The Leading Neurologist Dr. Shiva Vasishta and the Recent Advancement in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Recent clinical research points out to a possible cause of multiple sclerosis (MS), which is an autoimmune disease which affects the central nervous system of the patient. The stem cell transplantation treatment, which also includes high-dose immunosuppressive therapy, might be a contributing factor for the development of sclerosis. Moreover, clinical trials have proven that 69% of the patients did not complain regarding any disability or relapse of multiple sclerosis after receiving autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HCIT/HDT) and high-dose immunosuppressive therapy. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) conducted these medical trials called HALT-MS, which were managed by Immune Tolerance Network (ITN). For this study, 24 people volunteered between the ages of 24 and 56, who were suffering from remitting-relapsing MS. The patients received a high dose of chemotherapy in order to deplete the immune system, and let the stem cells strengthen the immune system on their own. Moreover, during HALT-MS, many patients faced side effects of the HCIT/HDT, such as infections, and even after five years, many trial patients did not show any signs of relapse of MS or disability. It is possible that this treatment would be used at large scale if the HDIT/HCT procedure produces some successful results. The NIAID is an organization striving to find treatments for infections and immune-mediated diseases.


Specializing in Neurology and Psychiatry, Dr. Shiva Vasishta is a leading neurologist based in New Jersey. He is associated with the Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. Dr. Shiva Vasishta is licensed to work as a neurologist in Voorhees, New Jersey and is also affiliated with the Medicare program called “Psychiatry & Neurology – Neurology.” He has been certified by the board for practicing Neurology. Dr. Shiva Vasishta can work with different insurance plans like Medicare, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Aetna.


Dr. Shiva Vasishta went to the Government Medical College in 1979 and completed the residency at the Boston City Hospital. Since then, he has been working as a medical expert in neurology for as long as forty years. Currently, Vasishta is currently appointed at the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates, where he treats patients for their neurological diseases.

Newest Dating App Creator is One 30 Most Important People Under 30

Whitney Wolfe had released the app, Bumble, to the world in December 2014. Bumble is a location-based app for dating. In heterosexual relationships, the woman is the one who is allowed to initiate the conversation. In homosexual relationships, either party can initiate the conversation first. Whoever has the free match, that person has only 24 hours to respond to the match or it’ll go away.

Bumble’s history began when Whitney Wolfe, who co-founded Tinder in 2012, left the organization two years later because of sexual discrimination. Wolfe decides to go off on her own. Bumble utilizes a person’s Facebook profile to get pictures and a profile from the prospective client. In 2016, Wolfe created a Bumble app to find platonic friends in which people can change the mode to BFF and get matched up with members of the same sex. There’s also a Bumble Boost that’s a paid service. It’s safer than most dating services because Bumble Screens the clients. The app is more convenient, and has a more relaxed way of getting to know someone better. There are more people to connect to.

Whitney Wolfe was the co-founder of the dating app Tinder. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1990 to a property developer named Michael Wolfe and his wife, Kelly. She graduated from Southern Methodist University with a bachelor’s degree in International Studies. As a college student, Wolfe started a business producing bamboo tote bags for the benefit of people who were victims of the BP oil spill.

After college, Whitney Wolfe was employed at Hatch Labs where she was part of a startup lab called Cardiff headed by Sean Rad. It was a business that helped people get into startup businesses. Soon, the idea was abandoned when Wolfe joined Rad to create the Tinder company. Because of Bumble app, Whitney Wolfe was named one Business Insider‘s 30 Most Important People Under the Age of 30. In 2014, she was named by Elle Magazine, one of the most successful women in Tech. Wolfe owes her success to leaving Tinder and taking Andrey Andreev’s,of Badoo, suggestion to create Bumble.

New Superfoods for 2017

Is it just us or is kale getting a little…stale? Not that we want to give it up entirely, but we do want to mix it up from time to time. Well, luckily it looks like the new year is going to bring some popular new superfoods with it, and we can’t wait to “get our health on” with these three tasty treats.



Chaga Mushrooms


This mushroom, that typically grows on North American birch trees, has been dubbed the “King of Medicinal Mushrooms.” It’s hard to disagree-chaga mushrooms have a unique flavor (well-suited to mix with black or herbal teas), and a ton of health benefits, including hypertension relief an immune system boost. Pre-packaged teas are still rather expensive, but you can find dried chaga mushrooms cheaper in bulk.



