The World According To George Soros

In true George Soros style, the billionaire offered his opinions to Forbes in a recent interview. These opinions ranged from the collapse of China, to the strength of the EU, the rising rates of the FEDs and political agendas. Specifically, Soros was very candid about his thoughts on Donald Trump and his immigration policy.

Mr Soros himself was a refugee during WWII. He received his primary education in London and then went on to New York to work for major financial firms in the 1950’s. He feels a genuine connection to those who are “stateless”, and feels that Trump’s closure of the US borders will only predicate more violence towards the country.

On the other hand, Mr Soros feels that Hillary Clinton will will by a landslide in the primaries. He feels that she is the best candidate by far in the Democratic pool and strongly supports her campaign. This comes as no surprise for Mr Soros has always been closely associated with the Democratic Party and liberal agendas.

The outlook given for the current estate of financial affairs in the United States is not so bright and cheery. Overall h states that this is not a good time to start investing, and that those who hold investments should strongly consider selling them. He thinks that a downturn in the system will cause some hardship, but for those who heed his advice they will come out of the whole thing ok.

Soros is world reknowned for his accuracy in predicting market conditions and making quite a nice nest egg for himself through international investments. He has published a number of books and is quite frequently seen in magazines and newspapers for his articles and opinions.

Soros holds a degree of Finance that he acquired in London. He came to the United States shortly thereafter and began his career in financial management and wealth generation. A gifted portfolio manager and respected for his views and predictions, George Soros has made very good on the American Dream.

The Forbes  interviewed concluded with his statement that while China may experience a hard drop in their financial standing in the world, they are not poised to crash. They will fall hard, but it will not be the complete crash that others are predicting. They will take a hard knock or two, but they will regain their stature and even come out of the situation a little better off than when they started.

The whole thing will depend on slow and gradual regrowth. That goes for the United States as well. The Feds took too long to institute a rate hike,and that hurt the US economy a bit. Changes should be brought into the financial picture slowly so that they have time to be fully embraced and make the changes they are meant to make.

Shaking Up The Home Selling Process With Greg Hague

Most people are familiar with the basic home selling process. A seller will work with a real estate agent. The agent puts the house on the market for them. The agent sets up a sign outside, typically tells the owner to do some painting and then holds an open house now and then to bring in buyers. In the view of entrepreneur Gregory Hague, this process is one that does not work well at all in today’s changing market. Hague points out that people have changed the way they sell many kinds of items to customers, yet the basic process of selling a house has not changed at all in a long time.

In his view, sellers and agents need to challenge this process and help figure out a better way of selling their homes. He argues in a recent article in Forbes Magazine that the current selling process can actually actively work against the needs of many sellers. Many sellers may have a sudden flurry of activity once their house goes on the market. If this activity does not result in offers, the net result may activity work against the seller by forcing them to keep their property on the market and letting it appear to buyers that buyers do not want to purchase it. A buyer may tour the house after it has been on the market for a few months and decide that the only offer they want to make is one that not even close to the price the seller hopes to get.

He wants to help them. In his company, Real Estate Mavericks, the seller’s needs are front and center. He wants to show agents how they help short circuit this process and assist buyers and sellers in coming together. His process is aimed at offering a structure that is all about showing off a property to best advantage. In doing so, his primary aim with any property is to make sure the property will not sit on the market for a day longer than necessary.

This is why helped created a detailed plan that is all about speed. His 29-Day Fast Sale Program is centered around providing help to bring in buyers who see a property and want to buy it as soon as they can. He knows that a home seller must aim to generate as much excitement as possible the moment they think of placing their house on the market. Excitement is what helps drive real estate sales. Buyers who see a property as something that is likely to sell fast are buyers who will often help drive up the price of the property even further and even start a bidding war.

