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Meet Bob. Bob is a dentist that is nearing retirement. He wants to make sure he manages his money smartly, but it is so overwhelming. He isn’t a financial expert, and keeping up with all the news and trends is too much to handle. On the other hand, if he hires a broker, he knows he’ll have to deal with that ego and pay him big sums for his commission. So what can Bob do? He can read Agora Financial.

Agora Financial is a publication company that serves its 1 million readers in over 20 different publications. From online newsletters to live seminars, they have you covered. And since they don’t accept bribes for coverage on individuals or companies, you know that they have unbiased information. It’s why for over ten years the company has seen unprecedented growth and learn more about Agora Financial.

Based out of Baltimore, this dynamic company only hires the best of the best. They have a NY Times best selling author, quality analysts, scientists trained at Harvard, experts on financial instruments, hedge fund bankers, and more. That way, you know the information you’re receiving is top notch. And furthermore, you’ll know about opportunities on the ground floor, before they blow up and resume their.

Instead of usual financial companies with traders and analysts sitting at desks all day, Agora spends $1 million per year in research by sending their staff around the world to uncover opportunities. They predicted trends before the mainstream media at every turn: the gold rush, the oil price spike, and even the 2008 crash (allowing their readers to avoid catastrophe). Their reputation is backed by other large reputations like The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, The Economist, LA Times, and more information click here.

When it comes to your finances, it can be overwhelming. But with the great resources that exist, it doesn’t need to be any more. You can avoid the mistakes that lead to financial ruin and invest early in opportunities to make your money go farther. That way, you can pay for retirement, vacation, your kids’ school, and all the other things that are important for you. Agora Financial makes your golden years truly golden and

Imran Haque, the Internal Doctor

Dr. Imran Haque is one among the most excellent and exceptional doctors one is going ever to meet. It is not only his capabilities that make him an expert in internal medicine, but also his compassion which brings him out as a professional. He is respected because of his caring nature. His training level is expert and has acquired a license for medical practice. He also has astounding qualifications.

He executes his services at Horizon Internal Medicine, North Carolina. Dr. Haque has had an experience of more than 15 years in his area of specialization. He has not only treated patients but has also benefited by gaining more and more expertise in the area. Now, he can work on illnesses of different kinds and also carries out various medical tests and examinations. His compassion has gone a long way to gain him trust among his patients and the people of Asheboro. Because he cares, he gets several visits and consultations on both minor and severe medical cases and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

He works hard and carries out researches on a daily basis. He believes in building a good relationship with medical professionals as this is a way of sharing ideas and also helping each other out. He is a successful entrepreneur and also excels in his area of profession and what Imran knows.

Dr. Imran went to UNIBE, Universidad Iberoamericana, and graduated in 1998. It is here that he acquired his degree in medicine. Dr. Haque also went through training at Virginia University. He lives in Asheboro, and this is where his offices are situated. Dr. Imran has acquired several certifications in medicine and holds a valid license for internal medicine and more information click here.

Currently, he works with many hospitals in North Carolina. Ever since his passion for medicine and especially, internal medicine blossomed in him, Dr. Imran has always wanted to offer the best medical services to patients. Many people go to him because his offices are strategically located, and therefore his services are easily accessible. His expertise also and license automatically assures patients that go to him that what they will receive is nothing but pure quality medical treatment and resume him.

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CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, Taking the Company to Greater Heights

Securus Technologies is one of the best inmate telecommunication companies we have in the industry today. The success enjoyed by this inmate-tech firm is influenced mainly by the exemplary leadership of its CEO, Rick Smith. Thanks to Rick, the Texas-based inmate communication company has been able to provide communication services to inmates and their families while at the same time keeping an eye on them to ensure that both the inmate and the outside environment are safe.When starting out as the CEO of Securus Technologies, most people were uncertain about Rick Smith’s ability to lead the company. However, getting the job, two things were very clear that Rick was bound to succeed and excel and this were his competence and experience. Rick has an impressive educational background. The tech executive has an associate degree he acquired from Rochester Institute of Technology. This is not all; he has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from New York State University, Buffalo, a Master’s degree in Engineering from the same University, and an MBA he earned from the University of Rochester’s Simon School.

