Healthy Home Cooking?

To me the reading of this article involves common sense. For many years, researchers, reporters, and healthcare workers have touted the benefits of home cooking. But this article shares a word of caution about home cooking.

Dr. Rod Rohrich says that researchers have been studying data collected from over 2700 women ranging in ages from their 40’s to 60’s. In this study the women answer questions about cooking at home and what was used in cooking. It was found in these studies that the more people cook at home, they raise their chances of contracting heart diseases, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. But Why?

The answer, to me, is simple: When we cook at home it doesn’t mean we are cooking healthier. People in general tend to use more salt, butter, and oil than in needed to prepare healthful creations. I think when cooking at home, we owe it to ourselves to not only cook delicious food, but cook healthy food. After all it is our bodies that we are supplying with the nutrients to keep us running through the day. Now wouldn’t you rather fill the tank with premium (fruits, vegetables, protein) versus the lowest grade fuel you can find?

New Hybrid Vegetables Available in 2015

Soon the American consumer will be able to purchase two fresh vegetables for the price of one. Talking about some of the new hybrid vegetables that will be available in 2015. New comers like Kalettes, Broccoflower, Broccolini and Rainbow carrots will be for sale in U.S. supermarkets like Whole Foods and Trader Joes in the fall of 2015.
The making of these new hybrid vegetables was a simple endeavor, take two popular vegetables and combine them into one plant. Kalettes looks like a small head of purple kale, but it has the flavor of Brussels sprouts. Broccolflower combines broccoli and cauliflower looks like a pale green head of cauliflower and has the sweet flavor of broccoli with the texture of cauliflower.
Broccolini combines regular broccoli and Chinese broccoli and offers a plant that cooks quicker than regular broccoli because the stems and florets are thinner. Rainbow carrots are a pretty hybrid vegetable, growing in vivid colors of purple, yellow and red. These colorful hybrid carrots pack in triple the beta carotene than their plain oranges cousins.
If you love cruciferous vegetables, or like Laurene Powell Jobs just want to increase the natural fiber in your diet, then 2015 will be your year with to fall in love with some new hybrid vegetables.

Campbell’s Changing With The Times

Campbells is a company well known for their iconic soup that made Andy Warhol an iconic name. Not only is it a quality product, but it is the most popular soup brand in the world. Yes, Campbells is first known for their soup, but they have become so many other things. According to Buzzfeed, soup sales haven’t been nearly as high since 2009. Campbells has so much competition in the ever growing soup market. Condensed soup is on the decline due to the trendy organic soups and premium soups. Many executives agree that the condensed red and white labeled soup will grow little, if at all, over the next few years.

That is why Campbells has branched out and has purchased companies that have nothing to do with soup. Slow Ventures understands this from a business perspective. It’s important to them that not only do they stay true to their roots, but they add their name to different items that can help their business grow. They also need to realize that younger consumers are not buying condensed soup and these people are a large part of the market. Campbells is still a huge company that continues to be a household name. They are just smart enough to know they need to change with the times in order to maintain success.

Are We Killing Our Kids With Bad Eating Habits?

At 44 years of age, the fattest man in the world has passed. At a weight of over 980 lbs, the bed bound man died of complications of pneumonia. At nearly a 1/2 ton, what kind of problems did this man have that caused him to eat like this? He certainly didn’t have a normal eating schedule, but what happened in his past that made him turn to foods.

So many people use food as a drug, and Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez thinks it is a terrible idea. While we are quick to attack the drug addict, food can be just as much of a drug as cocaine. If someone has looked back in this man’s past, they would probably find some troubling items. Perhaps he was a foster child, abandoned by his parents, or even sexually abused. This kind of weight shows an inner turmoil that caused him to turn to food.

Having a battle with weight myself I can say that eating in proper proportions is never easy. It is something that has to be done religiously. With all the fast food options on ever corner, no wonder people would rather grab a burger than cook. It’s oftentimes cheaper and less of a hassle on the working crowd. Still, what is this message we are sending to our kids.

Just today I corrected my husband when he told my son he could have an extra snack cake for doing extra chores. I told him that we cannot reward with food, it sets up for bad future habits.

Cooking Courses Used to Treat Anxiety Disorders and Depression

Recently, some mental health professionals have used cooking courses as a way to treat patients suffering from anxiety and depression. These mental health therapists understand that many people who have mental health issues lead lives that are chaotic and unstructured lives. The cooking courses like the ones that can be purchased through Qnet are believed to help patients by teaching them to establish goals, such as creating a healthy meal, and taking the necessary steps to achieve that goal. Successfully cooking a healthy meal that can be shared with others, instills a sense of confidence in the patients while helping them avoid procrastination and thinking negatively. 