Yeonmi Park Talks About the Daily Horrors of Life in North Korea

“When you grow up under the Kim regime, you know only what they teach you,” Yeonmi Park murmured, speaking of her friend’s death. Young Yeonmi had been raised to believe that dying for the Kim regime was among one of the most honorable things a North Korean could do. Yeonmi, however, could not erase the sound of the gunfire that claimed her friend’s mother’s life. The woman’s only crime had been watching a contraband James Bond film. Yeonmi was born in 1993, a time when famine swept through North Korea killing millions. Like many, her father turned to the smuggling of illegal goods to help support his family. A civil servant, Mr. Park turned to trading metal to save money. It was his wish to relocate his family from North Korea to China. He was arrested and imprisoned, leaving Yeonmi’s mother to support herself and two children on just a nurse’s salary. Yeonmi’s family was now faced with starvation. Yeonmi and her mother were led by human smugglers from North Korea into China. They were sold into slavery where Yeonmi was forced into marriage and sex slavery. “It is hard to speak of being raped,” Yeonmi Park recalled. “North Korean women are taught to value their virginity. Without it, the world ends. My world ended.” The two were freed years later and eventually made their way to South Korea. “I did not know what freedom was,” Yeonmi recalled. “We could not comprehend it. I believed having food was freedom and the happiest thing.” Yeonmi studied criminal justice in college and became a human rights activist on youngvoicesadvocates. She began to speak at summits across the globe about the horrors of life in North Korea. “My mother would tell me not to speak my mind. She warned me that the birds always watched and would hear me,” Yeonmi said. Yeonmi’s anger and hatred of men overwhelmed her during her first year of college. The hatred faded, and she learned compassion as she studied about Nelson Mandela and Gandhi. Yeonmi and her mother were separated from her sister, Eunmi, shortly before leaving North Korea. They were excited to learn that Eunmi had also made her way to South Korea. The family has since reunited.

Shopping with the HAL 9000

Everyone remembers the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey and the on board HAL 9000. HAL’s job was to pilot the ship to Jupiter in order to inspect a monolith similar to the one found years before on the moon. The movie was excellent and gave some of us a look at what may be the future for AI and computers. Now, fast forward to 2016 and we can see that many of the current tools offered by our small hand held computers are in line with the HAL 9000. That being said, there is a fast growing technology called ‘Visual Search’ developed in an MIT think tank that could in fact have us shopping with HAL.

Slyce technology offers retailers an opportunity to take a potential client and offer them choices for their merchandise. In an act as simple as taking a picture with your smart phone a retail customer could in fact be pointed to your online store to purchase an item. ‘Visual Search’ can easily bring new customers to your merchandise and be bringing in business simply because your product looks much like another.

As an example, you may be using some form of public transit and notice someone wearing a pair of sandals that you really like. Instead of annoying another person with several questions about their apparel in order to find out where they bought the sandals, how much were they, so on and so forth, you simply take a quick snapshot of them with your smart phone and use the Slyce interface to query the literally billions of images stored in their vast database. After a few brief moments you are given several choices as to similar sandals. You choose one that is similar and then you are presented with an even closer match to the sandals you are looking for. After just a minute or two you have found a pair of sandals that match the ones you are looking at and are presented with options to purchase the sandals. A simple, quick, and effective way to shop and ultimately get exactly what you want.

Slyce and ‘Visual Search’ are fast becoming a method to search and shop for items that you really want. Items that you may forget about if you don’t look them up right away. This technology offers the next step in customer service and satisfaction before the item is purchased and will be a real boon to those retailers that see the benefit.

A Breakdown of Beneful Dog Food Varieties

Dog owners need to offer their dogs with proper meals that have nutritional values. The Nestle Purina Company has been able to do provide a variety of dog foods through the Beneful brand. Beneful was introduced to the market in 2001. Their marketing strategy was based on nutrition and wholesome foods, which carved a niche for the products in the market. The physical appearance and packaging of their products has also wooed dog owners to purchase the dog foods. The name of brand is has stood out in the market thus improving the marketability of its products. Beneful means full or packed with goodness. Over the years, the brand has produced many pet foods. All their foods is rich in vitamins and proteins that are important for the well being of your dog.

