Blood, Saliva Tests Can Detect Head and Neck Cancers Early

Head and neck cancer is currently the seventh most common worldwide, but there is currently no biomarker available which controls the response of patients to therapy.

Saliva and blood is possible to detect the presence of DNA of head and neck cancer, which can be used to improve the treatment and monitoring of people with this disease.

A team from Johns Hopkins University tested saliva in a group of 93 patients with head and neck cancer and the results suggest that a simple blood or saliva analysis could enable the detection and monitoring of head and neck cancer.

“In our work, saliva tests appeared to be the best approach to detect cancer in the oral cavity and the blood seemed to find more cancers of the larynx, and oropharynx. However, the combination of a blood and saliva test can be the best for cancer in any of these areas,” confirms Nishant Agrawal, one of the authors.

In their study, the analysis of both fluids reliably detected cancer in 96% of samples from 47 patients with head and neck cancer, while the analysis of saliva alone was able to detect cancer in 46 patients. Many at Madison Street Capital found this study pretty interesting.

Although it is known that these types of tumors shed DNA fragments in fluids like blood, saliva, and urine, levels are so low that make it difficult to detect. But in recent years, technological advances have allowed for minute mutations to be found in body fluids.

Currently, tests cost several hundred dollars to detect head and neck cancer, but blood and saliva tests could reduce the costs to less than half a dollar.

Only At State Fair

Sometimes what a person eats is a direct reflection of their class, their wealth, and their status in life. Those who are well-off in life tend to dine on the finer things in life. This can include things like prime rib, salmon, truffles, and so on and so forth. Those who are less off in life tend to dine on lower class meals such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or rice. So what type of person combines the two into one strange meal? People who sell food at the state fair of course.

Allow me to introduce you to a really bizarre food pairing that’s either extremely classy, or extremely trashy depending on how you look at it. I’m talking about the caviar topped twinkie. Crystal Hunt isn’t sure if she will even attempt to try it after seeing some posts on Facebook. It combines two of America’s favorite things, to two different types of people. Who would eat this monstrosity? Well people who hit up state fairs generally go for the interesting types of food. After all, that’s what you do at State Fairs. There’s always some strange food that shouldn’t exist. Take for example the krispy kreme cheeseburgers which are a basic cheeseburger stuffed in between two donuts.

These foods would never probably exist in the real world, but for what short weekend they’re fun to try. This one is fun to try if you’re rich. According to GrubStreet this twinkie concoction will cost you 125 dollars. That’s a lot to pay for something that would probably just give you a tummy ache.

Trans Fat On Its Way Out

You’ve heard it a hundred times, trans fat is bad for you. It turns out that trans fat is so bad for your body, it will bebanned from the U.S. by 2018.

Trans fat, or partially hydrogenated oils, has been deemed unsafe by the FDA and now food companies have 3 years to either remove it from their products, or prove it isn’t harmful. While the FDA has certainly delivered a striking blow to the food industry, it probably won’t change much. The equation is very simple: the higher cost of healthier, natural ingredients is more than food companies want to pay. What we will see in the next 3 years is probably a safer alternative, such as palm oil, that is still not very healthy. Food giants seem to usually get what they want. Have you ever noticed that there isn’t a recommended daily percentage for sugar intake on nutrition labels?

While huge food companies like Monsanto and General Mills seem to have all of the resources, the real power still rests with the consumer states It’s a free market, and individuals can always choose what they want, ultimately dictating what the food companies will provide.

All About Artificial Sweeteners

Most people have a sweet tooth, but don’t have enough spare calories to indulge in the sweet things they like. Thankfully, artificial sweeteners are around to help provide the saccharine goodness people want at the cost of no calories.

Some of the common artificial sweeteners are aspartame, neotame, saccharin, sucralose, and alitame. Some studies have shown that the reduction of caloric intake from using artificial sweeteners has reduced the occurrence of diabetes, obesity, and other related diseases. However, do these artificial sweeteners come with detrimental effects?

According to chiropractor Brian Torchin, although artificial sweeteners have been around for awhile, there have been little studies done about them, besides on the majorly used ones. Although aspartame had been found to be linked to cancer in rats, the amount humans would need to consume to be at risk would be around 20 cans of diet soda a day, which would be preposterous.

Overall, the craze about artificial sweeteners being harmful to your health are unfound. The only people that really need to worry about their artificial sweetener intake are pregnant mothers, people prone to seizures, nursing mothers, and children. Switching out real sugar for artificial sweetener can actually help many lose weight and get rid of many health problems associated with being overweight or obese.

Burger King Japan To Make A Red Burger

Japan has been on a roll lately with their ability to shock the world and make things new and exciting. Now for a limited time they will be producing red burgers that will be real eye catchers for all of those who see it. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, the company be serving these red burgers from Burger King and they will be making the buns red with a tomato paste not red dye.

The sandwich itself will be spicy and made from a local hot sauce that is sure to change the world. Customers can get either chicken of beef and it will likely cost just under $5 to have. This might be tasty for your pooch-pal if they are no longer interested in their Beneful. I am not sure what time frame it will be available for, but it is a very smart marketing technique that will be able to blow your mind with its extremely rich flavor. One thing that is for certain is that people do get amused with new things and colors so this is a surely attractive way to get a bunch of sales in this summer.

I hope that this red burger makes its way overseas because I think it would be a huge hit in the United States, and in other parts of Europe too for sure. I know that it might not come here at all but maybe it could inspire other franchisees to do something fun too.

