Bruce Levenson Facts

The name Bruce Levenson is quite a well-known name in the United States. Most people who known Bruce Levenson or has heard his name associate him with the Atlanta Hawks. It is true that Bruce Levenson played a massive role in NBA history with this time as he owned the Hawks for over 10 years.

There are many things that many people do not know about Bruce Levenson. Here are four facts about Bruce Levenson that really showcase who he is!

Fact One
Bruce Levenson really values family. Few people know that he was born to a Jewish family who lived in Washington D.C. He spent very little time there because he moved to Chevy Chase Maryland early in childhood. Through this time he spent many days with family as they were quite close to him. Today he owns two homes in Maryland. He uses these homes to care for his beautiful wife and loving three boys. He still holds true to his family values.

Fact Two
Bruce Levenson cares deeply about people. He loves all people regardless of their sex, race, religion, or other associations. When it comes down to it people are just people. He cares more about bringing people together for the love of a common interest than tearing them apart for their differences. He has proven his love for people through sports with the Atlanta Hawks and through other businesses that he has created. This is a very honorable quality that Bruce Levenson holds onto to this day.

Fact Three
Bruce Levenson owns businesses outside of the Atlanta Hawks! This may actually come as a surprise to a great number of people. Bruce Levenson’s co-ownership of the Atlanta Hawks with Ed Peskowitz was not his first partnership with Ed. He actually co-founded a business called the United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz in 1977! The United Communications Group is still in business today and owns such things as GasBuddy. The business originally started in Levenson’s home in Gaithersburg, Maryland as a newsletter about the oil industry called Oil Express.

Fact Four
Life for Bruce Levenson is not over just because he has sold his portion of the Atlanta Hawks. It is very true that the Atlanta Hawks played a big role in Bruce Levenson’s life. He shared the team with a partner for over 10 years and enjoyed every single second of it. While most people think that his life is now over, he is still thriving. He has a great deal of money, a great family, a place to live, and a million supporters to talk to whenever he wants to.

Bruce Levenson is a brilliant man and he will live life to the fullest. He is constantly working on projects and running side businesses that most people don’t even know about. He has his hands full and he is quite happy today. The chapter of his life with the Atlanta Hawks may have ended, but his love for sports and for life in general certainly are not over!

Purina Beneful: Premium Food for Your Dog

Purina Beneful dog food has been a household name and the leading brand of dog food for many years. There is a reason why Beneful stands out from other dog food brands. First, Purina has a Nutrition Research team that examines all ingredients that go into their dog food to ensure your pet is getting optimal nutrition value. Beneful only uses top of the line grain, corn, and livestock in their products. All Beneful products meet FDA, USDA, and AAFCO standards, so you can feel safe in knowing your pet will not be exposed to harmful levels of arsenic or lead. Every Purina Beneful product is made in the United States.

Aside from Purina Beneful being a premium and nutritious dog food, your pet will also enjoy all of the varieties that Purina offers. Beneful offers beef, chicken, and salmon flavors. Purina also provides a Beneful product for any dog in any stage of life. Beginning with Beneful Healthy Puppy, this blend provides all of the essential nutrients a puppy needs for healthy development. If you are cautious about choosing a dog food brand due to your toy- sized dog, Purina has a special blend called Beneful IncrediBites made to suit your small dog. Like humans, sometimes our beloved pets can reach an unhealthy weight due to poor eating habits. Beneful’s Healthy Weight dog food line has 10% fewer calories than the original Beneful dog food, which will assist in getting your dog to a healthy weight.

Your canine friend will also be pleased to know that Beneful offers an entire line of treats as well. You will also be happy to know all of Beneful’s treats help support your dog’s dental care. Beneful’s treats are specifically made for your dog’s size, so the treats can be enjoyed by all breeds, large and small.

All of Beneful’s products are very informative to consumers to ensure you are providing your dog with the best quality of care. On the back of every Beneful product you can find detailed nutritional information as well as feeding recommendations. Beneful’s website, is also packed with additional resources that will answer any questions you may have.