Beneful has dog treats and snacks that fall under the Beneful baked delights category. These treats are skillfully designed then oven baked. The treat allows your dog to have a change in diet from time to time. Incorporation of different flavors to the dog foods makes the treats healthy thus beneficial in the dogs’ diet. The treats on come in cheese, beef and peanut butter flavors. There is a mixture of textures depending on what you choose for your pet. There is the dog snack stars, which is a mixture of short bread cookies that are made in bacon and cheese flavor and chicken and cheese flavor.

The dog snack snackers are cookies made with creamy filling of natural and artificial cheese and peanut butter. Dog snack hugs have a colorful package. The snack hugs are crispy and are made of beef and cheese. Another exciting dog snack is the snack quacks. They come in attractive packaging and are also made in cheese and hickory smoke crackers. The baked delight products are filled with ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and omega.

Some dog owners prefer dry foods. Beneful on youtube has dry food that has amazing flavors. The kibbles, which are reasonable in size and chewable have lamb, chicken and beef flavors. The sizes are entirely safe for your dog and puppy. There is the healthy dog dry food and the healthy puppy version. A number of dog owners love the Beneful wet dog, which comes packed in wonderful flavors and wholesome ingredients. The available textures are the diced chopped blend and the large heart roasters, which are packed in resealable tubs.

Stand Out with Bold Lip Colors from Lime Crime

Even though a nude lip is always classy, sometimes you just want to step outside of your comfort zone and go bold. This is where the gorgeous lip colors from Lime Crime can come to your aid. Lime Crime offers unique lipsticks in colors not found on your local store shelves.

Doe Deere, CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, believes that cosmetics are a form of self-expression and a way to boast personal freedom, thus her creation of vibrant colors not found in your typical makeup palette. Doe believes that the shade of makeup you wear should be what feels right at the moment, but not necessarily what looks natural. The result of this line of thinking is her unique line of vibrant, intensely pigmented lip colors that spans every color imaginable.

Doe’s website offers her vibrant Unicorn Lipsticks in eye-catching shades such as Serpentina (metallic green), No She Didn’t (bubblegum blue), Poisonberry (glossy berry purple), and many others. Wearing any of these gorgeous colors will ensure you turn heads and stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for lip color with real staying power, Doe Deere has created a unique formula of liquid-to-matte lipsticks known as Velvetines. These lip colors go on as a liquid and then transforms into a matte lipstick with incredible staying power that does not transfer or smudge. Velvetines glide on smoothly, then dry to a deep matte finish that won’t dry out your lips.

Although Velvetines are not available in as many colors as her famous Unicorn lipsticks, Velvetines come in their own unique shades such as Jinx (witchberry purple), Black Velvet (a deep black) and Utopia (vibrant orchid). Add to this their matte finish, and you will have lips that are the envy of every one!

Although Lime Crime offers lip products in unusual hues, they also have a wide variety of more subtle colors in varying shades of pinks, reds, corals and nudes. No matter the color, each cosmetic is created with the customer in mind. Each one is crafted with care, using high quality ingredients to ensure you are receiving a product you will be proud to own.

Purina Beneful: Healthy Food for Healthy Dogs

Having a healthy pet depends largely on its diet. Purina is a leader in pet food manufacturing and nutrition. It is also recommended by veterinarians and professional breeders alike. Loving pet owners want to feed their pets the best commercial food available. Nutrition is a priority and Purina Beneful delivers.

Beneful is chock full of healthy meats, vegetables and grains without any artificial fillers or colors. Meat is the primary ingredient of Purina Beneful dog foods as dogs are natural meat eaters. Purina Beneful adds savory vegetables and whole grains such as barley and brown rice. Vegetables add vitamins and anti-oxidants for growth and maintenance of body organs, brain function and healthy coat. Whole grains add texture and fiber to keep dogs’ digestive systems moving well. Whole grains also necessary carbohydrates for active energy to get dogs through walks down the street and playtime at the dog park.