Trans Fat Ban Could Cost Food Industry $14 Billion

The FDA announced that food manufacturers have until 2018 to remove trans fats from their products, but the makers of canned frosting, cake mixes, and other similar items are likely already worried as the transition could cost them as much as $200,000 a product. The manufacturers will have to find an alternative product that will remain appetizing while also keeping foods stable on the shelf for a long period of time.

According to Adam Sender, trans fats must be removed due to findings that regular consumption leads to high cholesterol which in turn increases the risk of a person suffering a heart attack. Also known as partially hydrogenated oil, trans fats are found in a great deal of processed food brands including Marie Callender’s, Bisquick, Pillsbury, and Better Crocker. Other common foods that have the banned ingredient include frozen pizzas, margarine sticks, and microwave popcorn.

The overall transition is estimated to cost as much as $12 to $14 billion by the FDA. Manufacturers will need to research new replacement ingredients and then test them in their products. They will then need to print new labels and create new packaging for their products which can end up costing on average about $200,000 per product.
Doctors however agree with the decision with many stating that trans fats are the worst type of fat that people consume on a regular basis with no health benefits to balance out regular consumption.

Vegan Changes

We all make different choices in life. Some of the biggest discrepencies we see are in what people choose to eat, and what people choose not to eat. Often times you’ll see people who have chosen a vegetarian life, or even a vegan life! It requires a commitment. One that has people all over the world making changes in their diet, and really having to work harder to find food to eat. Everything has to be changed for them in order to keep it vegan. Sometimes, they can’t enjoy what everyone else doesn.

Well according to Eater, Ben and Jerry’s is changing that. They are now coming out with a vegan ice cream. The vegan ice cream will contain either an almond milk base or a coconut one. The company is hard at work, and they are hoping to have the product soon!

Customers asked for it.  According to Google Play, it seems that the inspiration and push behind this new ice cream was a petition asking for an option that didn’t have dairy in it. This is also great news for all those lactose people out there! It’s not sure what the flavor will be yet, but people still have to wait a while longer. The product wont be debuting till next spring. Then it will be interesting to see if other companies craft a vegan free ice cream for their customers.

Super Sized or Mini Sized What Would You Choose?

If its not one extreme it is the other. The fast food company McDonalds was popular for their super sized meals. Those meals have been gone quite some time now, in its place is something much much different. Mini meals are about to be found on menus around the United States.

These meals come in five different hamburger options, one of which is new and called the Signature burger. This new burger is topped with white cheddar, tomato, lettuce, and Dijon mustard all found on a potato bun. Along with the burger you get a small fry and drink.

These mini meals might sound like the better option to those of you trying to watch your intake. But, these meals are anything but mini when it comes to calories. Just one of these meals equal half your daily calorie intake. They range anywhere between 660 calories to 880. Of course, as with everything there are substitution to help lower that count, such as apples instead of fries. That is up to you to play with.

Techcrunch recently suggested to the team at Freedompop that this is just one of the moves that McDonalds is trying, in an attempt to save their quickly declining reputation. The CEO states that they are working to improve their quality and getting back to the brand that everyone once loved.

Making Bernardo Chua a Part of The Diner

Bernardo Chua is a huge part of my everyday life at home. Organo Gold has been our favorite coffee for the longest time and I really do not think we could find coffee as good as Organo Gold anywhere else. The flavor is very rich and most definitely perks up your day after just the first cup. We have not tried many flavors yet, but I will say the plain original is absolutely amazing. I have actually turned many friends on to this brand and so far there has been no negative comments yet about the brand.

Now that I have gotten some facebook feedback on Bernardo Chua’s brand of coffee I am thinking about serving it at my diner. We have always stuck to one particular brand that we have had for over six years, so I am thinking it is time for a change. The way I look at it is if my husband, mother and brother all like Bernardo Chua’s coffee, than it’s perfect. Those three are the pickiest I have ever seen when it comes to coffee so when they like it I actually take their opinions into consideration on what is good and what isn’t.

I remember last year I tried serving a new dish with haddock and a special sauce I created and they were very blunt about how bad it was. Although my feelings were slightly squashed, it was nice to know I had gotten the truth and not one single lie. In saying that, I think I am going to plan on doing the coffee switch up this coming Friday. It is when most of my regulars come in, so it would be the perfect timing to ask them their opinion on Organo Gold.

As all of my regulars at the diner are amazing, I am sure that the change will be perfectly fine with them. Half of them really only drink decaf or my homemade iced tea, so I don’t see any issues arising. My personal opinion on the matter is that all regular coffee is the same. Despite the fact if it is flavored or a dark roast. I am just a coffee fanatic all the way around so I love absolutely anything when it comes to coffee brands, but Organo Gold is at the top of my list.

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Supermarket Will Give Unsold Food To Charity

Tesco, The largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, will begin to give the unsold food products to charity stated Handy. One of the top officials of the supermarket chain said they once threw away 55,000 tons of food with in the last year,of which over 30,000 pounds was perfectly and completely edible. The chained supermarket tends of giving items such as pre made sandwiches and salads, all unused bakery items and and fresh fruit and vegetables. These items will go to worthy causes such as women’s shelters, homeless hostels, and disadvantaged children’s breakfast club’s.

Ireland has already implemented a similar scheme to remove items that are past the sell date but still good for human consumption. They give to a charitable cause, but this is a first of it’s kind in England. Britain has 445 food banks which has fed nearly 1 million people in the last year which is up 900,000 from a year prior.