More Ingredients to Be Concerned about

Individuals who are conscience of the things they put into their body will be interested to know that there are other ingredients that they should be concerned about. Food additives that are usually used to stabilize and thicken processed foods have recently been shown to disrupt the bacteria in the stomach. This can lead to […]

Alternative Salad Ideas

  One common misconception is that all salads have to be green. If we aren’t crunching on that juicy lettuce, then it doesn’t count. Fortunately, the past few years have introduced us to recipes that other from around the world have enjoyed for centuries. Roots, grains, and fruits now make up extremely healthy alternatives to […]

BEC Opens in NYC

  A new restaurant is coming to New York City–one that only sells breakfast sandwiches. If you’re a fan of this deliciously convenient invention, you’ll want to pay a visit to BEC. BEC, which stands for bacon, eggs and cheese, is the first restaurant of its kind in the area, and perhaps ever. The owner, […]

Fermented Food Improve Mental Health

  A new study shows that eating fermented food improves mental health. Now the challenge is on to make fermented food palatable so humans can actually eat it. The study was conducted at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital and focused the research on the effect of fermented food and beverages on mental health. […]

Dirt Candy’s New Location and Menu Items

If you’ve got an adventurous side when it comes to food, Dirt Candy is sure to impress. You’ll be especially excited with the fare if you’re vegetarian, or finding creative ways to stick to your Meatless Monday new year’s resolution. Amanda Cohen, the owner of Dirt Candy, has included a carrot waffle with peanut mole […]