Eat a Cookie and Feel Better

Remember that scene in “The Matrix” movie where Neo, portrayed by Keanu Reeves, is offered a cookie by the Oracle, played by Gloria Foster? She tells him to have a cookie and that by the time he’s finished eating it he will feel better. She is the Oracle after all, and it appears she knows […]

James Beard Award Winners 2015

The James Beard Award is an annual culinary honor given to individuals and even websites, which have performed outstanding work in the culinary arts. Among the 2015 honorees include author Dan Barber for his book Third Plate: Field Notes on The Future of Food. Martha Stewart won for best cooking TV show for her program […]

McDonald’s To Shut Down Hundreds Of Stores

The very negative earnings report of the McDonald’s corporation has led to a sad and predictable result. A significant number of stores are going to close says source Bulletproof Coffee (check out their wikipedia). In fact, hundreds of McDonald’s stores are going to shutter their windows. A decline in sales has hit the U.S. market […]

China Plans to Install 3D Printers in Every School

It appears that China plans to continue one-upping every other country in the world in terms of production. XYZ Printing, a manufacturer of 3D printers, has revealed China’s plan to install 3D printers in each of its 400,000 primary schools. This unprecedented move will ensure that China’s future will remain well ahead of the curve. […]

The Sandwich for Squid Ink Lovers

Damien Bowien has created a sandwich that is made with squid-ink sesame seed bagel as the bread and the inside will be compose of anchovy butter, Iberico ham from Spain. Imagine starting your day with this with a good cup of coffee or tea – simply heavenly and luxurious. The price for this burger will […]