers Every Part Of North Korean Life

Yeonmi speaks on every part of Korean life from the way children are taught to the way that people eat. The nation is malnourished in a way that forces them to need the government more, and the nation is taught that the west is a decadent place filled with bad people. The narrative in North Korea tells citizens that they are better off living in a state of abject poverty, and the people have almost no way of escaping. Anyone caught trying to escape is jailed, and the members of those families are often thrown in jail with the offender.

The reality of North Korean life is shocking to most western ears, but the Casey and Yeonmi podcast is changing the way Americans and other westerners view the police state of North Korea. Kim Jong Un is seen as a cartoon character who is ridiculous in every respect, but he is one of the most dangerous people to ever walk the Earth.

Yeonmi Park’s mission to recapture the lives of people who were silenced by the North Korean government will likely not stop until she has freed her people. Producing her videos and podcasts with Casey Lartigue is just one step in that process. Listen to Yeonmi to learn what it is like to reimagine life in a brand new way.