Beneful : Full Of Goodness

The motto of Beneful brand dog food fits this product well. Not only do the makers of Beneful jump through lots of hoops to make sure that their food extends standards, but they are also very involved in the community around them. Beneful is truly all about the dogs.

The makers of Beneful take special care to ensure that their food is the best that it can be. Their tracking system allows them to track the origins of all raw ingredients from the time that they are delivered to their manufacturing plants to the time they are turned into finished products. The tracking does not stop there, however. The products are then tracked to the retail stores.

The standards at the manufacturing plants are one of the strictest in the dog food industry. Ingredient specifications need to meet standards according to Purina. Product safety, sanitation procedures, and strict manufacturing all need to be followed and standards need to be met.

Beneful not only is strict on how its food is made, but they also feel that their food needs to go to the dogs. Their advertising is not only directed at pet owners, but at dogs themselves. Their commercials have been known to not only have cute dogs in them for the audience viewing pleasure ,but they have noises in them that are directed to the dogs themselves. Thus getting the dogs interested in their products.

They do not stop there. The makers of Beneful believe that dogs need more than good food in order to be happy. They need to play for a well-balanced life. One of the best ways for owners and dogs to get out and play is to go to a dog park. However, not every city or town has a dog park that is safe for dogs to go play. Beneful has sponsored the funding for the creation or recreation of many dog parks that give dogs a safe place to play.

Fine Wine According to The Antique Wine Company


Fine wine is a Eurpean cultural phenomenon that has a history of over three millennia. And like any other complex element of our culture, experiencing fine wine requires intelligent discrimination, utmost respect for tradition, and wide experience.


The Antique Wine Company, one of the world’s foremost purveyors of fine wines, displays all three of these qualities. You have only to listen to a few of the podcasts produced by Antique Wine Company’s Founder and CEO Stephen Williams, ranging from discussions of the component qualities of fine wine through reviews of major labels to such abstract concepts as the relationship between wine and music, to appreciate the depth of discrimination the company shows. AWC’s international staff of experts is also highly trained and experienced in helping customers understand and evaluate their products.


The appreciation of fine wine requires a deep respect for its history and tradition. Because the Antique Wine Company is fully aware of its responsibility to maintain and advance the tradition, it launched the AWC Wine Academy in 2011. Located at the Antique Wine Company’s headquarters in London, the Wine Academy hosts a regularly scheduled series of events designed to promote a wider and deeper understanding of the traditions of wine appreciation. These events include masterclasses, lectures, dinners, and corporate seminars, all presented with state-of-the-art audio-visual systems. The Antique Wine Company, in addition to partnering with an international firm that designs and constructs wine cellars, also offers advice and assistance in wine investment, insurance, and trade.


The maintenance of the European fine wine tradition also requires extensive experience with the production, bottling, distribution, and merchandising of wine. Here again, the Antique Wine Company shows itself to be one of the world’s foremost purveyors. Founded over thirty years ago and headquartered in London, with regional offices in Hong Kong and the Philippines, it operates in seventy countries around the world. The Antique Wine Company holds over 10,000 varieties of wines in its storage facilities, wines that represent not only France, Germany, and Italy, but the best of the vintages of the New World, from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina. From its beginnings in 1982, the company has grown to be one of the largest and most highly respected in the world, frequently called upon to assist in wine selection for events involving major world figures. In 2011, the Antique Wine Company broke the record for the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold (an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem). It is an established force in its field.


When it comes to selecting a purveyor of fine wines, you’ll be opting for discrimination, tradition, and experience when selecting the Antique Wine Company. In addition, shopping the Antique Wine Company’s online store is a dream of convenience and valuable support, not to mention elegance and ease. Experiencing the profound and ancient tradition of fine wines has never been easier. Find them on Facebook for more news and event information.


