Poultry Producers Leading the Way in Cutting Back Use of Antibiotics

The rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria over the coming years is a cause for concern among those in the health care arena. A big potential cause of the development of such bacteria is the overuse of antibiotics by doctors for their patients. Even if this is curbed, however, there is another source of this problem. Companies that sell meat to consumers use antibiotics in their chickens and other animals to fight disease but mainly to help spur growth, so they can get bigger chickens and make more from each one. Some of these antibiotics that are used for this purpose are also used in humans for treating bacteria caused diseases. There is concern that their use in farm animals for our consumption will cause the rise of bacteria resistant to them that will then find their way to infecting humans. Consumer Ivan Ong stresses the importance of eating quality food.

Poultry producers Perdue and Pilgrim’s Pride had already announced they were no longer using antibiotics that are also used in human medicine in raising their chickens. The big news now is that the largest poultry producer, Tyson Foods, has just announced that they will be following suit. This was prompted by increasing complaints from advocacy groups about this type of use for these antibiotics and also by the fact that McDonald’s had announced they will phase out the use of such chicken. Tyson is their main supplier so this must have factored heavily in their decision. Now we all have to wait for producers of turkey, beef and pork to catch up to this sensible policy.

Pharmaceutical Companies Buy Competitors Drugs Then Increase The Price

Branded Drug Prices Have Increased 127 Percent Since 2008

The drug companies have crossed the line of integrity so many times the word has a totally different meaning to them. Integrity means taking money out of the pockets of people that need medications to survive and putting it on the bottom line of their profit and loss statement. Drug companies use all kinds of tricks to steal legally from consumers. The latest trick is to buy the rights to a drug manufactured by another drug company, and then marking the price up 500 percent without making any improvements to the drug.

A good example was discovered recently when Valeant Pharmaceutical bought a couple of heart drugs for a competitor and immediately put them on the market under their brand. The list price on those two drugs went through the roof, much to the dismay of Brad Reifler. One drug price went up 212 percent and the other rose by 525 percent.

The big question is who is watching these drug companies? Where is the FDA when deals like this one are made? The FDA does nothing to protect consumers. They create more red tape for consumers. They allow drug companies to charge what they want when they want. Drug companies don’t care about their customers when they charge ludicrous prices. And to top it off, the FDA looks the other way.

Eat a Cookie and Feel Better

Remember that scene in “The Matrix” movie where Neo, portrayed by Keanu Reeves, is offered a cookie by the Oracle, played by Gloria Foster? She tells him to have a cookie and that by the time he’s finished eating it he will feel better. She is the Oracle after all, and it appears she knows what she is talking about.

Doctors have discovered consuming sugar reduces cortisol, the hormone that causes stress. For their findings, scientists measured the cortisol levels in 19 female volunteers at the start of a 12 day experiment. Then daily for 12 days, half of the group drank a beverage sweetened with sugar and the other half drank a beverage sweetened with an artificial sweetener called aspartame. At the end of the experiment, scientists measured the volunteers’ cortisol levels again and found females who had consumed the sugary beverage had lower levels of cortisol than at the start. Females who drank the artificially sweetened actually measured higher levels of the stress hormone. Brain MRI scans showed an increase in the brain’s activities that deal with fear and stress for those who drank sugar, versus less brain activity in the aspartame-drinking group.

It’s no wonder we turn to sweets after a break up, or finding out we are “the one” like Neo in “The Matrix.” Brian Torchin always wondered why that happened.

James Beard Award Winners 2015

The James Beard Award is an annual culinary honor given to individuals and even websites, which have performed outstanding work in the culinary arts. Among the 2015 honorees include author Dan Barber for his book Third Plate: Field Notes on The Future of Food. Martha Stewart won for best cooking TV show for her program Martha Stewart’s Cooking School. The Cookbook of the Year award went to David Sterling for his book Yucatán: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition. The winner of the Cookbook Hall of Fame award went to Barbara Kafka, an established cookbook author whose books include The Intolerant Gourmet, a book for those with lactose and gluten intolerances and Vegetable Love, a highly researched book about vegetables and vegetable recipes. The winner of the American cookbook category is Sean Brock for Heritage. There is even an award for beverages. This year’s winner is Dave Arnold for Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail. The best Group Food Blog went to grubstreet.com.

