Can Toasted Buns Save McDonald’s?

McDonald’s has been desperately trying to entice consumers to buy their food since their sales faced a serious drop over last year’s numbers. For several years now the burger chain has been ailing, they are closing around 700 locations world-wide this year as a result according to Handy on the Itunes. They have brought out new artisan sandwiches, mini bundt cakes, and announced that they will cease using chicken and dairy treated with human antibiotics all in an effort to improve their public image. Their newest lackluster attempt at positive change is to toast their buns for 5 whole seconds longer. While that is surely a positive act, it seems a pittance compared to what McDonald’s needs to do to turn around their company. To many it just seems like they are out of good ideas. Seriously, warming their buns is not going to make that big of a difference and that is why their newest announcement is positively laughable.

Roasting Coffee with Help from a Smartphone

Wouldn’t you love to be able to roast coffee right from your own home? Wouldn’t it be great to roast your own coffee before you brew it? It seems like a good idea, right, having the opportunity to do something like that for yourself? But, it also seems like it could become a lot of work. Not so, with a new roaster that has come out. One can brew coffee from home in a simple manner through the help of this new roaster.

How is the new coffee roaster controlled? How can an individual like Mikal Watts get the roasted beans that they want in a simple way? This new home coffee roaster is controlled through the use of a smartphone. This coffee roaster is easy to use. Those who know how to use a smartphone will be able to roast their own coffee from the comfort of their own home. This is a new development and product that could really change the way that coffee is consumed.

Skipping Meals Can Lead to Prediabetes and Excess Belly Fat

You have probably heard from many different sources that it is not a good idea to skip meals. Now, there is research that firmly supports this assertion.

Researchers who work at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio had a study published in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry about comparison between 2 groups of mine who had different eating habits impose upon them. One group of mine was allowed to nibble at their portions of food throughout the day, and the other was to eat all of their food in one time and then fast for the rest of the day.

The researchers observed that the mice who ate all of their food in one session developed more belly fat, as well as increased insulin resistance in their livers. This surprised Ivan Ong a little bit. The insulin resistance is an indicator of prediabetes; delivered that has become desensitized to insulin will continue to produce unnecessary glucose, causing the blood to end up with an excess of glucose that ends up being stored as fat.

Both groups of mice weighed about the same on average, but the ones who ate all of their food within 4 hours and fasted for the remaining 20 hours of the day had significantly more belly fat.

In humans as well as mice, carrying excessive belly fat has been connected to insulin resistance, as well as a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

How to Make Changes to Your Family’s Diet

It’s all too easy to stop by a local fast food joint to pick up dinner for the night. It’s also incredibly easy to spend your days off relaxing in front of the television or watching movies at home with the family. It’s all about the popcorn and Netflix for Jason Halpern and family according to an article in The Real Deal. Living an unhealthy lifestyle is very bad for you, but it is even worse when your entire family is following the way that you live. The most important thing to consider when trying to get healthy is to make changes to your diet and to get the whole family involved along with you. Getting the family involved in a healthy diet and eating routine can be a wonderful thing for everyone.

One of the first steps to making changes to your family’s diet is to put more thought and effort into healthy at-home cooking. Cooking at home is great because it enables you to know what ingredients are being put into your dishes as opposed to buying something frozen that has tons of ingredients you cannot even pronounce. You may also want to put more thought into cooking ahead of time if you struggle to prepare delicious and wholesome meals because of the fact that you are always busy. Slow cookers are amazing because of the fact that they can create delicious dishes that don’t have to be babied throughout the day. Putting more thought into your family’s diet is key to helping everyone feel better.

Coffee Shop Hacking

Bulletproof coffee isn’t just your average caffeinated morning drink. Although it shares many commonalities with the hot beverage that can be bought on so many street corners across the country this drink and this company is different. The founder of this company has some big celebrity endorsement that will gladly attest to how this coffee in particular can and will make you feel Bulletproof. If you have never heard of biohacking then you may be in for a bit of a shock.
Dave Asprey estimate that there are about 100,000 biohackers worldwide and it is safe to say that he is well known among them. Asprey has a morning routine that puts a whole new spin on doing drugs and he’s not ashamed to tell us all about it. In his book The Bulletproof Diet on his podcast Bulletproof Radio he shares with anyone who will download and listen he he overcame the obstacles in his life, like being a jerk. After years of business success his personal opinion of himself was less than ideal, overweight and under-enlightened he invested his personal income from a company buy out into his mind and body. In the form of consultants and testing on every thing from brain waves to excersise. Asprey eliminated what he calls “Kryptonite” foods and consumed 4,500 calories a day shedding pounds along the way.
After a 2004 trip to Nepal and a taste of yak-butter tea the idea for bulletproof coffee was born, but there was no fast track in sight. Years of research fueled by Asprey‘s sleep-hacking technique led him to low mold beans and grass fed butter. It wasn’t until 2013 that this small idea grew in strength by word of mouth and became a full time job that now employees 20 people.
You may be closer to this new phenomenon than you realize, Bulletproof Coffee hopes to one day be as well known and as widely available as any other coffee company. With their first location coming to life in Santa Monica I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find lots of additional biohack technology being put to use in retail form.

Insure Your Best Friend’s Health With Beneful

What is it about human beings and their pets? Only humans support other animal species from birth into old age. Recent surveys indicate that they spend more on toys and accessories for their pets than they do on their own children. Revised statistics indicated that Americans spent a whopping $58,000,000 on pets in 2014. And they are quicker to get those pets to the doctor for medical checkups or for treatment for illness or injury than they are themselves. And when it comes to pet food, they’re downright obsessed with it, especially since the pet food poisoning scandal of a few years ago. To save money and to ensure quality ingredients in the foods that their pets are consuming, many owners have turned to “home cooked” or “raw” foods.