We Can Expect A Lot From FreedomPop In The Upcoming Years

Nothing makes me happier than hearing of a success story about a new company. FreedomPop is one of the companies that I have heard about recently, and it amazes me how far they have come since offering their free mobile services. They are a company that is completely unique from all of their competitors, and they are one that everyone should be watching, as they are sure to go on to do even bigger things in the upcoming days.

USA Today reports that FreedomPop had offers to sell out their company, recently, but they were doing so well for themselves that they decided against it. And I believe that that is the smartest decision that they could have made. There was no reason for them to give up when they are doing as good as they are at the moment. Instead of selling, FreedomPop took in a new round of funding and they were able to earn over $30 million. That’s a lot of money, and it is enough to keep them going, and to allow them to try some new, exciting thing.

Everyone who uses FreedomPop loves the company, and I am sure that wherever they go next will be great for them. They are a company that I can see expanding in the future and taking over the mobile service industry. They were brave to start off as unique as they were, and they have proved themselves to be brave, once again, when they refused the money that they could have gotten for selling out their company.

When a company is as brave and ambitious as FreedomPop is, then I can know that they are going to do some pretty great things. They have already expanded quite a bit, and I know that they will continue to do so in the upcoming years.

The Rave About FreedomPop

I can remember when I got my very first cell phone. It was strictly for emergencies. I would actually leave it in the glove compartment all day. I only used it for those times when I had car trouble because I was paying for minutes. It was so difficult to keep up the payments that sometimes I didn’t have minutes. Today the world is completely different, and I have access to FreedomPop. I have some friends that have not heard of it because this company is not in every state, but I am sure that it will catch on. This is one of the best companies in the world because they offer free wireless and cell phone service.

I live in California so I live in one of the few select states that is privileged to have access to this type of free data. I only pay for the actual hardware. I don’t mind paying for a smart phone though if it means that I can get the data free. This is such a huge saver. I couldn’t imagine going back to any other company because FreedomPop has been great.

One thing that puts this company in the limelight is the bold move that was made to establish free service for customers. I also thought that this was too good to be true in the beginning. It was something that I just could not fathom. It then became apparent that this company was one of the better organizations for service in general. I have a hot spot in my home and that has allowed me to cut my Internet bill in the home. That is a tremendous savings.

I know that all of the other larger cell phone carrier are going to make an effort to stop FreedomPop because this company will eventually steal their business. Cable companies are frowning as well because FreedomPop has taken such a stellar lead in the industry. There is no point in trying to stop FreedomPop though. This company is favored by everyone that I know, and it is only expanding. It has become one of the best companies around, and I hope that it continues to grow and expand. I have friends in the south that are anticipating FreedomPop. I hope that it reaches states like Georgia and Alabama so that my friends can enjoy the savings that I have enjoyed with FreedomPop.

Importance of dog care

I am not sure about any of you, but my dog is not considered my pet, but he is family. I treat my family with my best and my dog gets that same attention and care. I do not cut corners so that I can obtain something better for myself, but I take the time to look over options, pay attention to detail and give my dog the care he deserves.

When I first got my dog, I was notorious for checking labels. Yes, labels. What was in his food was just as important as mine. I look for good ingredients such as vegetable, rice, and other wholesome ingredients. By-products are not something I want for my dog or even me so labels matter. I also check with friends and family who own dogs to see what they look for in a food.

I want the food to not only be delectable for my dog, but I want it to also be soothing to his stomach, enrich his coat, and be a tail wagging experience. Who here can remember the first time you tried something new like Brussel sprouts? I can. The smell of them cooking, the look of them on the plate tantalized my pallet. The first bite left me hunger for more. I want my dog to have that same experience.

When my dog hears the sound of food hitting that bowl, or watching the cover come off his moist food, I want that tail wagging, his eyes sparkling, the ears sprung up and his nose wafting away with excitement as he sees it all. Watching him lick his chops after cleaning out his bowl is my confirmation that I’ve chosen correctly.