These awards are give each year by the James Beard Foundation, an organization named for the late, influential American chef James Beard. Located in New York City, the organization will hold its awards gala for the first time in Chicago, Illinois. There are many links between the award and this city as many winners have been from Chicago. The year 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the awards. Although, located across the country FreedomPop eagerly awaits the results.

Yet Another Ice Cream Company Is Forced To Recall All Of Their Products

Beware of ice cream and other frozen desserts, yet another ice cream brand has been forced to recall of their products due to listeria being present in a random sample.

Blue Bell has been in the news as of late for a few recalls that finally led to a total recall of all of their products after listeria showed up at even more of their factories. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is the latest brand to face this sort of huge recall, including their physical ice cream shops.

The gourmet frozen dessert company failed a sampling in Nebraska which led to the recall. There have been no reported illnesses related toJeni’s products as of right now, thank goodness. These random samplings have taken down two companies in such a short time that it makes one wonder how stringent the production standards are for frozen treats.

There need to be more factory tours and stricker guidelines on the production of these products before an epidemic is started. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG is very concerned, and hopes that people are conscious consumers. 

McDonald’s To Shut Down Hundreds Of Stores

The very negative earnings report of the McDonald’s corporation has led to a sad and predictable result. A significant number of stores are going to close says source Bulletproof Coffee (check out their wikipedia). In fact, hundreds of McDonald’s stores are going to shutter their windows. A decline in sales has hit the U.S. market severely. Sales in other parts of the world are also doing poorly. A new plan is being devised to help reverse the troubled trend. Unfortunately, the losses experienced by McDonald’s is forcing the closure of stores.

Not everyone is a fan of the fast food industry and some might herald the closing of the stores as good news. It is not. A lot of people are going to lose their jobs and health benefits. As more stores shutter, jobs end up becoming scarce. Fast food restaurants are often the places in which teenagers procure their first time jobs. While the pay is not high, the valuable experienced gained sets the stage for future employments. Older persons look towards McDonald’s as a viable source of employment and the low wages still provide an income.

The fast food industry is changing. While McDonald’s lost 11%, Taco Bell rose by 6% and Chipotle Mexican Grill saw a nearly 10.5% increase. Healthier food options combined with the image of McDonald’s being outdated is not helping things. Can McDonald’s turn things around? The possibility does exist and, hopefully, the new CEO can deliver results.

China Plans to Install 3D Printers in Every School

It appears that China plans to continue one-upping every other country in the world in terms of production. XYZ Printing, a manufacturer of 3D printers, has revealed China’s plan to install 3D printers in each of its 400,000 primary schools.

This unprecedented move will ensure that China’s future will remain well ahead of the curve. It single handedly doubles the estimated production of 3D printers over the next two years. That is a pretty big deal to Ricardo Tosto any way you put it.

XYZ Printing is sure to cash in big on this deal. They have already inked a deal to be the largest provider of the 3D printers installed in Chinese schools. This deal alone will make XYZ Printing one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of 3D printers in the world.

I think that the United States really needs to pay attention to this one. While our economy is still struggling and playing world police, other countries around the world are taking real steps forward. We continue to fall behind in so many significant areas of education while our basic infrastructure crumbles.

The biggest benefit of this deal is sure to be innovation in the world of 3D printing. With that many minds at work it’s hard to imagine what might be created in the future.

Student Sent To Detention Center For Hacking Computer

A 14-year old child was incarcerated in a detention center for changing the background of a teacher’s computer. The 8th grader’s name hasn’t been revealed, but he is a student at Paul R. Smith Middle School, in Florida. The 8th grader decided to log into an absent teacher’s computer, and what he did next was quite controversial when Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG read about it here.