Nut Oils


By now, you’re probably well aware of the various kinds of nut butter, but cold-pressed nut oils are set to become a new superfood trend. Depending on the oil you choose, the nutrients may vary slightly, but nearly all provide much needed Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and they’re unsaturated fats, to boot. The varieties seem endless: cashews, almonds, hazlenuts–they all produce flavorful oils that work great in salad dressings, drizzled on roasted vegetables, and countless other ways.



Watermelon Seeds


Forget the childhood myths you might have heard about watermelon seeds being bad for you; the opposite is true. Although seedless watermelons are easier to eat, it turns out that the white and black seeds provide an excellent source of amino acids, healthy fats, and minerals like magnesium, zinc, and iron. Look for these seeds in health-food bars and smoothies, because we’re expecting it to become a popular alternative to the now-ubiquitous chia seed.




Dr. Scott Rocklage a Full Life in Pharmaceuticals

In the field of health care, Scott Rocklage has 20 years’ experience and credibility. He has been involved in the approval of three applications made by FDA for new drugs and has entered six drug candidates into clinical trials. He became the Managing Partner of 5M Ventures in 2004, but it was in 2003 that saw him join the company. He has served in other companies such as Cubist Pharmaceuticals where he held the chairmanship position, in Nycomed Interventional as CEO and Chairman and in Salutar and Catalytica he was in R&D. Positions he is still maintaining is the chair of the board at Achaogen, Relypsa, and Semprus.

Rocklage received his B.S. in the field of chemistry from California University, Berkeley and got his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he had specialized in chemistry. He got the best support while undertaking his Ph.D. as his supervisor was the Noble Prize winner in Chemistry, Professor Richard R. Schrock.

Scott contributes to different organizations and political agendas. His first contribution to the Federal Political contribution was in 2002 for $ 500 and the most recent contribution being a $500 made in 2012, but in total his contributions amount to $ 3,900.
Scott Rocklage understands well the need to give back to the community and recently together with his wife contributed $ 250,000 to help with the renovation of nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab space. He worked hard to gain acceptance in the then-nascent Richard R. Schrock research group and was able to be part of a fun, dedicated group. There was a lot of competition in MIT for projects, glove-box time thus created quite the volatile atmosphere. Thus the best performance was brought out by each student and Scott is still making strides in his career using the same spirit. His contribution to the department was no struggle as he knew MIT gave him a solid foundation for his professional life and career and he was just saying thank in a loud way.

Making partner in 5M Venture is a great achievement, 5M Ventures is a company specializing in startup companies. Its focus is mostly the media for equity, in that it buys a stake in companies as a way to grow capital transactions with a hope of getting space for advertisement. The company headquarters is Paris France and focuses on investing in businesses to customer sector companies. This is a company with a team of professionals as well as investors that have a passion for building a market leader. The company invests in the education sector, the internet and mobile sector to deal with any difficulties a customer faces. Talk of professionals and you will understand why Scott Rocklage made partner.

Nutrition Experts Reflect On the New Guidelines

US Department of Health and Human Services in tasked with offering nutrition advice and guidelines to millions of Americans. The organization must update these guidelines after every five years. In a recent attempt, a committee of top nutrition experts added eggs, coffee and many others as good foods and removed some.


Critics for once have agreed that the committee, which is tasked with advising the government on nutrition, came up with a brutally honest and straightforward finding based on good research. According to the experts, the committee’s shift from focusing on nutrients to focusing on foods is a good move because a good combination of the recommended foods is just enough as the nutrients will sort themselves out. They say that focusing more on nutrients only gives birth to bad eating habits.


Another recommendation by the committee that caught the eye of many is that cholesterol is no longer a concern in food overconsumption. The committee says that there is no correlation between dietary cholesterol and the cholesterol levels in the blood. Experts agree that there is no big deal with the cholesterol report. As long people are willing to follow the instructions laid out in the report, they will be taking in less cholesterol.


