Bruce Levenson Facts

The name Bruce Levenson is quite a well-known name in the United States. Most people who known Bruce Levenson or has heard his name associate him with the Atlanta Hawks. It is true that Bruce Levenson played a massive role in NBA history with this time as he owned the Hawks for over 10 years. […]

Purina Beneful: Premium Food for Your Dog

Purina Beneful dog food has been a household name and the leading brand of dog food for many years. There is a reason why Beneful stands out from other dog food brands. First, Purina has a Nutrition Research team that examines all ingredients that go into their dog food to ensure your pet is getting […]

The Rave About FreedomPop

I can remember when I got my very first cell phone. It was strictly for emergencies. I would actually leave it in the glove compartment all day. I only used it for those times when I had car trouble because I was paying for minutes. It was so difficult to keep up the payments that […]

Importance of dog care

I am not sure about any of you, but my dog is not considered my pet, but he is family. I treat my family with my best and my dog gets that same attention and care. I do not cut corners so that I can obtain something better for myself, but I take the time […]