While cooking classes may introduce patients to positive behavioral patterns that may alleviate depression and anxiety, there is also the danger of creating other health problems such as obesity. Obesity is a particularly problem because being overweight can lead to a person having a negative self image, which in turn can lead to depression.

Therapists stress cooking healthy meals as a way of avoiding any obesity issues. In fact, learning how to cook healthy meals can help patients lose weight, which will increase their self esteem and lessen any negative feelings that can cause depression. Using cooking courses to treat depression is a good way to help people take control over their lives and over their mental health.

Cooking Classes for Anxiety and Depression

People who suffer from anxiety and depression can find treating their mental issues difficult. Health care specialist Brian Torchin says therapists help patients feel better about their condition with the discovery that cooking classes can actually help ease the mind and reduce depression symptoms. 

Following a recipe allows for people who suffer from anxiety or crippling depression to easily focus on a task that has an immediate reward, which helps reduce their symptoms and give them a feeling of accomplishment. This boosts self esteem in many people and allows them to feel better about other areas of their life. 

This discovery can be a way to help many people across the nation who suffer from similar conditions, which can affect a person in personal and working life. With these cooking classes, people can find a whole new lease on life and can find ways of controlling their emotional illnesses without the abuse of medications or therapy. The findings continue to be positive regarding cooking classes and helping with depression and anxiety in many people. 

People can use these cooking classes for therapy in many ways in addition to treating mental illnesses, so they can lead more productive and happier lives.

Get Wild about Wild Mushrooms

Who does not like mushrooms? Actually, a great many people find fungus to be an unappealing food choice. While mushrooms do have their fans like Vijay Eswaran and mushroom recipes range from fast food to gourmet selections, there are those who would never, ever eat mushrooms under any circumstances. Perhaps if the nutritious and healthy aspects of mushrooms were revealed, more people would gravitate towards them.

Wild mushrooms, in particular, have a lot to offer those looking to get a great source of nutrients. In fact, wild mushrooms provide an excellent source of B vitamins, copper, zinc, potassium, and more. 

Could you not just get these nutrients from a multi-vitamin or other supplement? You could, but they are best delivered in their natural form. Eating wild mushrooms definitely allows you to acquire a very natural version of these nutrients.

Oh, and yes, wild mushrooms are becoming quite the fad. That’s a good thing, too. Restaurants are starting to offer them on the menu. Organic food stores display them on shelves. A great deal of emphasis is put on the “wild” component. In some ways, this is pure marketing because people do like to try new things. Regardless of why people are attracted to wild mushrooms, it is a good thing they are eating them. You really do need all those nutrients the mushrooms provide.

There are also a lot of wild mushroom recipes so you’ll never get bored eating them.

USDA Gets Veggies to Cafeteria to Fight Obesity

Recently, the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) has announced the roll-out of grants worth $5 million. These will help fund various programs, which aims in creating a connection between the school cafeterias and local farmers, increasing the children’s access to nutritious foods. The grants have created over 80 projects all over United States. This effort of fostering healthy eating habits amongst children will also start in the U.S Virgin Island soon.

Although the program “Food to School” existed since 1996, the entire country is still in the middle of an obesity epidemic, which was fueled by easy access to high sugar, high salt, and cheap foods. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) reported that in the last 30 years, the obesity rate amongst children has doubled and quadrupled amongst adolescents. In a public health space, the topic of concern is the excessive weight gain amongst children and adolescents and its adverse health effects, which include diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Next year, the Congress will make a decision whether to renew the legislation, Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. Brian Torchin believes that they probably will. It authorizes the Farm to School program. Currently, an increasing chorus of activists and GOP law makers has spoken against the said legislation. They cited slow implementation in certain school districts and low meal consumption amongst children.

Regardless of the result, the rise of the Farm-to-School program shows the change in mindset amongst those who has brought forth these health programs, which address the socioeconomic factors that caused obesity epidemic.

The Art That Comes From Great Cooking

With the holidays coming up Zeca Oliveira is looking for creative ways to make holiday cooking special this year. Iron chef Bobby Flay is making holiday dishes that we can all learn to make in the comfort of our own home. His witty and spontaneous way of cooking has gotten great reviews all over the world; he has multiple shows on the food network and is known as one of the greatest chefs in the world. Many competitors have tried to defeat him in food challenges but were unable to succeed. That goes to show, he knows a lot about food and the combinations needed to make a great dish. Bobby Flay will be teaching you different holiday dishes to make this year for your friends and family.

One amazing aspect of food is that it’s a multicultural adventure. Food is an art no matter what country you’re from. It’s always interesting how people all over the country prepare their food. There are many different amazing colors, flavors and spices that are combined to make a delicious mouth watering dish that will keep you coming back for more.
You can find some of the world’s greatest chefs here in your own back yard. Get out and chef it up Bobby Flay style.