Taralluci e Vino: Not Just for Cafe Anymore


When people are on the hunt for private event space in New York City, restaurants are quite often strong considerations. At most events, some sort of food is going to be served; so it makes sense to choose a place whose foremost specialty is food; and the event space is a great bonus.

The Spotted Pig, a restaurant in New York’s West Village, is one such place. An award winning spot (earning one star from the Michelin Guide for the past seven years), the chef and her food have made the restaurant a huge success with not only residents, but with city visitors who include it on their must go list. From what some have said are the best French fries in the City to a brunch that’s fantastic in its own right, you just can’t seem to go wrong with The Spotted Pig. The location also boasts a great event space upstairs and with the restaurant’s immense popularity why wouldn’t one want to consider The Pig for their next fete.

Another spot with fantastic event space is The Wythe Hotel located on the waterfront in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn. From a screening room to an outdoor garden, the Wythe has no lack of space to host your event. The rooftop bar, The Ides, and restaurant Reynards, with its views of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines, are also options.

With four locations in NYC, Tarallucci e Vino, a café chain is also becoming known for its great event spaces. Hosting private events at only two of their locations, Union Square and Cooper Hewitt, the spaces aim to give the same great experience that patrons of the cafes have come to expect. The Union Square location, a loft space located in Downtown New York, can accommodate small intimate dinners to those events on slighter bigger scale. If you are looking to host a much grander celebration, the Cooper Hewitt, with four separate event spaces, would be your best bet. The Arthur Room & Garden Terrace can accommodate up to 600 seated guests and 1000 people standing.

The menus boast of the seasonal produce from the local Union Square market as well as local growers, which speaks to the desire the serve their guests the freshest ingredients possible. The wines? They come straight from small, family operated vineyards in Italy.

When someone hosts an event, they want it to be memorable – for the good. From the food, to the location – you want to leave guests with a lasting impression. Maybe even leave them saying that they want to host an event in the space. With so many spaces to choose from, it’s easy to be overlooked or just blend in with the rest. With an established chain of cafes, Tarallucci e Vino has also established themselves as great for a private event space. One thing is for sure: they definitely should not be overlooked.


New York City’s Hidden Treasure: The Tarallucci E Vino

Gramercy Tavern is the go-to spot in New York City to experience the finest of American cuisine. In the twenty plus years that they have blessed the Big Apple with their presence, Gramercy Tavern has always been packed with customers.

The variety of tasty options listed on Gramercy Tavern’s menu tantalizes the senses. The consistent use of local seasonal ingredients is one of Chef Michael Anthony’s secrets to serving such scrumptious platters. A breathtaking vegetable mural by Robert Kushner adorns the beautiful wood styled dining room. Gramercy Tavern also features an exquisite private room available to reserve for those special social occasions.

When most customers leave The Nomad, they have a very difficult time deciphering what truly was more of a treat for them- the exemplary views or the delicious food! With choices ranging from a club-like parlor adorned with Persian rugs and velvet seats, an amazing atrium equipped with massive sky lighting, numerous private seating rooms and even the option to eat on the rooftop, it is as challenging to choose where you want to eat as it is to decide what you want to eat!

Fitting in magnificently with its Jacques Garcia-designed surroundings, Daniel Humm of the Michelin starred Eleven Madison Park offers amazing meals at The Nomad.

Tarallucci e Vino is a 1,100 square foot building in Union Square that is available for your special occasions. This fine establishment can accommodate groups as small as 30 and as large as 120 for receptions. Providing dinner for 10 to 70 guests and dinner with dancing for 10 to 120 guests, there is so much that this gorgeous building can provide for an enormous variety of reception needs.

Tarallucci e Vino features in-house services such as team building, religious services, activities, multimedia capabilities, handicap accessibility, kitchen facilities and private dining to enhance any of your social gatherings.

With two different settings which accommodate varying capacity limits, unique style preferences and the culinary genius of Chef Riccardo Bilotta, they can meet any of your needs. The 6th Floor Loft can fit as many as 120 guests. This room can be transformed to fit the most formal of business meetings to the most casual of birthday parties. This space features magnificent chandeliers enhanced by antique mirrors, custom tables, a lounge area and a bar.

The Mezzanine is a more private area with a maximum capacity of 80 guests for those more intimate reception needs. Comfortable, yet modern, this space can make all of your guests feel at home. Featuring a top-of-the-line wine cellar, antique cabinetry, rare mirrors and artwork, custom brick tables and naturally, a bar and lounge area, this space has everything one could need for their event ideas.