Bandit, my Pom, truly enjoys the moist food from purinastore’s Beneful. The flavors from beef to pork along with barley, rice, carrots, and green beans just uproar his senses. I love watching him first slurp up the gravy and then eat up the food with great gumption. The tongue circling his nose and mouth only confirms what I know — he loves it!

I also see via his coat that the elements of Beneful enhances his fur with shimmer and shine that makes me proud to be the type of fur mom that I am – particular. That is right, I’m particular as to what goes in Bandit’s stomach and part of my equation is ingredients and the other is Bandit’s reaction to what is being fed to him.

Think about it, would you feed your child something that he/she was not enticed about? Would you continue to force cuisine on anyone if the reaction was negative? I think not! So, don’t do the same to your dog. Remember, dog care is important and Beneful has your back.

FreedomPop Aims at U.K. Expansion After Hot Summer

The world of mobile carriers is experiencing a very real and very dramatic paradigm shift with the way technology has moved in the new century. Cell phones are smaller than they ever have been, quicker, and able to access hotspots all over the world with the click of a button. Due to this change companies like FreedomPop are beginning to welcome in the new shift. FreedomPop is a freemium mobile phone company that focuses on a ‘pay as you need’ business model, giving customers the chance to direct their phone bills from top to bottom.

For the past year or so telemarketing juggernauts have been moving quickly to try and corner this part of the market. Companies like AT&T and Comcast have eagerly been snapping up smaller independent companies in order to spread their reach into new directions. Due to this economic climate FreedomPop, an L.A. based tech start up, has experienced a meteoric rise in actual value. For the better part of the last eight weeks the rumors of an M&A deal have been persistently floating to the front of the technology pages. CEO Stephen Stokols finally laid these all to rest.

Stokols told reporters that it would be “premature to sell at this point” and that FreedomPop would be going forward as an independent company. He reminded reporters that the company did in fact receive a ton of interest, including six bids from carriers including a “large tech company”, but their focus will remain with developing their own brand going forward. FreedomPop is coming off of a successful round of Series B investments that saw the start up raise another $30 million for their funds. Partech Ventures, a European venture capitalist group, led the way in these investments thanks to CEO Mark Menell. Menell told reporters that they believed in the FreedomPop image and wanted to get on while it was still early.

In the United States FreedomPop has been an almost unrivaled success, at least on a small scale. Their core model involves completely free services for customers and that price cannot be beaten. Subscribers get a limited amount of free talk, text, and mobile data with no strings attached. Customers only ever pay for overages, plan upgrades, or for services such as phone insurance or roaming data. Otherwise the core service is completely free. The company is rounding out on one million subscribers and now they are looking to expand overseas into Europe and in particular the U.K. marketplace

The United Kingdom is the most competitive phone market in all of Europe so FreedomPop will have to be aggressive in securing customer shares. Right now their basic model has been released in a SIM card setting: 200 minutes of voice, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data all completely free. Customers then can purchase the Jetsetter program which adds on additional roaming data for those who like to travel. There are also improved data plans available for users who like the service and plan to use it more often.

Beneful Believes that Dogs Deserve the Best

There are brands out there today that worry only about the money that they will bring in. There are brands that put out poor quality products in the hope of bringing in more cash for themselves. There are brands that don’t care at all about their customers, or the products that they are putting out. Unfortunately, there are many brands that just don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves.

Beneful is the kind of brand that cares about more than just the money that they earn. While there are some bad brands out there, Beneful is not one of them. Beneful cares about the dogs in the world, and they create food for those dogs that shows that they care. This brand believes that dogs deserve the very best, and they offer dog food options that prove that. When it comes to the brands that are out there today, there are some good ones and some not so good ones. Beneful is one of the good ones.