These academic credentials have helped shaped Mr. Smith’s leadership, telecommunications, management, and finance aspect of how he runs the inmate technology company.In addition to his academic life, Rick Smith is highly experienced. After college graduation, Rick Smith was employed by the Global Crossing North America where he worked with them for 26 years. As if this is not enough achievement, during his time at the company, Mr. Smith helped grow their revenues by 320 million US dollars. Rick then moved to work with Echelon Telecom for three years before moving to the CEO and Chairman position at Securus Technologies. In these companies, Smith worked under different departments from finance, management, to even the technical positions of overseeing the telecommunication technologies.

All these tasks were preparing him to become a competent leader who can oversee all operations in a telecommunication industry. As the CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith is also in charge of the employee recruitment process. Early this year, Rick Smith Securus added a new member to the Securus family, John Bell. John Bell is a distinguished sales executive officer who has made a career out of his top-notch technical skills. According to CEO Rick Smith, the additional of John Bell is meant to strengthen the sales department of the company and enable it to sell its over 800 digital based products to its clients.Rick Smith’s leadership is a boost of confidence and a commitment to the inmate community and an individual’s dedication to making the inmate environment a safer and healthier environment. This is evidenced by the positive comments and emails received from satisfied users of services offered by Securus Technologies. If the comments on Securus Technologies are anything to go by, then Mr. Smith is the man to count on when it comes to transforming this industry.

David DeVos, A Life of Humanity

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, which opened in 1971, was selected for expansion and other amenities for the sole reason to increase its overall space and artistic presence of the Arts. It invites and excites 3 million people a year. The expansion will include: 3 pavilions, a riverfront pavilion, a bridge to accommodate such a pavilion, educational and rehearsal rooms, offices and dining areas. Constructed started in 2013. It was estimated at a cost of $125 million for the expansion, but because of federal planning agencies additional funds were needed, raising the price to $149 million


David Rubenstein, chairman of the Kennedy Center’s board of trustees began the fundraising with $50 million, and through the generosity of Dick DeVos and other prominent members of the Arts, the final tally of donations came to $135.9 million. They hope to open the newly modified performing arts building in 2018.

Dick DeVos is devoted to more than the Arts. He also contributes to social causes in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1989 he and his wife Betsie, started a foundation to aid in several social campaigns. Such projects include: updating its downtown area and local health centers, price, $75 million, a Education Freedom Fund, awarding over 4,000 scholarships to children living in poverty areas, and established the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The foundation has also contributed to many organizations totally over $400 million. He also has been involved as a board member of several charitable entities, including the State Board of Education.


Richard DeVos Jr., whose father is Richard DeVos Sr., co-founder of Amway Corporation, began working with his father in 1974 and by 1984 was appointed Vice-President of the corporation conducting business in 18 countries.

In 1989 he started his own company, Windquest, a manufacturing company of storage and closet organizers.


During 1991 – 1994 he advanced to President and CEO of the National Basket Association’s Orlando Magic Basketball franchise while operating and growing his own company, Windquest.


In 1993 he returned to Amway where he was appointed President of the company, and restructured it in 2000 into a corporation called, Alticor. With two other businesses added to the corporation the franchise extended its base from 18 countries to 50.


In 1997 he published, in seven languages a book titled, “Rediscovering American Values”, a New York Times best-seller.

In 2002 he returned to his own company Windquest where he currently sits as its President.


In 2006 he ran as a Republican for Michigan’s Governor, but lost to his Democratic opponent Jennifer Granholm.


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Bob Reina’s Curious Path to Success with Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the mysterious but charismatic CEO behind the hit video marketing company, Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has been rising up through the industry for the better part of the past ten years. As one of the most prominent video marketing companies on the internet Talk Fusion has been pivotal in pushing the industry ever forward. Talk Fusion recently celebrated their finest year yet in 2016, scoring the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, and that meant we should probably take a closer look at what they’ve been up to. Let’s meet Bob Reina and see how he has turned Talk Fusion into the titan of industry that they are today. Learn more:


Bob Reina wasn’t always into video marketing. In fact, he was very nearly going to stay as a lifelong police officer! Reina had been serving in the police force for almost ten years when he had his first encounter with a network marketing executive. Reina took this opportunity while directing traffic at an off-duty gig. He learned about the industry and was most importantly introduced to the idea of becoming his own boss with his own planned future. Reina took a shine to this immediately and began dwelling on how he would make his dreams a reality.