Pasta Dishes For Summer

One of the easiest dishes that you can make during the summer is pasta. It can be made with ingredients that are healthy as well as light and refreshing.

Capellini is ideal for blending with cherry tomatoes and basil. The thin noodles make it easy to add a light dressing as they will be covered compared to thicker noodles that sometimes need more dressing for flavor. If you like bow-tie pasta, then consider adding roasted red peppers, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a bit of shredded mozzarella cheese.

Corn and sliced tomatoes can be added to any pasta dish. It’s best to use smaller tomatoes so that they are easier to work with instead of slicing a large tomato and getting the juice it mixed in with the pasta. Mini ears of corn can be used, or you can grill an ear or two or corn before taking it off the cob and adding it to your pasta. Brocolli is another ingredient that is refreshing for a summer pasta. If you want something a little more hearty, then add a cheese sauce on top so that you get a dish with rich and creamy flavors. Crab meat is also a component that works well with pasta. Add a bit of lemon juice and pepper for a light dish that can be served as a main course or on the side.

Using Vegetables In Your Cooking

As was highlighted in this Huffington Post article, vegetables can be incorporated into almost any additional for delicious taste and nutritional benefit. That is something we should all try.

My family loves to roast vegetables. Squash, zucchini, and pepper all get roasted, which gives them a hot, juicy taste and a unique flavor that really compliments the natural flavor of the vegetable. From there, you can make a bed of vegetables for fish, create a healthy topping for a burger, create a veggie-heavy platter of kabobs, or even just pop them in your mouth for a healthy snack instead of eating chips. By putting vegetables on top of your fish, you also make it easier for those pesky, picky eaters who just won’t touch certain vegetables.

You can also incorporate vegetables more into the actual dishes you make themselves, too. Throwing cut-up and roasted peppers into rice can give it a zest and bring it to life. Putting peppers and corn into chili is a mainstream way of incorporating vegetables into your meat dishes, increasing the flavor and adding nutrients that otherwise wouldn’t have been there. Throw in a pepper and zucchini into your salad, throw peas into your casserole, and incorporate spinach into your pizza recipes and any quick omelet.

There are so many simple steps you can take to ensure that more vegetables make it into your cooking and therefore into your body. It just takes a creative mind, and a commitment to cooking healthy.

From Cake To Fruit Dip With A S’more

The S’more is a treat that can easily be changed depending on the flavors that you enjoy. Find an ingredient that you like that can be incorporated into the S’more, such as pretzels or cereal, to give a boost to the taste.

Slice a few pieces of fruit, such as pineapple and apples, and dip the slices into a S’mores dip. Melt chocolate chips in a cast iron pan with small pieces of crushed graham crackers. Top the chocolate with marshmallows. Once everything is melted in the oven, dip your fruit into the sweet gooey mess.

If you’re looking for an idea to make for a birthday cake, then try a S’mores cake. Prepare a dark chocolate cake with layers of a marshmallow filling. Small pieces of graham cracker can be blended with the filling. Top with melted chocolate that falls over the sides of the cake along with crushed graham crackers. Brownies are easy to change into a S’more. Simply bake a traditional brownie recipe, and top it with a chocolate ganache, marshmallows and graham crackers. You can also blend graham crackers into the brownie batter. Cheesecake might not be something you would consider making with a S’more, but if you prepare a sweet potato cheesecake and top it with marshmallows and chocolate, then you’ll have a delicious edition of the campfire treat that can be served at a special event.

Kellogg’s Opens Fancy Cereal Restaurant in New York City

Breakfast cereal is no longer limited to early morning meal at the kitchen table. The iconic American brand Kellogg’s has opened a signature restaurant in New York City, just around the corner from the world-famous Times Square, and tourists seem to love the concept.

The Kellogg’s NYC restaurant offers more than just bowls of cereal, which are priced at $7.50 on average. The restaurant decor has been carefully designed by a veteran restaurateur that knows all about creating the right ambiance. The interior design evokes the feeling of a kitchen pantry and a breakfast nook; the bowls of cereal and other food items are mostly dispensed automatically, and diners have a lot of freedom in terms of customizing their orders.

The menu is filled with all the classic Kellogg’s breakfast cereals plus all the recommended ingredients that most people do not usually try at home. One menu item mixes Frosted Flakes with Special K along with pistachios, lemon flavor, and thyme. Not all cereals have to be accompanied with milk; some are offered with yogurt and others can be made into delicious sundaes.