Omega 3 fatty acids keep dogs coats shiny, eyes healthy and brains alert and sharp. Like their human owners, good fats are a natural and vital ingredient for mental wellness, joint care and longevity.

Purina makes Beneful dog food in a variety of textures, flavors and types. There are Purina Beneful chopped blends, a thinly chopped wet food as well as a canned variety that offers real meat flavors such as chicken, lamb and beef chunks. Dogs love the meaty taste and rich gravy and pet owners love the quality. Even finicky dogs will love the flavor of Beneful wet foods.

Beneful on provides several types of dry dog food to meet all dogs life stages and needs. Included are a puppy formula for growing dogs, a healthy weight formula, a playful life formula for active adult dogs and a healthy radiance formula for great skin and coat. For owners that prefer the convenience of dry dog food, Purina Beneful has a number of flavors of crunchy deliciousness for their pets.

Purina Beneful dog food products are made in the United States by dog owners like their customers. They put their heart and soul into the processing of the food because they feed it to their own dogs. Manufacturing standards that surpass government minimum requirements for quality and purity are a few things that make Purina Beneful a great addition to a dog’s diet. The delicious flavors and complete life stage nutrition make it highly recommended by veterinarians and pet owners.

Purina Beneful make a delicious and nutrient rich variety of dog treats to aid in training and rewarding dogs in addition to the food. Owners love to give dog treats to show extra love. Dog owners choose the best complete food they can give to the pets that give them so much in return.

Philanthropic Work Is Bigger In Texas With James Dondero At The Helm

There is a saying that goes something like this “Everything is bigger in Texas.” If that is true and I believe it is, then they must be talking about James Dondero. Nope, I am not talking about his clothing size but instead his larger than life personality when it comes to giving back to the community. James has done some incredible philanthropy work with, uplift education. A public charter school that focuses on helping children develop into their full potential. They also work with students on the idea of giving back to the community and beyond. James works closely with the group in order to cultivate change in education. This means that at times he has to go out into the community to speak to officials. If there are any particular issues with violence the school takes an active stance to help fix any problems. It is their goal to make the community that they live in, a better place for all. James is the type of person on that gets involved with all of the levels at his company, Highland Capital Management. It is his personal goal to see that everyone he hires is not only a fantastic employee but also a person who can make a difference. He feels that children in school need to be taught at a young age about community outreach and responsibility. His reasoning is solid as there is nothing more important than developing a solid well rounded person, which starts at birth. The one thing James is able to pick up on is where his time and attention are needed the most, both for philanthropy and also working at Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero has worked hard his entire life and he knows that hard work eventually pays off. This is why he is adamant about building a child up from baby through college and beyond. For him life is full of learning experiences that have been well received and preparation is a large part of the success. James himself graduated from the University of Virginia with the highest of honors, Beta Gamma Sigma as well as Beta Alpha Psi. He also has a lengthy history in the financial markets and his career has spanned over thirty years which is quite long for someone of such a young age at 52. Along with his interest in education he also sees to it that many of our nation’s greatest are looked after and that would be our veterans. James believes that without the United States veterans we would not be living in a nation as great as we are. Lastly he finds public policy to be of great interest. He understands that as time continues to evolve it is important to make sure that today’s policy works for tomorrow’s people. James Dondero is someone who has worked hard to get where he is and believes in giving back to make a difference in the lives of others throughout the nation.

Men’s Shoe Fashions Are Based On A Cold Winter This Year

It’s hard to put a men’s fashion shoe line together for fall every year. Designers don’t know what the weather will look like. Last year there weren’t enough boots in the men’s fashion marketplace, and this year designers decided to correct that error. Men’s shoe fashions for fall are not just shoes. There are more boots than ever before, and those boots range from the sleek tailored classic wingtip to a version of a women’s UGGs boot for men. Not a lot of men understand UGGs boots, but the trendsetters do, and that’s what counts to designers. Shoe designers know that successful men’s fashion trends don’t disappear after one season. They usually last for at least two seasons and possibility more.