For Reina Talk Fusion was a natural progression of ideas. Reina had wanted desperately to use an email client that allowed him to email embedded videos directly to his friends and family. That product didn’t exist so he teamed up with an IT friend, Dr. Jonathen Chen, in order to start worskhopping their own product. Reina eventually would turn this concept into the Video Email program that launched the Talk Fusion ship. Reina says, “We created the right product at the right time.” Reina’s natural exuberance for the product would lead to many people getting on board and trusting in him.


Talk Fusion had success arrive pretty rapidly but Reina didn’t let that slow him down. For the past ten years the company has been focusing on constantly innovating and pushing the limits of their coveted video marketing materials package.

Brazil Surely Has a Bright Talent in Rodrigo Terpins

The 22nd Edition of the Rally dos Sertoes had pre-emptied the participant of a 202km stretch (for the first day) they had to rally on. Nonetheless, this distance was reduced to 68km after a number of issues were put into consideration including landscape, weather, and safety. Rodrigo Terpins was the car no. 326 pilot while Fabricio Bianchini was his navigator. This is in the T1 prototype category which also signed in his brother Michel Terpins and co-partner Sven von Borries, whom at 14 was the General of the Cars champion, using car no.322.

Although, the distance was shortened this did not eliminate the other challenges along the race. This off the road competition proved to be a nightmare with soil erosion, dust as a result thereof, slippery gravel and visibility were at stake. The energetic duo of Rodrigo Terpins and Fabricio Bianchini came in 6th at a timing of 58 minutes and 9 seconds.

The following day, the duo had to race a 360 km stretch from Goias state to Minas Gerais, this was not tasking as the latter, and in the week-long event, the rally competition continued without scares. This stage two performance and the first T-Rex motor, Sertoes Rally saw the Rodrigo team and that of his brother, Michel Terpin close among the top 6 overall in the prototype T1. Check out for more.

About Rodrigo Terpins

He is a Brazilian National from Sao Paulo who is a rally driver by profession. Rodrigo Terpins works with Fabricio Bianchini, his skilled navigator. This a cheerful duo who are optimistic and passionate about speeds, cars and the rally itself. They have shown memorable and remarkable performance from their past participation in the Sertoes Rally Championships held annually.

Rodrigo Terpins is officially signed in with the Bull Sertoes Rally Team and has several participation in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. He is probably one of the rally drivers to watch in Brazil. With less than a decade of participation and the numerous success to his name, he is one of the best rally drivers of the time. The T-Rex Motor group makes his car.

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Aloha Construction: Making Homes Fabulous through Excellent Repairs

With the financial crisis which is being experienced in the country, employment has become a topic of discussion. Job growth has dwindled in most sectors, and the rate of unemployment has increased. However, the construction industry has seen an increasing growth in job creation, and the industry is doing relatively well amidst such financial crisis. This can be mainly attributed to the residential construction.

The labor force in the construction industry has increased due to the high demand. Among the key contributors to this growth in the construction industry is Aloha Construction Inc. Aloha Construction is a family-owned company which prides itself in home repair solutions. Based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, the company provides home repair services in the entire Southern Wisconsin and the whole of Illinois.

Since its founding, the company has carried out over eighteen thousand successful projects and continues to so. Aloha Construction is comprised of a team of professionals who are highly dedicated to work to ensure that their customers get excellent services. The contractors of the company offer free home inspection which enables the clients to get estimates of the cost of repair and can also help them identify damages that they hadn’t realized before it is too late.

Aloha Construction is comprised of a team of experts who offers an array of repair services ranging from siding, shingles, attic ventilation, and flashing. The company also specializes in the restoration and water extraction. Aloha Construction is also engaged in installation of doors and replacement of screens.