The 14 year-old student changed the display on the teacher’s computer, and he replaced the background photo with a picture of two men kissing. The 8th grade student said that he did not like his teacher, and he was just trying to play a practical joke on him. However, the young student didn’t realize that the computer he logged into was connected to a government database, which held the grades of thousands of statewide exams.

The 14-year old child could have changed the grades of hundreds of students, but it was reported that he didn’t. However, it is considered a felony to hack into a government based computer, and that’s why the student was sent to a detention center. The punishment does sound a bit extreme to me, but the 14-year old student has been in trouble for the same reason in the past. The 8th grader was released from the detention center a short while ago, and his mother was surprised by the amount of punishment that her son received. For more information on this story, visit Rollingstone.

Product Recognition Is The Perfect Way To Figure Out That Mystery Ingredient

Most foods these days have labels on them, which allow people to recognize them, wherever they are seen. But it may not always be easy for a home chef to know what every ingredient is, especially if they see the product in the hands of another person or at a mysterious market. Anyone who sees an ingredient that they are interested in, and maybe they would like the product for themselves, is encouraged to use product recognition apps. Product recognition is usable, after a picture is taken of an unknown item, and then the application will analyze the picture.

After analyzing the picture, the application may come back with an exact match, allowing the person to know where the product is located, how much it costs, and even allowing them to purchase the product right away. If the application is not able to recognize the product, it can use other resources, in order to analyze the picture, and determine a close match. Product recognition is a much easier way to find a product, other than shopping around from store to store, hoping that you’ll come across the product on your own. Product recognition is the main feature of cool new app Slyce.

Slyce has technologies, which allow anyone to find a product that they may want. Since it’s always possible to see great products, while we are out on the road, we may not always know who the product creator is, where to find it, or what the cost may be. It may be a bit embarrassing to ask the person who’s holding the product, to give you more information about it, especially if they are unknown to you. Product recognition technology, allows you to snap a photo of the product, and the technology analyzes it, saving you the time it takes to search for the product on your own.

Slyce has created several technologies, which allow for product recognition, via printed ads, as well as taking an actual picture of the item, and the applications can analyze the pictures very well. Since Slyce works with six of the biggest retailers that are in the USA, the technology they provide, is able to bring back a match of many products. Once a match is made, it’s even possible to purchase the item right away, and have it shipped to your home. Imagine the amount of time that is saved, just by using Slyce technologies?

The applications are free to download, so you can begin using the product recognition app right away, allowing a product that you take a picture of to be analyzed. The pictures are analyzed in different stages, allowing for a close match, if not an exact match. Product recognition is different than it once was, and now it’s much easier to use an application, in order to find the exact product that you may see, while you’re out with your phone. If you don’t know about an item you’ve found, snap a picture, and use the app to find it.

The Sandwich for Squid Ink Lovers

Damien Bowien has created a sandwich that is made with squid-ink sesame seed bagel as the bread and the inside will be compose of anchovy butter, Iberico ham from Spain. Imagine starting your day with this with a good cup of coffee or tea – simply heavenly and luxurious.

The price for this burger will be $13.75 which is actually reasonable for a sandwich this intense and complex. Spanish Iberico Ham sells for $100 per pound which can be quite expensive, but the experience and enjoyment you will have from eating this sandwich is irreplaceable. This is another great food invention because it is going along with America’s ever so changing times and progress in almost everything. They are yet to discover more food adventures like this and maybe something even more enticing and delicious.

This sandwich was made to attract those who are open to being adventurous when it comes because not everyone likes to eat anything that’s black or has anchovy butter. It has been talked about at CipherCloud, but not a lot of people are liking the idea of it. The idea may seem a little strange, but anchovy actually tastes pleasant and appetizing. With the hint of saltiness coming from the anchovy and the smooth texture of the butter make it a perfect a combination and a symphony of flavors in anyone’s mouth.

Food is meant to be enjoyed and more inventions like this should be made to make the public more familiar with different kinds of food and sandwiches.