Thus far, Kellogg’s NYC has certainly piqued the interest of tourists who feel that $7.50 for a bowl of cereal is reasonable when considering that it is located so close to Times Square. Cereal meals also come with playful prizes to really drive home the point of nostalgia as a marketing factor.

Kellogg’s has admitted that its NYC restaurant is part of a marketing plan to get people excited about breakfast cereals, which have experience a sales slump over the last few years.

What To Do With Summer Leftovers

Have you ever hosted a party and had several leftovers that you didn’t know what to do with? Find inspiration with a summer theme whether it’s using the grill or combining fresh vegetables and fruits with the dishes that are already prepared.

Corn on the cob is one of the items that you might find that is left over after a party. You think that guests will enjoy the vegetable only to find that it’s more filling than you thought. You can cut the corn off of the cob to make a fiesta salad or to make a creamed corn as a side dish.

Don’t let strawberries turn brown after they are used on a fruit platter. Instead combine them with a bit of cream to make popsicles. You can also use them to make a homemade ice cream topped with chocolate syrup or sprinkles. Watermelon is another fruit that you likely notice is left over after a party. Turn the watermelon into a fun punch for another celebration, or combine it with other fresh fruits for a refreshing smoothie.

If you make BBQ ribs and have a few left over, then use the meat in a taco, or make a pork sandwich with more sauce added on top. This is also a way to use some of the side dishes that you prepared, such as baked beans or potato salad, as they can go along with the new meat dish.

Healthy Ways To Cook Your Meat

Everyone likes their meat cooked differently. Most of my family likes their meat cooked well or even rare. I prefer my meat well done, and cooked through and through. However, concerns about the health of charred meat is making room for others to come up with healthy ways to cook your meat with high heat, including in this article posted this week on Huffington Post.

There’s a lot to be said for people who don’t eat meat at all, especially for how few calories from fat they consume while still managing to get the essential vitamins and nutrients necessary for good health and body strength. however, that kind of life just isn’t for everyone.

But if you change how you cook the meat you eat and make a difference for your health, that’s better than doing nothing at all. Some people cook their meat over charcoal on a grill and an aluminum sheet between the meat and the charcoal, in order to minimize the carcinogenic effect of charcoal on meat. The meat still comes out tasting just as good, still has a succulent, smoky flavor, and still satisfies you like a piece of meat cooked the old-school way.

Changing that one aspect of cooking meat, and considering going pinker in how far you cook your meat, is just one of the many simple ways you can make sure the meat you eat is as safe and beneficial to your health as possible.

Cooking Like You’re In Italy

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to go to Italy, or have ever even been to Little Italy in New York, you know nothing is quite like Italian cuisine. Now, here’s everything you need to know to cook like you’re in Italy. This list isn’t exhaustive, and most Italians probably don’t do everything on this list either, but it’ll give you an idea of how serious Italian food is.

If you make a pot of sauce just right, you can taste how the olive oil exists in every spot of tomato, you can smell the oregano and see the large basil leaves stewing in the pot. You can see whole tomatoes crumble and fall apart due to intense heat, and you can see the sauce stick to every piece of sausage and ground beef better than ever before. When you’re cooking sauce, arguably them oust basic and foundational of all Italian foods, you can’t just throw in a jar of Ragu and call it a day. No, no, no. Italian food is like a painting that takes time to get just right.

If you’ve got time after making a good Italian sauce, you should try making your own pasta as well. No store bought pasta can ever taste as good as pasta you make on your own, except for the first couple of times when you might not get the recipe 100% right (though you really should). These two dishes alone require an expert-level knowledge of cooking, and we’re just getting started.

Food Waste For Cooking Gas

Recently, Huffington Post released news about a new machine making some bold promises. What if you could turn your food waste into gas for cooking? That would be great, for many reasons.

In this country, we love to eat, as is partially evidenced by the fact that America is the second most overweight country in the world, behind Mexico. However, we also love to waste what we eat as well. 40% of food will be wasted from the time it is harvested to the time it ends its rotation in the food cycle or ends up in a landfill. That’s like buying five pounds worth of meat and only being able to eat three. If you got that kind of deal at the store, you would be outraged. So, why is it okay to waste food once you’ve already bought it? Moreover, why is it okay for food producers and supermarkets to waste food either? If we can recycle food in any way, and also just use less of it, we could do our environment and our economy a big help.

We could also support our environment by purchasing less gas for cooking. If we can just use food waste to make gas, we might be able to buy less gas in the future. If less gas is purchased, less gas becomes available to be dumped into the environment through usage, which means that this machine is essentially saving our world twice over.

Not bad for a simple backyard machine.

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