Ramen Lab Opens


If you’re in the mood for an authentic bowl of ramen, you’ll want to pay a visit to the newly opened Ramen Lab. I cannot wait to try this restaurant with my friend Fersen Lambranho. He loves Ramen. The eatery features two main ramen dishes, one of which is over 100 years old according to Exame Abril.

The first ramen dish is miso-based and topped with green onion and nira. The second dish is the tried and true ramen entree that is made from a clear broth created from rendered chicken fat. The noodles are especially wavy and this dish is also topped with green onions.

The restaurant is open to the public from 5pm to 10pm. When diners come in, the chef prepares a meal for 10 guests at a time. This helps to preserve the rich and savory flavor of each ramen dish. During the day, Ramen Lab is committed to meeting with chefs of other ramen restaurants and providing productive feedback and assistance.

Steer Clear

For many years, we have been urged to limit the amount of red meat we consume due to the negative effects it can have on out health. Additionally there had been thought that heavy red meat consumption could lead to certain cancers, and now the exact cause from this has been found. There seems to be a certain sugar found in red mets that can cause an inflammatory response in our immune systems thus possibly leading to the development of certain cancers.


With that said, and the new year underway, maybe it is best to jump on the health bandwagon and stop eating meat and start consuming more vegetables. That’s what Christian Broda is trying to do with himself. Not saying an occasional juicy hamburger will kill you, but this is definitely something to think about especially the next time your order your steak rare. Maybe next time, just order chicken and a nice tossed salad.

New Dunkin Donut Bagels


Dunkin Donuts is the pitstop for many Americans like Christian Broda,  who go many mornings so they can pick up donuts to munch on at work. They are known for making a variety of tasty treats and have recently announced the addition of a new treat to the family: the Tomato Mozzarella Supreme Bagel. There are herbs, tomato, seasonings, and so forth and costs only $1.79. The bagel is good for people on the go who prefer spicier foods over their sweet tooth. The name can be misleading but the company actually has plans to further expand the foods that they sell including croissants, breads, and as you can now tell, bagels. Here is an article that talks more about the addition of the bagel into the family: EMBED LINK HERE

The company is still trying out these new additions but so far they have been great for the company. It is good they are making new food items because not only will it make it a more premier breakfast stop for people instead of having to pick between places but it gives them the opportunity to expand as a company as well.

Multiple Allergic Reactions Traced To Single Protein

John Hopkins plus other researchers from University of Alberta have identified the fact that one protein is the cause of painful and hazardous allergic reactions that happen to a variety of medications as well as other substances. In case a new drug is able to be discovered that mainly targets the challenging protein, the researchers states that, it could assist in smooth therapy for patients suffering from conditions that range from prostate cancer to HIV and Aids to diabetes. Their findings are published in a journal called Nature on December 17, and TechCrunch also covered the findings extensively.  Even heard about this from fellow Skout users.

Previous researchers traced reactions like pain, rashes as well as itching at the sites where injection of most drugs was done and also in the section that has the immune system which is known as the Mast cells.  These antibodies are generated by use of additional immune cells in reaction to germs, viruses or even other apparent threats. Nevertheless, even though most of the injections sites responses seems like an allergic reactions, the odd thing concerning them is the fact that there no antibodies produced. This is according to Xinzhong Dong, Ph.D, who is neuroscience associate professor in the Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences in Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine.

Grub Street’s Best of 2014 Dishes


If you are anything like my friend Christian Broda and want to eat a great meal to close out 2014, Grub Street has a list of foods to choose from. The NYC restaurant scene has long been known for its diversity, and you’re sure to find an array of foods that will make your dining experience unique.

Cherche Midi has a prime rib meal that you’ll want to take advantage of if you’re a fan of tasty aged beef. The meat is served with a potato souffle and a green salad.

If you’re in the mood for pizza, the potato carbonara pizza from Marta will prove to be a tasty treat. The entree includes egg and Pecorino as well.

The Fedora Burger at Bar Sardine is also a tasty treat, and features ingredients like fried potatoes and cucumbers.

For more great dining ideas, check out the Grub Street website.