If you need a contractor who will be at your doorstep in the blink of an eye, Aloha Construction meets the criteria. Their response time is quick to ensure that your home is safe to live in and any damage to your home is rectified before it worsens. For more info about us: click here.

Aloha Construction is currently led by David Farbaky who is the CEO and President. Dave has worked hard to ensure that the company delivers on its mission and stays on course. Under his able leadership, Aloha Construction has grown from being just a family-owned business to becoming a major player in the construction industry. The company is also engaged in other philanthropic activities in the local communities such as shopping sprees for children as well as helping the needy and the less fortunate in the society.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Establish TechStyle

Updated on October 7th, 2017:
Don Ressler and Kate Hudson announced a new partnership between Fabletics and breast cancer awareness advocacy. Get the full rundown of everything that they’re doing to hep bring an end to this awful disease, by raising vital awareness, on

Updated on August 14th, 2017:
Fabletics has recently changed the way that they market to customers visiting their physical locations. The new strategy, detailed by Affiliate Dork, really exposes some brilliant ideas from both CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, in a bid to continue to compete with online giants like Amazon, as well as other physical retail locations.

Updated on July 12th, 2017:
JustFab has started a new collaboration with Betches. Through Don Ressler’s guidance, the two will produce a new fashion line, that’s both stylish but also affordable. Read the full story, and more about Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s collaborations across both of their companies JustFab and Fabletics, through

Updated on May 30th, 2017:
Don Ressler has been really reinventing how technology and brick and mortar stores can fuse together for better fashion experiences. Now through Fabletics, when you shop in a participating location you can check out which clothing you might like in person. Then, if you decide not to buy at that time, the clothing is automatically added to your cart at the Fabletics online store, so if you choose to buy at a later date, the item is already right there waiting for you. The future is here.

Updated on January 7th, 2017:
Don Ressler has some new plans for where he’s taking his TechStyle brand. All derived from Hollywood starlet, and TechStyle partner, Kate Hudson, they have some pretty interesting ideas about the future of active wear. See what they have in store, and what type of clothing you can expect from them in the future in the article.

While there are companies that are known quietly, others are known to be industry leaders. Intelligent Beauty is one such company known to be an industry leader. The company has received a wide attention. However, little is known about its tech system, even to its Los Angeles fans on Forbes. Intelligent Beauty is a product of a long-established MySpace under InterMix Media. Intelligent Beauty was a new venture by the company. The e-commerce platform has grown immeasurably and generates billions of dollars in revenue every year.

Intelligent Beauty has been highly successful since it was a creation of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The two have been involved in multiple online business in their past, and all experience needed when starting Intelligent Beauty. The company has been in competition with industry leaders in the e-commerce platform. Intelligent Beauty operates its business in the fashion industry, beauty, and personal care space. The company believes that the best way to launch and grow a business is to make use of technology. It focuses on a disciplined method of brand building and advanced marketing.

Read more: JustFab wants to be the next H&M

Intelligent Beauty was established in 2006 and has its headquarters in El Segundo, California. Adam and Don picked this location as it was perfect to carry out its business operations cost effectively. The two also considered the online sales and marketing platform in this area unexplored. Intelligent Beauty’s success is highly credited to its workforce too. When starting out, Adam Goldenberg enlisted the help of professionals working with the Intermix Media. Including Don to the business enabled business operations by the company to be performed entirely and successfully.

After the success of Intelligent Beauty, Adam and Don went on to create TechStyle Company. The company was founded in 2010 by the two businesspersons. The brand focuses on online fashion retailing, it brings in a new concept of handbags, denim, jewelry, shoes and tons of other fashion equipment. The brand makes use of the idea of a personalized online fashion experience. It offers subscription services to people that would like to shop at discounted prices.

TechStyle has since been renamed to JustFab; it has grown to develop other brands such as Fabletics with Kate Hudson as the co-founder. Through Fabletics, the company has made available trendy and active wear accessories. The brand also makes use a subscription concept to make goods available to its customers at highly discounted prices. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg continue to work together to bring new advancements in technology.


OSI Group, OSI Industries, Sheldon Lavin, David McDonald

OSI Industries – Continually Growing More Prosperous

OSI Industries is a remarkable privately held, global food processing company that supplies food services and retail food brands.