The other hot men’s items this year are lug sole military boots with a dressy upper finish, UGGs slippers, ankle high dress boots in rick browns and black, and let’s not forget dress loafers with or without gores. The lug sole wingtip dress shoe is fashionable especially in colder climates and so is the fleeced lined, fur collar, lug sole, moc- toe boot. But men are buying classic dress shoe again, and this time those classics are made on long lasts with narrow and flat toes. Calfskin is back with a vengeance this year, and so are leather soles. Men that understand fashion and quality are willing to pay for it. That’s why Paul Evans Footwear is becoming a force in the better grade men’s show business.

Paul Evans Italian shoes offers men a chance to but a quality pair of shoes that fit and are designed for comfort and versatility. Pau Evans designs are made in a factory in the South of Italy the old fashion way. Each shoe is handcrafted from the designs created in New York by Paul Evans designers. Every shoe is inspected before it is shipped directly to the customer. There’s no need to go to store after store looking for fashion men’s footwear anymore. Men that know about Paul Evans discover unprecedented fashion footwear that can withstand the test of time and be worn season after season.

The best thing about this year’s men’s styles is the comfort factor. All brands are making comfortable dress and casual shoes and boots for men this fall. Casual active wear has crossed over into the dress category and men are developing their own look because of that trend. But trends don’t last long unless the footwear is designed with a certain styling touch. The designers at Paul Evans have that touch. The Paul Evans fall line is a good example of the new classics that will be around season after season. Being around season after season is the key to the fashion business.

Lime Crime and Crazy Hair Colors

It is known that a majority of cosmetics brands tend to do unique things that would make them stand above the others. However, none of these brands are as unique and controversial as Lime Crime. Besides its collection of lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes, this brand also includes a new section called Hairspiration, which helps girls find makeup that would match their hair color.
Over the past few months, a new hair color trend has become so popular that girls are now dying their hair in a variety of unusual and bright colors that are not normally associated with their natural hair color. Furthermore, there are more and more celebrities who have also indulged in this trend. But, these crazy colors are about to get even better with the newest Lime Crime’s blog.
For instance, the ‘Unicorn Hair Gallery’ includes different photos of different hair colors – purple, pink, blue, green, lavender, orange and many others. Girls also post their photos on this blog, showing their new hair color. There are many different hair colors, and with just a click on them, girls will find the makeup that best goes with a certain hair color. So, each color page also contains an Instagram section showing Lime Crime’s fans photos with their hair color, along with eye and lip colors they are wearing.
The company is constantly looking for new ways to improve its fans’ experience, and the new blog represents an opportunity to show its fans creativity and originality over and over again.
In addition to this, gray color has also gone through a revolution. This color is not just for older ladies anymore. Now, many sophisticated and young ladies are using this color, and they are even trying different and unusual shades of gray. Girls and boys like this color since it is at the same time mature and young, classic and modern. Furthermore, girls who wear this color can be easily mistaken for any model since we can now see many models with this hair color. Those girls who now consider trying it can now find many shades on new Lime Crime blog: Silver Gray, Silver Fairy, Polar Fox, Granite Gray and Agouti Gray.
When it comes to rainbow and neon hair, girls often find it hard to match these colors with their makeup. So, this can be quite a challenge, but Lime Crime’s website will help them match their hair and makeup, no matter how crazy and wild their hue is.
It is known that Lime Crime is called the ‘makeup for unicorns’ since it specializes in non-traditional and crazy colors that cannot be possibly found at local stores. Its hues even include a dark black color, which is incredible. Lime Crime’s blog Hairspiration will pick a certain hair color, for instance, purple, gray, blue, and then a special program will show a specific lipsticks and eye shadows that will pair perfectly with the chosen hair color.
So, those girls who have enough courage to try these wild colors can enter Hairspiration, the newest Lime Crime’s feature that will show them what makeup is perfect for their hair color.

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