Lime Crime and Crazy Hair Colors

It is known that a majority of cosmetics brands tend to do unique things that would make them stand above the others. However, none of these brands are as unique and controversial as Lime Crime. Besides its collection of lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes, this brand also includes a new section called Hairspiration, which helps […]

Tips for Crafting a Successful Public Relation Pitch

The status labs is an online reputation management company that allows customers to engage the audience with convincing content to drive involvement and sales. From maximizing a digital footprint of the brand to image administration, status labs provide creative solutions customized to the unique requirements of a customer. The headquarters of Status Labs is in […]

Doe Deere: A Makeup Pioneer

Make up revolutionaries have been responsible for numerous things. Doe Deere has been added to those revolutionaries when she created the one of a kind online make up line known as Lime Crime. It is not a make up line for the faint of heart or those that consider themselves wall flowers and don’t particularly […]

James Dondero and His Visionary Role in the Growth of Highland Capital Management

Amidst the growth of a company known as Highland Capital Management, is a big investor’s mind, the James Dondero. Dondero heads the company Highland Capital, which mainly deals with credit management. Managing assets and hedge funds is something that requires expertise in financial markets and a great understanding of the spheres of financial markets. It […]

Lime Crime: A Brief History of Cosmetics

Urbanoutfitters website made a study showed that our society has often been criticized for putting too much emphasis on appearances and looking younger. Even though some critics may point out that it is a conundrum of modern times, cosmetic improvements have actually been around since ancient times. Grand societies that existed millennia ago still put […]