With headquarters located in Aurora, Illinois, OSI has seen tremendous growth since its beginning more than 100 years ago and there are plans for continual expansion.

The President of the company, David McDonald and CEO Sheldon Lavin are the major catalysts for acquiring companies and collaborating with various businesses to provide custom quality products and choices to assist their clients. This means fast food chains, restaurants and supermarkets have the opportunity to offer items people enjoy, which earn them more money.

Here are just some of the deals OSI has made abroad…

The year 2012, they opened frozen and fresh food vegetable plants in India called Vista Processed Foods. Now, people in Madanapalle and Punjab and the surrounding areas have access to these products in their stores and restaurants. This also benefits the local farmers.

OSI engaged in joint ventures in multiple areas in 2014 including going into partnership with Pickstock, a U.K. company dealing with the distribution of beef products, giving both companies a chance to reach more customers.

Select Ready Foods in Canada produces beef, pork and chicken. With OSI food involved, this Canadian company was able to increase their reach, which would result in higher profits.

After OSI joined forces with the proprietors of EDEKA, a popular food store chain in Germany, the merchant is now able to offer customers an abundance of first-rate meat products, at prices they can afford.

The year 2016, OSI Industries acquired Flagship Europe, a company that provides restaurants in Britain with items, such as frozen poultry, pies, sauces and mayonnaise.

Baho Foods is a private Dutch company that creates and distributes convenience foods, including various types of deli meat and snacks.

In 2017, OSI purchased a plant that processes beef in German.

This is just a few of the businesses OSI Industries have added to their vast enterprise and they plan on to continue to expand.

The beginning of OSI started, when Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant open a family-owned meat shop in Oak Park, Illinois in 1909.

Later on, with the help of his two sons, he would grow the shop into a wholesale meat market. In the year 1928, the name of the company became Otto & Sons. They had a reputation for offering quality meat products to their customers.

After the father retired, the sons were able to make advancements in the business by using the latest technology in the processing industry. In 1955, they even became a supplier for a new eating-place, called McDonalds.

In the 1970s, a distinctive financial advisor and investor called Mr. Sheldon Lavin entered the picture and with his skills and background, he took the company to another level.

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The Confounding Compassionate Doctor, Imran Haque

“High-quality services and personalized diagnostic care on solutions,” these are the best words used in describing Dr. Imran Haque by his patients. Dr. Imran Haque studied from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo; he then attended the University of Virginia where he undertook the internal medicine program. He gained a license to practice medicine as an internist. Dr. Imran Haque gets a lot of praise from his patients whom he has kept touch for more than a decade at his horizon internal medicine facility.

Dr. Imran Haque has two facilities in Asheboro and Ramseur North Carolina, where with the aid of his two professional assistants he attends to his patients. As a professional Dr. Imran deals with general health checkups, preventing foreseen and unforeseen illness but In case of sickness, he diagnoses and treats his patients and resume him.

Internal medicine is a branch which deals with preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases. Dr. Imran offers a broad range of services; 360 resurfacing, diabetes management, physical examination, Venus body contouring and laser hair removal. Dr. Imran Haque has equipped all his facilities thoroughly to offer all these services. However, in a case where a patient needs more specialized care, DR. Imran digs deep to his network of specialists. It is rare for Dr. Imran Haque to refer patients to other facilities as he always has the situation covered and learn more about Imran Haque.

The 360 hair resurfacing is a cosmetic treatment which rejuvenates skin tone, texture and tightens the skin using lasers. The treatment takes several weeks to complete. Laser hair removal entails the removal of hair from the unwanted areas with the utilization of a laser which inhibits the growth. Hair removal treatment varies with the part of the body. Patients can quickly schedule with Dr. Imran according to their desired time. Venus contouring process tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and cellulite. The technique is safe when administered by people of DR. Imran expertise. Among other services, Dr. Imran offers include medical weight management services hence giving his patients a wide variety of medical services and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

Dr. Imran Haque received the compassionate doctor’s award. The award was given by an oversight body which recognizes people who treat their patients with utmost kindness and more information click here.

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