For the first time, the committee put into consideration the effects of diet on the environment, which is much to the delight of environmentalists. The committee encouraged people to eat less red meat and adopt a plant-based diet. Experts applauded the recommendation saying that it is time people started acknowledging the linkage between humanity and nature. People are also advised against taking processed sugar. Sugary products should not comprise more that 10% of a person’s daily intake of calories. Apparently, the recommendations echo what the World Health Organization has been preaching for many years.


The research on the link between foods and mental health also emerged in the report, and many nutrition experts are proud of it. According to the report, omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are good source of complementary therapy for depression. The committee also recommended a diet full of vegetables and fruits since it lowers the risks for Alzheimer’s disease. Though the committee didn’t formulate policies on foods and mental health citing less research, experts are happy that it captured it in the report.


Eating Healthy Hacks You Can Do At Home


Eating healthy is sometimes considered a chore, but there are ways to simplify your way to nutritional eating. Bloggers on the food network have many healthy and cost saving ideas at Here are some of our favorites to get you started:



  1. Cold soups versus warm: If you have a blender, you can whip up a chilled soup in no time. You can use such nutrients as fruits and vegetables that your family will love cold. Use fruit juices to thin your soups and add vegetables that your children usually don’t try.



  1. Trade dairy for bananas! You can blend bananas into the same consistency as your favorite ice cream with much less sugar and calories. You can also add cocoa powder or fruit to make different flavors.


  1. Healthy cappuchinos at home! You can make your refreshing frozen coffee drinks at half the cost and sugar. Choose almond or soy milk and add cinnamon or other healthy alternatives to sugar.


  1. Hummus versus mayo! Use hummus to replace eggs or mayonnaise in your salads. Hummus has many more nutrients and will make your salad smooth and delicious.




  1. Slow cooker to the rescue: Use your slow cooker to slowly prepare meats while you work. Make your own healthier version of bbq or tacos by using lean meats, healthy spices, and all natural flavors in your crock pot.


  1. Pasta in the microwave saves time. Just cover your fresh pasta with cold water and place in the microwave for about 6 minutes. You will discover soft, perfectly cooked pasta for warm or chilled salads and meals in no time.


  1. Iced coffee made at home. Just save your left over coffee in the fridge or pour it into an ice tray to have perfect iced coffee at home. You can use the ice cubes to flavor your day old coffee with no work or fuss.


Saving money and eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. With just a few shortcuts and substitutions, you can have the entire family eating healthy.



Lori Senecal and How She Got To The Top Leadership of MDC Patners

Lori Senecal is an award-winning business person and entrepreneur. She currently works at CP + B, otherwise known as Crispin Porter + Bogusky, where she is the Global Chief Executive Officer. Her responsibilities in the company involves coordinating talent and vision so that the company can achieve global growth. She is also in charge of customer relationships and uses her capabilities to strategize partnerships. As she continues to oversee the activities of all eight offices all over the world, Senecal simultaneously serves as the CEO of MDC Partners. She continues with her role of overseeing the expansion of this network.

Before she joined CP + B, Senecal worked for KBS. She joined the company when the founders were quitting on it. She was in charge of overseeing that the employees there were retained even when things were not looking that great. Senecal took the pieces left of this company and built it to what it is today. From the 250 employees that she found at the company, she has managed to grow the company to not only be a giant in the local industry but also compete internationally. Today, the company employs more than 800 people in the US and beyond. The company has grown both in net worth and market share. The company is mentioned as one of the best employers in New York.

In the year 2015, Senecal had an interview with New York Times. Her first question in the interview was what shaped her into the prominent leader that she has become. She mentioned the critical role that her family had in her success. Senecal stated that she had to work extra hard if she was to be regarded for her accomplishments instead of the small sister to some very talented siblings.

When asked about how she came to be hired at MDC, she explained that experience was everything. Senecal gained her job at MDC following extensive knowledge from KBS and McCann. Senecal says that instilling a very strong culture has been very instrumental. She hopes that she can she can engage the employees in MDC to executing the company belief.

Lori Senecal is a strong believer that leadership is not just handed to you. You have to get up and search for that leadership. You have to be willing to do your research and find gaps within your organization and how your strengths can fill them. For more info, follow her on Twitter.