But many of these well meaning owners don’t realize that such efforts can actually sicken pets, or deprive them of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Fortunately, where dogs are concerned, one of America’s leading pet food manufacturers has come up with a better solution. In 2001, Purina began marketing a dog food called Beneful that focused more on balanced nutrition for canines than similar brands. Beneful‘s ingredients to that end included meat, vegetables, and whole grains. The food’s debut was accompanied by a multi-million dollar television campaign, the largest in Purina’s history.

Beneful was an instant hit. It is the company’s single biggest dog food seller, and the third biggest seller on the market today. Its staggering sales forced the company to make multi-million dollar upgrades to a facility for the sole purpose of manufacturing this one brand. When Beneful debuted, the brand was available as a dry kibble, or as a “wet” or canned one. Today, Beneful is available as a vegetarian meal in addition to eight different “prepared” dishes. The brand debuted new and improved foods in 2010 that look more like human foods, as studies have shown that dogs are more excited about eating what their two legged parents are. Beneful brands now include varities that target a dog’s teeth, coat, and weight, in addition to a special brand for puppies. Indulgent owners can also purchase various Beneful treats, some of which help to remove tartar from dogs’ teeth.

Since 2011, Beneful has sponsored a “Dream Dog Park” contest in which the winning video earns its creator $250,000 to put towards building or renovating a community dog park. For more on Beneful, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

So Far It Is A Suc…

Get excited because Wendy’s international burger chain has added something new, tasty and healthy to their menu! The addition is called “Black Bean Burger,” a veggie burger that is selling like hot cakes in Ohio, where it is being tested. Served with Colby-pepper jack cheese, asiago ranch sauce and tomato on a multi-grain bun.

What is more, this is nothing new for fast foods. Burger King and McDonald’s have experimented with foods. McDonald’s and Burger King operate in 30 countries worldwide. Wendy’s measured by sales of the USA, comes in as third-largest burger chain, behind McDonald’s and Burger King.

At participating restaurants, the lines were long, with strong customer enthusiasm and burgers a plenty. This is about what Business Insider expected. So far it is a success, but time will tell with more and more testers who judge it according to Adam Sender. Wendy’s new black bean burger is definitely a super choice to substitute meat. Right now, the sandwich is $4.50, but research may affect the outcome of product and costs.

Eating Healthy When You Go Out

Its nice to go out once in awhile and not have to cook at home but if you are someone who likes to eat healthy then this can be a challenge. The majority of American restaurant chains offer meals that are packed full of fat, salt and more. Not to mention a lot of the food is processed which means its got lots of unwanted ingredients like MSG. It is possible to eat healthy out at a restaurant though, you just need to make

wise decisions
and do a little bit of investigative work.

Fruits And Veggies
Your best bet is to pick a meal that comes with plenty of fruit and / or veggies. This is true even if you are picking up a quick meal at a local McDonalds or Wendys. You can pick a salad and that is going to be much healthier than say, a Big Mac.

Limit Sugar
You are going to want to stay away from any meal options that contain a lot of sugar. Chinese food has a lot of dishes that actually has a lot of sugar added because of the sweet sauces included. Stick with a grilled option that doesn’t have excessive sauce, as plenty of people on offer that suggestion.

Watch Calorie Content
It is easy to consume more calories then you are planning on when you eat out. Mainly because you do not know exactly what goes into every recipe. If you order a big meal, eat half and take the rest home for when you are hungry later on or for lunch the next day.

A New Cookbook To Try

There is a new cookbook out by Hugh Acheson, and, according to reviews, it is definitely something that you should check out. People loved his previous, short cookbook, and they are loving this one, as well. The book is titled “The Broad Fork”, and it is a stunner. With a hard cover and matte pages this book is quality and beautiful. There is nothing more fun than having a good cookbook to go to when you are wanting to make a meal for your family, and, according to what people are saying, this is a must-have cookbook. Put it on your shelf and your table will be graced with a wide variety of dishes from baked potatoes to nori. This book offers many options for you. James Dondero would venture to say that you will never get bored when using it.
So, whether you are already a Hugh Acheson fan or if you have never heard of him before, this book is definitely one to keep in mind the next time that you go out to purchase a cookbook for yourself or as a gift.

TV Chef Sandra Lee to Undergo Double Mastectomy Following Breast Cancer Diagnosis

“You’re a ticking time bomb.” And they both said, “You need—I would just get them both done.”

Those are the chilling words expressed to celebrity chef Sandra Lee, after a visit with her doctor and radiologist following a lumpectomy with unclean margins that could land her in Gallagher Funeral Home.

Lee will undergo a double mastectomy next week and then a six to eight-week radiation cycle to battle a breast cancer diagnosis. The 48-year-old TV personality spoke with GMA’s Robin Roberts, a cancer survivor herself.

According to, Lee learned the news March 27 while doing a photo shoot for People magazine’s “Most Beautiful People issue:

“And I walked off the set, and 20 minutes later my doctor called and told me I had breast cancer,” she said. “I didn’t even cry, I was stunned … You know, and that’s just how fast life turns. It turns on a dime.”

Lee told Roberts she went public for this reason:

“Girls in 20s and their 30s just have to know. And I don’t want women to wait. And that’s why I’m talking … If it saves one person, and makes one more person go get a mammogram, and if they’re sitting down right now watching this, don’t watch this TV. Go pick your phone up, and call your doctor and get your rear end in there and get a mammogram right now.”

Lee is the longtime partner of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.