Joseph Bismark Has A Good Perspective


Joseph Bismark learned how to do well in the company that he works at because of the background that he comes from, says Left Handed Right Mind. When he was young he lived in a spiritual community in the Philippines. He spent eight years there, learning how to meditate. He learned contemplation. He learned how to be calm and to think clearly.
The things that he has learned there have led him to be someone who cares strongly about health and wellness. He wants the best for himself and for the company that he works at. He cares about the health products that they market. He feels passionate about getting them out to people. 
Not only does Joseph Bismark care about the products that are sold through his company, but he also cares about the environment and helping to conserve it. He cares about energy conservation and he cares about recycling. He is all about health and taking care of the world around him.
Joseph Bismark cares greatly about health, and that has worked well when he is trying to get his company to sell healthy products, and when he is trying to market them. He has done well for himself with the views that he has on life, and he isn’t about to change, now.

Making Informed Dog Food Decisions is Important

In a world crowded with choices, dog owners are faced with an important decision every single day. Deciding which brand of food to feed the family pet is important to the health and longevity of the dog. While some brands are loaded with fillers and other unhealthy choices, finding a brand that companies stand behind and other owners appreciate can be difficult. Luckily, there are a number of healthy options when it comes to dog food.

Purina Beneful is a brand that uses a number of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are just as important for dogs as they are for their human counterparts. In addition, the employees involved in the manufacturing of Beneful choose the brand to feed to their pets, which is a major boost of confidence for any owner looking to make a better choice when it comes to the nutrition of their best friend. In short, finding a brand the dog enjoys and the owner believes in can make a world of difference.

In the end, choosing a brand of dog food is important to the health of the dog. Brands like Beneful take advantage of top quality ingredients to provide nutrition and keep the dog healthy. Pets rely on their owners to make informed choices, and owners that do a little bit of research can easily figure out which brands are at the top of the curve and which ones should be left on the shelf. After all, pet deserve a healthy diet as part of their overall care.

Organ Gold: An Amazing Health Product

Powerful and vibrant are Organo Gold’s superior products. Organo Gold produces excellent premium gourmet beverages that will enhance your mind/body experience of the moment. You wake up in the morning to face a grueling day, and you need to be your best. Organo Gold drinks offer the body an energy and emotional enhancing experience. Organo Gold provides beverages that are based on ancient Oriental herbal medicines. Such herbal remedies have been used and appreciated for hundreds of years. Previously, these herbal remedies have been primarily the province of the Eastern Oriental world. Only recently have such herbal remedies for enhancing your mind/body state been available to the Western world.

Bernardo Chua is the Founder and CEO of Organo Gold. His vision is to bring the benefits of the ancient Chinese herbs from the limited Oriental countries and introduce the herb to the wider world. The herb that is so tremendous is Ganoderma. Bernardo Chua is using education to inform the Western world of the health benefits of Ganoderma. A significant vehicle to educate the public is the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill and Organo Gold are collaborating to promote the beverages of Organo Gold as well as the book. Through their collaboration, both Organo Gold and the Napoleon Hill Foundation are benefiting.

Organo Gold has a strong foundation in positive business principles that advance the goals of the company and generate profits for its investors. Organo Gold is a fast growing company. The company began in Richmond, B.C., Canada, in 2008 as a small store, and the Organo Gold has developed into a major Network Marketing company. It is dazzling to watch the growth of this company into one of the major companies of the world. In only 7 years, Organo Gold has gone from one shop to operating shops in over 35 countries. Loyalty of its employees and the hard work of its independent distributors are critical to its success.

Organo Gold has a vision of providing a personal opportunity to individuals to build balance and wellness in their lives through using the products of the company. This company is reaching vast communities on many continents and improving the health of all who use their products. As a corporation, Organo Gold has created a non-profit company. Organo Gold’s non-profit company’s goal is to develop leadership abilities in the next generation of young entrepreneurs. Building the health of today’s people and developing future leaders of tomorrow makes a significant contribution to our world. Organo Gold should be praised for their health products as well as their lofty goals for the future.