Skout Organic Products

Skout Organic is an inspired creation by the Pacific Northwest which is considered by many as one of the best outdoor recreation places in the world. Their mission is to provide healthy and great tasting organic foods to sustain those who embrace an active and an adventurous pursuit of the great outdoors. Products include a […]

James Dondero – Financial Pioneer

James Dondero has 30 years of experience in credit markets, often highlighted by co-founding and serving as the President of Highland Capital Management. Beginning with a Commerce degree, with concentrations in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia, James Dondero has led a remarkable career in the financial world. After completing the financial training […]

The Business of Susan McGalla

Susan Mcgalla is an executive consultant who hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania besides being a businesswoman. She has served in American Outfitters Eagles Inc. as the President and in Wet Seal as a Chief Executive Officer. In the business world, Susan P Mcgalla is a goddess. She is a career woman who has beaten all odds […]

Journey to the Billionaires Club

Ken Griffin on valuewalk is a hedge fund manager, the founder, and the Chief Executive Office of the Citadel, an international alternative investment company. He has a wealth of more than $20 billion dollars in capital investments alone. His company is the largest alternative investment company in the world. The company is ranked top amongst […]

Organo Gold is Opening in Turkey

Reported on PR Newswire It has originally been reported on PR Newswire that Bernardo Chua has opened up a branch of his enterprise in Turkey. He is the CEO and the founder of Oregano Gold. It is an exciting opportunity for Turkey. This is a grand Global Footprint initiative. Organo Gold is known all around […]

Investment Guru James Dondero

He co-founded Highland Capital Management (HCM) in 1993 and remains its President, but James Dondero of Nexbank has extended himself to much more since then. Today he is also active in several other endeavors, such as serving on the boards of both MGM Studios and American Banknote as well as Chairman of the board for […]