The Carbs you Need in Your Diet

The Carbs you need in your Life



Carbohydrates have earned a bad rep in the food world, particularly for individuals that desire to lose weight. Despite the bad reputation, many carbs are actually good for you and beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. As a macronutrient, carbs are important to include in your diet since they supply the energy needed to fuel your day. Both good and bad carbs exist; it is important that you learn the differences and begin adding them to your diet if not already included.



Carbohydrates break down in the body, turning into glucose. Glucose is used to fuel cells found throughout the body. Sugar, starch, and fiber are the three sources of carbs that you can consume.



Sugar: Sugar is found naturally in many foods that you likely consume. Sometimes it is added to foods, such as found in colas or chocolate bars.



Starch: Starch is found inside of plant-based foods. Starchy foods, such as potatoes and rice, provide controlled-released energy from dusk to dawn.



Fiber: Fiber is important to keep the digestive tract functioning properly. It may also provide benefits of reducing cholesterol levels. Whole-wheat pasta and bread are two fiber food sources.



Best Carbs to Consume



It is recommended that about one-third of your diet consist of carbohydrate-based foods, earning from 250 to 990 calories. Not all carbs are good, however, so it is important to choose the carbs that you’ll consume wisely. Choose nutritious food sources to fuel your carbohydrate daily needs. Eating beans, legumes, and fiber-based foods ensure that your body is getting the essential nutrients that it needs.



To ensure that you get the proper amount of carbohydrates needed for your body, add some of the following foods to your diet:



– Popcorn



– Milk



– Legumes



– Sweet Potatoes



– Fruit



– Whole-Grain Pasta




The Fascinating Link to Hot Peppers and Longer Lives

No one wants to die young. To the contrary, everyone wants to live for a long time. Many people have gone out of their way to discover some type of Fountain of Youth, but there have not been a lot of concrete products on the market that have actually allowed people to live longer lives.


There have been people that have looked at the possibility of good genes as a reason that they are living longer. There are others that have reasoned that long life comes from eating healthy and committing to a lifetime of exercise. There are so many choices for people to consider when they are trying to improve their health and live longer, but some of the most unorthodox foods and medicines have proven to be the most effective. It may have taken a very long time to find out exactly what type of foods were contributing to better health and longer life because it is not always as simple as one might think. There is a lot of research to discover the different things that will contribute to longer life. In so many cases people are not 100% sure about the things that they eat, so it can be sort of hard to conduct studies at times.


Somehow there has been some research that shows that  eating hot peppers can result in a longer life. This is intriguing news because this has been something that has been in speculation for a long time, but now there has been some research that is going along with this announcement.


Foods has changed over the years, and people are always being told about the benefits of dieting. There are some obvious things that can shorten your number of days, but few people would have guessed that there would be things like hot peppers that could lengthen your days.


This is good information to know because there are a lot of times when eating healthy is something that people do not want to do. It may be a good feeling to know that there is a chance to spice up the otherwise bland diets of salads with some hot peppers. This is something that people that desire to live longer lives can get excited about.



Jason Hope: Arizona Futurist And Humanitarian

Jason Hope is an Arizona native who grew up in Tempe and still calls the state his home. Being a skilled futurist, Jason makes bold predictions about which direction the future of technology is heading, and his talents are highly sought after by modern businesses who look for ways to capitalize on future tech.

Jason Hope was able to clearly predict the trend towards mobile devices and created JAWA, a mobile communications company, which became a parent company for additional tech industry partnerships.

Jason’s ideas about the Internet of Things(IoT), which refers to any device that is network-enabled, allowing it 2-way communication, have enabled him to make many successful predictions about future technology. A lot of the “future” technology possibilities he was talking about just a few years ago are now becoming a reality. For example, Jason predicted that people would be wanting more and more of the same amenities they have in their home while they are out on the road. He was absolutely correct and, in fact, products and services related to IoT are expected to make more than $300 billion which represents $1.9 trillion in overall worldwide economic value.

Jason Hope works to create new innovative products that benefit humanity and also supports other people who do the same. Profit is not his only concern, and he helps many upcoming younger entrepreneurs find the resources and funds they need to get their projects or careers off of the ground. He offers seniors in high school and college students grants to help them jump-start their technology related ideas. Having received a degree in finance from Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, Jason knows the value of education and has dedicated himself to making the world a better place through education and technology.

Find more details about Jason Hope at