More Ingredients to Be Concerned about

Individuals who are conscience of the things they put into their body will be interested to know that there are other ingredients that they should be concerned about. Food additives that are usually used to stabilize and thicken processed foods have recently been shown to disrupt the bacteria in the stomach. This can lead to a variety of health problems.

In a recent study, mice were given two different chemicals that are usually used as food additives. These mice gained weight, they developed digestion issues, and they had altered blood sugar. It was also found that they experienced metabolic syndrome and inflammation.

It is extremely important for individuals to read the ingredients that are listed in foods that they consume on a regular basis. Taking time to learn about what is contained in these foods can go a long way in helping a person to avoid health problems. Haidar Barbouti has found that, because of the additives are commonly found in foods, more and more individuals are trying to take on a natural diet.

One of the reasons why people are drawn to processed food is because of how easy it is to access. Most people lead busy lives. Opening a package and eating its contents is a lot easier than preparing a healthy meal. However, for individuals who are concerned out their health and the health of their family members, taking time to prepare healthy meals is worth it.

Alternative Salad Ideas


One common misconception is that all salads have to be green. If we aren’t crunching on that juicy lettuce, then it doesn’t count. Fortunately, the past few years have introduced us to recipes that other from around the world have enjoyed for centuries. Roots, grains, and fruits now make up extremely healthy alternatives to our traditional romaine and iceberg standards.

In addition to having new tasty alternatives, some of these salads are also much more nutritious than our daily “regular” options.  AnastasiaDate users offer recipes from Europe like fruit salads offer the benefit of having whole servings of fruit and being extremely refreshing on a hot summer day. Root salads are perfect for the fall and winter months when these vegetables are traditionally in season. Grain salads such as quinoa are another year round option that can provide sustenance for those feeling slightly more hungry. Check out great recipes here for more alternative salads.

Break out of your salad comfort zone and trying something new! There are tons of options to keep you eating healthy and feeling great. Keep it simple, keep it delicious, and keep expanding your horizons.

More Mercury in Tuna than 50 Years Ago

Tuna is good for us, so say the health experts. We should be eating a few servings of tuna each week to benefit from the healthy omega-3 fatty acids the fish contains.

Data was recently analyzed that spanned the last 50 years regarding the mercury level in tuna and shocking results were founds. Pacific yellowfin tuna, also called ahi tuna, has increased in mercury content every year by 3.8 percent over the last fifty years. That’s not 3.8 percent total, that’s 3.8 percent each and every year for 50 years.

Where is all the mercury in the ocean coming from that is finding its way inside the flesh of tuna? We are to blame.

Air-borne pollutants emitted from natural and man-made sources are taken up into the atmosphere and return to the earth as some form of precipitation or dust. Digital imaging suggests the precipitation or dust containing mercury particles finds its way into the earth’s water sources and ultimately into the fish we eat. The open ocean water was once thought to be safe from marauding pollutants, but the rising mercury contents in tuna tell a different tale. Fresh water fish from lakes and streams are also increasing in their mercury content.

New Study Suggests Introducing Peanuts Early Could Prevent Allergy Later

Nearly 15 years ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics advised parents of children at risk of developing peanut allergies to avoid peanut products completely until age 3. Those recommendations were revised in 2008 to state that there is no evidence that avoidance of these foods would help to prevent allergies.

A new study published in the “New England Journal of Medicine” goes even further to suggest introducing peanut products to infants can actually prevent the development of a peanut allergy as a child gets older.

The study, held in London, followed over 500 patients aged 4 to 11 months old over the course of 5 years. Half of the participants were fed a diet rich in peanut protein, while the other half were told to avoid peanuts entirely. Those who consumed peanut products were 80% less-likely to develop a peanut allergy.

It’s estimated that nearly 400,000 school-aged children in the United States currently have a peanut allergy. In an interview with CNN, Dr. Lee Tak Hong of the Allergy Centre of the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital said that this study could result in major changes to current public health guidelines.

Paul Mathieson (  knows that, currently, the World Health Organization recommends the avoidance of all peanut products if you are allergic. This study suggests the complete opposite which means all health guidelines would have to be re-evaluated.

BEC Opens in NYC


A new restaurant is coming to New York City–one that only sells breakfast sandwiches. If you’re a fan of this deliciously convenient invention, you’ll want to pay a visit to BEC.

BEC, which stands for bacon, eggs and cheese, is the first restaurant of its kind in the area, and perhaps ever. The owner, Jessica Bologna, offers a number of takes on the breakfast sandwich, so you’re sure to find one that fits your taste. According to there’s a Greek breakfast sandwich that features feta cheese and lamb sausage. Or, you can go for the farmhouse variety, which is dressed with honey and fig jam and features pancetta. One of Dave Morins favorites!

The restaurant will be located on 8th Avenue, and will have late hours, possibly closing at 2pm. So, if you’re in the mood for a breakfast sandwich for lunch, this could be the place. Bologna is also applying for a license to serve alcohol, which means you can enjoy a cocktail with your favorite breakfast as well.

Fermented Food Improve Mental Health


A new study shows that eating fermented food improves mental health. Now the challenge is on to make fermented food palatable so humans can actually eat it.
The study was conducted at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital and focused the research on the effect of fermented food and beverages on mental health. According to emobile, the theory being since the gut contains several hundred different species of bacteria, some good, some bad, and they directly impact our digestive health, perhaps there is also a link between the bacteria and mental health.
The good and bad bacteria would be introduced to the body via fermented food if the theory panned out. A separate study conducted recently showed that fermented food may have anti-inflammatory effects within the body and reduce high blood pressure. The most recent study seems to prove there is a link between fermented foods and positive mental health.
If people could literally eat their way out of depression, anxiety disorders and other mental health afflictions, most would willingly do so. Fermented foods, i.e. rotting foods, will be an obstacle to overcome if the medical practice is to become applicable. Few people would be able to get past the aroma of fermented foods in order to be able to eat them, even if it meant being cured from a mental health problem.

Dirt Candy’s New Location and Menu Items

If you’ve got an adventurous side when it comes to food, Dirt Candy is sure to impress. You’ll be especially excited with the fare if you’re vegetarian, or finding creative ways to stick to your Meatless Monday new year’s resolution.

Amanda Cohen, the owner of Dirt Candy, has included a carrot waffle with peanut mole sauce, as well as a chocolate onion tart on the menu. These flavor combination have the strong potential to keep you coming back for more. You can also enjoy a matzo ball soup with kale or Brussels sprout tacos when you visit Dirt Candy.

Dirt Candy has moved to a larger location, so diners like Haidar Barbouti won’t have to wait up to two months for a reservation. Check out Barbouti on This was sometimes the case at the previous Dirty Candy site, and Cohen is looking to change this. The restaurant offers dinner service only right now, but will be expanding to brunch and lunch hours soon.